Keshi Returns To Super Eagles Job

Keshi Returns To Super Eagles Job

–As President Jonathan brokers peace between Pinnick and Giwa

The Super Eagles will prosecute their last two 2015 African Cup of Nations qualifiers in November with ‘sacked’ Eagles chief coach Stephen Keshi in charge.

The embattled coach regained his job following the meeting between President Goodluck Jonathan and the duo of NFF President Amaju Pinnick and Chris Giwa, who insists that he (Giwa) is the rightful boss of the Nigerian FA after an elective congress in Abuja held on August 26.

This development is understood to be part of the peace deal in the Nigeria Football Federation crisis after President Goodluck Jonathan mediated in the leadership saga that has infuriated FIFA who has threatened to ban Nigeria from international football if the Jos High Court case indicting the NFF President Pinnick was not struck out.

FIFA considers football issues being taken to civil courts as government interference and failure to resolve the crisis in the Nigerian FA will attract a ban that will last till May 2015.

Media officer of the Super Eagles Toyin Ibitoye on Thursday tweeted that Keshi is set to return to his job.

“Keshi Returns as @NGSuperEagles Coach.”

It is however unconfirmed whether the former Eagles captain was handed conditions for his return-like the recall of certain experienced Eagles stars in the fold namely Ikechukwu Uche, Obafemi Martins, Chinedu Obasi, and the introduction of Kelechi Iheanacho into the fold.

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  • This Keshi has no scruple. Can’t Keshi just leave us alone? Just go… Na by force to coach Eagles. Just go…

  • I said it before. Keshi has hands in all the crisis our football id facing now. He knew he would not return as Eagles coach under Maigari so he capitalized on the stupidity of the Sports Minister to cause trouble for Maigari. We will see where this will end. We don’t want you and the fans voiced their opinion in the 3-1 win against Sudan. If you have shame, stay away. Na by force.. Where are the six countries looking for your service. Shameless man…

    • Kunle 4 years ago

      Always ask for God forgiveness, why all this rubbish? Is he the one that sued Pinnick to court? We shall see….

    • chuks 4 years ago

      Am sorry for you. Like it or no like it, Keshi will be charge nations cup or no nations cup. You can hire as many tugs (ur so called fans) as you want. He will take Nigeria to the next world cup. Enemies of progress like can hug the next transformer.

  • SoccerInNigeria 4 years ago

    Keshi can chose to return to the eagles job if he wants, but it will be a stupid decision if he does. It is clear that most objective Eagles supporters dont want Keshi to continue in the job at this time. His return is a uneccessary distraction distraction and it is only going to cause confusion.

    From a purely football point of view, I do not see how Keshi can engineer a victory in Congo. Keshi may get a draw in Congo but a win is highly unlikely. Though i am not a big fan of Amodu Nigeria probably has a better chance of victory in Congo with Amodu in charge. He has the experience of securing Valuable away results with Nigeria’s back against the wall. Amodu delivered a 4-0 away win vs Sudan in 2001 and a 3-2 away win vs Kenya in 2009, in 1996 Amodu then with Shooting Stars secured a valuable 2-1 away result against the mighty Zamalek in a very hostile Cairo before losing on penalties in the Final of the African champions league.

    It is only Chris Giwa, Danagogo and Jonathan that see how Keshi can improve Nigeria’s chance of victory. Please those clamoring for Keshi be objective and put sentiment aside, do you guys really believe that Keshi can transform a team that looked average at best away to south africa and poor away to sudan and poor at home to Congo to a winning machine away to Congo? Common you guys should get realistic.

    • chuks 4 years ago

      Who are this your objective supporters? Please name them. His sack is the unnecessary / unjustifiable / unreasonable / idiotic distraction and not his recall. His recall should be celebrated. There is no confusion. The gang up against him has been settled. Those who are sabotaging his good work should learn a lesson.
      We do not need him to engineer victory in Congo. We need him to build a solid team over period of time. He has to continue whether we qualify or not. Continuity is good in football. Germany won the world cup from over 15yrs preparations with same coach in charge for almost 20yrs. Keshi should not be sacked because poor results after many successes. He should be allowed to learn lesson and forge ahead. Any disagreement between the coaching crew and NFF should be settled like the president has done between Giwa and Amaju. There can be no smooth relationship among humans but we can manage it.

      It’s stupid and ridiculous to have sacked a coach in the manner we did to Keshi. It shows Amaju’s and NFF shortsightedness. Even Amodu who took over the job advised against it.

      Lets stop being a laughing stock.

  • Kunle 4 years ago

    Why recalling Uche, Mathins and Obazi? Why can’t we leave this man alone to do his job? Is he the only coach that’s facing crisis? This issue is something else, no human being above mistakes, he made a mistake and i believe he will adjust. Let stop imposing player on him.

  • Saint Palmer 4 years ago

    1-This Keshi has no scruple
    2-Keshi has hands in all the crisis our football
    3-Amodu has the experience of securing Valuable away result.

    Lol..those are the first 3 messages on here in response to the news of Keshi home coming,and not suprising tho ,typical nigerians mentality, you can only classed the hands that typed these craps as perfect example of fools..and they not factors, so y`all can say what u wanna say,and when keshi finally qualify for AFCON then what are u gonna do ?..

