Isaac Success: I Stole Food At Parties Just To Survive

Isaac Success: I Stole Food At Parties Just To Survive



By Johnny Edward: 


Watford's Nigerian forward Isaac Success has made a shocking revelation that he had to steal from marriages and ceremonies to survive as a kid growing up in Benin City ,Edo State, reports


Success who made a £12.5m record move from Granada this summer recounted his rough path to stardom in an interview with


"In Africa there are a lot of struggles," he said. "You have to struggle before you get the opportunity to do what you want to do, which for me is football. There are so many players in Africa and you have to to be lucky to be chosen. 


"We used to play in just our pants. We had nothing, not even slippers. Just barefoot. It was really tough."


"In Africa, some most families are poor that they do not have food at home. 


"We would go to marriages and ceremonies to steal food. We did struggle all the time to get food. Thankfully there were three boys (Success and his two brothers) so we would just go out to look for something and get food. It was not easy."


The 20-year-old also admitted that he would have been a dancer if he wasn’t a footballer.


"I would be a dancer.  If I get bored in the dressing room or mentally I get down, I listen to music, dance and have fun. It makes me mentally strong."







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