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INTERVIEW – Nyirenda: Chipolopolo Are Very Ready To Beat Super Eagles And Inflict Pains On Nigerians

INTERVIEW – Nyirenda: Chipolopolo Are Very Ready To Beat Super Eagles And Inflict Pains On Nigerians

Coach of Chipolopolo of Zambia, Wedson Nyirenda is bullish that his team will revenge the 2-1 home loss to Nigeria’s Super Eagles in Ndola last year and go all the way to qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia on the final day of the African qualifying Group B.. In this interview with Completesportsnigeria.com‘s RICHARD JIDEAKA in Abuja, Nyirenda explains reasons the Super Eagles Eagles won in Ndola, how the Chipolopolo have improved since then, and why he is upbeat that they will win in Uyo. Excerps…
CS: How ready is your team that will face the Super Eagles of Nigeria in a World Cup qualifier on Saturday in Uyo?
NYIRENDA: We are very ready to inflict pains on Nigerians by beating your Super Eagles in Uyo and put ourselves in good position to qualify for the World Cup. If your team could beat us in our home, nothing stops us from doing so to you on Saturday in Uyo..
You sounds bullish in this your revenge mission. What gives you the courage that your team has what it takes to beat the Super Eagles in Uyo?
I am not bullish, but confident that my boys will play to form and get the three points at stake. We have a very improved squad different from the team that lost to Nigeria in the first meeting. We are ready to put our youth advantage to use and beat your Eagles
Are you going to sit back and absorb pressure from the Super Eagles and catch them on counter attack with your young, energetic and fast players?
I am not going to tell you how we would play because that will be disclosing my game plan. When we get to the pitch, we shall size up the Eagles and know how to play them. The Eagles are more experienced and exposed, but we shall play to our strength.
From the way you talk, you don’t seem to harbour any fear for the Super Eagles…
You just called your team Super Eagles. Ordinarily, the name should strike fear on countries in Africa, but we don’t fear any body. We respect the Super Eagles for the big players and what they are, but we don’t fear them. We have players who can match your team head to head and toe to toe. It will be 11 players on either side of the pitch .
What makes you believe that you can beat the Super Eagles side that defeated you on your home ground?
We weren’t expecting a defeat when the Super Eagles beat us in Ndola last year, but my thinking then was that we did enough to get at worst a draw. Again, I was barely 15 days on the job as head coach when we played that match. Since then, we have remained unbeaten and have improved very much. I inherited a team which I have been able to turn around to my taste and delight of Zambians
Nobody gave your team a chance against Algeria, but you beat them home and away. How did you manage to perform such ‘magic’?
It’s no magic, but the determination of the players and hunger to go the World Cup. We are focused and we play our game anywhere. To get a win in Constantine in Algeria was a big achievement for this young team, and this has given us the belief that we can beat any team, not excluding Nigeria. We know you beat Cameroon here, but we also know you lost to South Africa at same venue.
Your final word on the match on Saturday
It is going to be a tough game, but I can only see us winning. The expectation from Nigerians will be high and that will put pressure on your team, and we will capitalize on that to win.
Do you feel any pressure to win and do you have any injury concern?
Pressure? Not really, but I could be tensed before the game. The pressure is on Nigeria. I have a couple of injury worries which we have taken care of.
See you on Saturday coach Nyirenda…
You didn’t wish me good luck, but we will see after our win

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  • That is good statement from zambian coach, but i want him to know that Nigeria will beat you no mater what school players will play. You don’t know super eagles that’s why..

  • This idiot is completely mad.anyway he want to be noticed by media.i bet this man that after this Saturday people will never hear about him again. Super eagles will cause him all sorts of problems.let him ask Algerian and cameroun coach what happened to them . his own will be worst because he will be chased with even stones.

    • My brother, it is wrong to rain abuses on people just because their points of view don’t march yours. In all honesty, do you really want him to say that Eagles would win? He said absolutely nothing to warrant you calling him an idiot. Please check this. Thanks.

  • goodheart 5 years ago

    ubah i completely agree with you, don’t mind the basket mouth of a coach. He is saying dsame thing Algeria and Cameroun coach said before we humiliated them. GO FOR GLORY SUPER EAGLES…. Nig. 4 : Zam 1

  • Legbe Rightman 5 years ago

    REMEMBER TUNISIA 94 AFCON FINAL!!! Let Mr Coach And His Team Show Us Their ‘Magic’ On Sunday.Records Of Our Previous Encounter Shows Who The Master Is !EMPTY BARREL. . .!

  • ako amadi 5 years ago

    This Nyirenda of Zambia is a typical African coach – all talk, boast and no quality!

