Kanu Celebrates World Kindness Day

Kanu Celebrates World Kindness Day

–As CCL Group Managing Director speaks on how to be kind to people at the event

Kanu Heart Foundation, the brain child of former Super Eagles skipper Nwankwo Kanu yesterday joined the rest of the world to celebrate world kindness day.

The event which was held at Hardley Apartment, Victoria Island, had in attendance the Group Managing Director of Complete Communications Limited, Alhaji Mumini Alao, member of KHF trustees Pastor Onyebuchi Abia, Miss Intercontinental beauty queen Judith Okafor, Director, Green Spring School Mrs Lai Koiki, students and pupils of White-Field School, Corona, Bowen College, Nigerian Navy and Binta International School.

Some of the events which took place at the venue were the investiture of Miss Intercontinental beauty queen as KHF ambassador which was done by Alhaji Alao, decorations of outstanding individuals who have shown human kindness to the needy and unveiling of the KHF Face for Charity Ambassadors Annual Award logo.

Other events for the day were introduction of Nwankwo Kanu’s four story book series for school children and Kick start of Kanu Papilo puzzles for life for primary and secondary schools.

And in a lecture delivered by the Group Managing Director of Complete Communications Limited Alhaji Alao, titled ‘’Touch The Heart’’, he gave reasons for the importance of being kind.

“You and I don’t need to own millions before we can show kindness. All we need to do like in the lyrics in Michael Jackson’s song is to show kindness. Kindness is being defined as the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. It is also described as a spontaneous gesture towards someone or something which include our fellow humans, animals and the kingdom of nature.

“And in an article title how to be kind, kindness has its full source deep within you, and while some people are innately kind, it is something everyone can cultivate by choice. Each of us can start to do a self appraisal to determine whether we are kind at all, kind enough or whether we have some improvement to make.”

He also highlighted ways to show kindness to people.

“Always wear a smile on your face, volunteer for charitable causes, use your knowledge to benefit others, send a positive message to someone or a simple word of encouragement, donate unwanted or used clothing to anybody that needs it around you, pick harmful subjects from the road and dispose of them safely. That’s an act of kindness.”

In a chat with Complete Sports, stated the rationale behind organizing the event.

I feel honoured, I feel great and I thank God for his mercies. I thank God in the sense that it is something that is novel in Nigeria. We at the Kanu Heart Foundation feel that in a day like this, we need to show kindness, we need to show love and bring people most especially children together because we believe that children are the agents of change in the society.