INTERVIEW – Moweta: Mayweather Vs McGregor Is Like Phelps Vs Bolt In Swimming Race; We Know Who Wins

INTERVIEW – Moweta: Mayweather Vs McGregor Is Like Phelps Vs Bolt In Swimming Race; We Know Who Wins

Ahead of Saturday’s big boxing bout between undefeated American world boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr and UFC lightweight champion, Conor McGregor, USA-based radio host cum music and boxing promoter, Nnamdi Moweta, in this interview with Complete Sports’ radio show, Sports Planet anchorman, BABATUNDE KOIKI, bares his mind on one of boxing most lucrative fights ever.

Nnamdi, thank you for joining us.


Glad to be here, the city is loaded with people not only from the USA, but also from Ireland and everywhere. Las Vegas, it’s electric in the air.

Ever since this fight was announced many months ago, you’ve been very dismissive of it, why?

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You know how I feel about this fight. It’s like you paying to go and watch Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt in a swimming race. You know who’s going to win the swimming race between Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt.

Conor McGregor is not a boxer, he’s a Mixed Martial Arts person. He’s never had a professional fight, fighting the best defensive fighter in the world who has 49 wins and no defeat. When you go back and look at the videos of McGregor, even an amateur fighter looks better than Conor McGregor.


Mayweather is the overwhelming favourite with the bookies. But can McGregor pull off an upset and what does he need to do to win?

I don’t see how Conor McGregor can pull off an upset, but don’t count him out because he is a decent puncher. Mayweather is 40, McGregor is 29. Mayweather has not fought in a while and he could be ring rusty, but that may not count with Mayweather because he stays in shape.

Mayweather is favourite to win this fight big time, but if Conor McGregor pulls off an upset, the Casinos would be in deep trouble because a lot of the money came in for Conor McGregor. The only way he can win this fight is by roughening up Floyd Mayweather, forcing him into a wrestling match and then trying to bully Mayweather. That’s the only way. And if he decides to do that, it’s going to be a huge penalty for Conor McGregor.

What will happen if McGregor forgets where he is and starts grappling with Mayweather, throwing knees and elbows, would he be disqualified?

Not only would he be disqualified, he would be fined. And the Nevada State Athletic Commission would put a stop to his pay cheque, which means he may not get paid from the fight if he decides to wrestle Floyd Mayweather because part of the contract is that it is going to be on the boxing rule. If he decides to go against that, he would be fined and he wouldn’t get his pay cheque. I’m sure he is a smart man, he wouldn’t do that.

Now that you’ve mentioned the pay cheque, let’s talk about money. We hear McGregor would walk away with $100 million, while Mayweather would make five times more. Just how much money are we talking about for this fight?

After Saturday night, nobody would want to talk about Conor McGregor. They would look at him like a con man because this is the man that made $5 million in his last pay cheque. Now he is about to make it a $100 million. Floyd Mayweather is not only the boxer, he is also the promoter. The fight would be shown in 225 countries. The life gate alone is $72 million. This is a new record. Pay-per-view, we are looking at a projection of five million buys
times $120.

For you to go to the movie theatre in America is $40. For you to go to any of the casinos in Las Vegas to watch this fight is $75. So we are talking about a fight that would generate more than $600 million. And out of that cut, Floyd Mayweather will get his guaranteed purse of $200 million. And when everything is done, Floyd Mayweather could walk away with another $300 million. We will never see any boxer be in this position. He has done things that would never be done by any fighter. A smart business man, a very slick fighter. Give it to him – that’s why we call him “Money Mayweather”.

Nnamdi, I know you are tipping Mayweather to win, but we have to consider the possibility of a McGregor win…

McGregor beating Floyd Mayweather, that is what the whole world wants to see. That’s why people are paying all these crazy amount of money to be ring side and put the big money in the pay-per-view because they hate Mayweather. If McGregor pulls this upset, we will be talking about this for a long time because people have been waiting for Mayweather to be put down, busted up and get counted out. If McGregor makes that happen, I bet you, the celebration will go on for a long time. The fight world will never forgive Floyd Mayweather. We can always believe that Floyd Mayweather would win an easy fight like everybody has been saying, but a punch can change everything. Mayweather can drop his hands and Conor McGregor gets him and Mayweather will go down. He has never been down before.

Mayweather is in a fight that everybody believes he can win and a knock down can change all that. But I am so confident in Floyd Mayweather because he has in his corner a very good team – his dad and other boxing gurus.

In the corner of Conor McGregor, these are MMA guys. They’ve never been in a real fight with a real fighter. What kind of instruction would they give Conor McGregor in between rounds? And also remember Conor McGregor has never fought beyond few rounds. In MMA they go only three rounds. But here, we are talking about a guy going 12 rounds. If he does not have anybody at his corner to give him good instructions, he will be in deep trouble.

Many say this fight will settle once and for all the argument that boxing is greater than MMA and vice-versa. Do you agree?

Those of us in the fight fraternity, boxing purists, we never liked MMA. We call it cock fighting. It doesn’t really turn us on. You cannot compare MMA with the Sweet Science (boxing). Sweet Science will live forever. It is way above MMA. That’s why it is very important for Floyd Mayweather to not just knock out Conor McGregor, he should knock him out cold so that he would be counted out. We don’t even want to think about an upset.

Finally, how do you think this fight would play out?

Conor McGregor would attack. We don’t expect Mayweather to back out. Floyd Mayweather would go toe-to-toe for the first time in a long time, and I think we will see a knockout. It would take few rounds for Mayweather to figure him out. Once he is done, then expect Mayweather to take him because McGregor has not gone that deep in terms of rounds. Couple of rounds to figure him out and then we see a spectacular knockout. Anything less than a spectacular knockout makes the whole evening a big failure.

If it’s 12 boring rounds of holding and jabbing and trash talking, come Sunday morning we will all be upset.

Once again thank you Nnamdi Moweta for joining us

The pleasure is mine.

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