  • This man is embarrassing his country and fans with his unguarded statements. Go to their websites, Zambians are complaining about this boastfulness and lack of decency. No respect of any type for a country that is bigger and better than his. Just listen to his loose use of the words “inflict pains on Nigerians.” I have never heard of such statement from any coach before. It tells much about the man. He is a bully and a saddest. He is full of hatred for Nigeria. He is probably a terror at home frighteningly his wife and other family members. We should not thinks he is playing mind games but he is betraying who he really is. Inside. He looks like Idi Amin, a one time terror ruler of Uganda who was driven out into exile and died in Libya and buried there. Just for a world cup qualifying match he is so consumed with hatred and what if Zambia and Nigeria are at a real war and he has a nuclear weapon, he will not hesitate to release it not minding if it will likely kill 2 million people. I dislike this man. I love humble people. Maybe because Nigeria defeated his team in the first leg and so he is blind as to where he is. He is on our land. In our hotel. Eating our food. Drinking our water. Enjoying our sunshine and rainfall. Yet he is not respecting us but vomiting unclean words from his mouth. Our coaches can never vomit such words. Listen to his last statement to the reporter “you didn’t wish me any luck” and you will conclude that this is a man bent on embarrassing his country. He will definitely be silenced now and humiliated by Cameroon in Lusaka Zambia on match day 6 in November which will lead to his sack. Nigeria 6-0 Zambia.

  • omo9ja 5 years ago

    It wasn’t his fault but if Eagles utilized the opportunities they had in Yaounde and beating the Cameroonian team in the second leg, the Zambia coach won’t be boasting like this. I will never blamed Ezenwa for the penalty. Our coach made a mistake in that match but just because we beat Cameroon in Uyo by 4-0, we didn’t worry about the second leg. My advice to coach Rohr is, he should never rely on any player. He should also make sure he doesn’t make a late sub and wrong sub and finally, we are praying and supporting our beloved Super Eagles of Nigeria and Allah will answer all our prayers. Ameen. For the Zambia coach, the man is very confused now and insha Allah, Nigeria is winning 7-0 on Saturday. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • It was a missed opportunity in Cameroon. I just wondered if they ever taught of the fact that if they had won, they would have qualified straightaway. The last 15 minute performance in the Yaounde game was uncalled for.

  • PapaFem 5 years ago

    If only ‘mouth’ wins matches, Zambia would have qualified for the World Cup by now. Unfortunately for the boasting coach, the two teams have to slug it out on the field of play. That’s where I trust my boys. Moses and Co should teach this guy a lesson. Even when Nigeria big stars and their experienced coach are being cautious, he was just busy committing rubbish.

  • Let him say all he wants.Time will tell.90 minutes plus will be the decider.

  • EGINNA1000 5 years ago

    HMMM I Like this zambia coach alot no problem it’s on saturday that he will the see what eagles have in store for him and his players. we nigerians are not worried about his talks we are going to talk after 90mint in sha ALLAH KAREEM. LUCK TO OUR EAGLES. COME ON 7TH.

  • Mtembo 5 years ago

    Nigerians are running scared. Truth is, we Zambians have no respect for this set of ageing Super Chickens who are all using fake age. We will humiliate Nigeria tomorrow and defeat Cameroon to land in Russia. All of you making boastful comments here won’t know what hit you after 6pm kick off tomorrow. I expect the first half to end 0-0 or 0-1 in favour of Zambians and as the match enters its closing minutes the ageing Eagles will receive the shock of their lives inside the Uyo stadium when they are all very tired. Final score Nigeria 1 Zambia 3.

    • Fasasi Kunle 5 years ago

      Ask your players what they are feeling now. Tell me the achievement of your coach since he started coaching work. Nigeria would qualify on Saturday insha Allah.

  • DAVID CYPRIAN 5 years ago

    Zambia Will be humiliated on Saturday. There is a saying,a meat that has fat proves it’s self by the heat of fire.
    The outcome of the match shall tell.

  • Fasasi Kunle 5 years ago

    Where is that who said all these news has been formed by Nigeria media that is not true. If is you come out and explain this now. For Zambian coach Nigerian are not to worry at all. You are building team and talking rubbish, your opponents turn to your enemy. I have been listening to coaches, never heard coach so arrogant like this even all big big country coach like Spain Germany etc. By God grace Nigeria would win on Saturday. Inshah Allah.

  • Ernest Alum 5 years ago

    This man’s arithmetic is completely selfish. He has forgotten that we have yong players as well and we improve in every game even getting more dangerous to beat any team in the world. As our yonger brothers we encourage them to work for other games not this. GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

  • @Mtembo, I will tell you this. You already have 7 points. This is the only points you will have until the end of this world cup qualifier. Nigeria will beat you tomorrow with a wide margin of 3-7 goals to zero. Cameroon will visit you in November and Cameroon will win that match. You are only dreaming if in your life you think you can defeat Cameroon. They will defeat you judging from what they played us in the 2nd half of the match in Yaoundé. Your coach will be sacked after that defeat.

  • fidelis Ighabor 5 years ago

    i love all this comments made by all the fans, God bless you all Amen. Nigeria 2 Zambia 0.

  • first it was the misplaced bullish confidence by zambia F.A president and now the coach. But i reiterate;
    it would be a game of quality vs mediocre, tactic mastery vs mere enthusiasm, prestige vs upcoming, experience vs stage fright, trumpets vs silence. zambians are postulating the end of the world, i doubt if they have read the writings on the wall or are simply defiant to it. Well its good to have self confidence and pride but there is a thin line between them and thats arrogance.

  • Peter 5 years ago

    I pity Zambia …… chaiiiiiii …. Empty vessel makes the loudest noise. … if he had a good plan on Saturday he would be quiet… but since he has nothing to offer he has to make noise … lwkmdddddd .. shey na tomorrow…. I go laugh till my belle cut….