    • SoccerInNigeria 4 years ago

      @Saint Palmer my brother
      I will support Nigeria 100% in Congo who ever is in charge of the team. It does not matter if its Amodu or Keshi. But I can assure you with 120% certainty that Keshi will not delivery the required result in Congo to qualify Nigeria to the 2015 AFCON. Keshi will still be fired after the qualifying campaign if he fails, so why are we delaying the inevitable?

      You are free to call anyone a fool, but Keshi will not get the required result in Congo, However i wish him and the Super Eagles the very best in that very Crucial Game in Congo. After that game I will contact you so we can have a chat.

      • chuks 4 years ago

        We need a long term plan for our football with Keshi in charge. simple. That’s the message. Nations cup or no nations cup.

    • Michael Ajayi 4 years ago

      That’s to show you how Nigerians think. So quick to forget that before the quater final match at the AFCON 2013 they all call for him to be fired but he and the boys shamed all of them.

      Serioully Nigerians don’t know what they want. Today we want a coach that will disciple our players and when the coach do that, they start crying no that player is too good just leave him with his attitude and sack the coach.

      Before you go to the market you have to know what you want to buy then it will be easy to locate what you’re looking for

      • SoccerInNigeria 4 years ago

        @Michael Ajayi i dont know you personally, but football is about what you can do today or r doing today. It is not relevant that Keshi won the World Cup in 2013, but the team is playing poorly and he continues to invite mediocre players from China, Vietnam and Austria. It takes more than discipline to play and win football games. I am a football analyst and I have international coaching certifications to show for it, I also played the game competitively.

        Putting all sentiment aside and purely from a football point of view if Keshi takes the team he paraded around VS Sudan in Khartoum Nigeria will not get the required result in Congo. I judge a coach based on what I see his team is doing on the pitch from a tactical and technical point of view. Claude Leroy is tactically superior to Keshi when you combine that with home advantage Keshi will not get the result needed in Congo.

        Honestly I wish Keshi proves me wrong in Congo. I will be happy if he does.

  • Keshi, play this game thing if you return and invite these guys everybody is clamoring for. Let them come and fight for shirt. Put pride away and invite these guys who are hot now and win the two games.

  • Jonathan has just saved Pinnick yansh from being roasted by Giwa. He came into office he rigged himself into and started behaving like somebody possessed by demons. He was talking of hiring foreign coaches and all the bla bla without any recourse to the policy of this administration on hiring foreigner into our institutions. I said it before that he laid the foundation for his failure from day one when he rigged Dominic Iorfa out in that wuruwuru election presided over by that yeye Maigeri who wanted the accolades for our victory at AFCON. Keshi should consider this offer properly before accepting it because there are a lot of evil forces working against Nigeria. They are so many even on this forum.

  • detator 4 years ago

    @Saint Palmer he goat like you people are just like boko-haram
    in Nigeria confusion every where keshi is a complete failure
    just like you and is blind sympathizers

  • chuks 4 years ago

    Amodu pleads for Keshi’s return

    by Humphrey Njoku 30 October 2014, 15:43

    Shaibu Amodu has pleaded passionately with the leadership of the NFF to allow Stephen Keshi handle Nigeria’s remaining two matches in the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualification as head coach.

    In a letter dated October 27, 2014 and addressed to the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) president, Amaju Pinnick, through the Chairman of the football federation’s technical committee, the 56-year-old tactician who was named as caretaker head coach penultimate week, said he wanted Keshi reconsidered for the two matches as the time frame is too short to tinker with the fabric of the squad or start to build a new one altogether.

    “Following wide consultations that I’ve carefully made within the past two weeks since the appointment and for the sake of professionalism I want to specially appeal to you to reconsider the matter and allow Stephen Keshi to finish the project that he has started – the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying race.

    “Sir, my opinion also is that the time frame is too short to start tinkering with the fabric of the team or attempt to build a new team altogether.

    “As technical director of the NFF, I am ready and willing to help build a better relationship among Keshi (with whom I have enjoyed good working relationship in the past and who is still very close to me), the players and the NFF Technical Committee.

    “I am assuring you, Mr President, that I will offer whatever assistance required by Keshi and his crew for the remaining two matches and also be there to offer advice, suggestions and efforts towards building a stronger Super Eagles’ team after the qualifying race,” Amodu said.

    Nigeria play Congo in Pointe-Noire on November 15 before taking on South Africa in Uyo four days later, needing to not only win both matches but defeat Congo by a margin of two goals to stand any chance of qualifying for the 2015 finals.

    The 2013 Afcon champions are third on the Group A log on four points, four points behind leaders, South Africa on eight points and Congo on seven while Sudan are at the base on three points.

  • Richie 4 years ago

    It is SO CLEAR that Keshi does not have the technical (modern day) know-how to take the Super Eagl toe-to-toe with the very top football playing Nations. FIFA study report after the world cup 2014 states that Nigeria does not really have a particular pattern of play.

    1. Lack of knowledge of modern day football
    2. Lack of player management skill e.g publicly criticizing players
    3. Unforgiven attitude.
    4. Allowing Personal sentiment to over ride the over all success of the team
    5. Allegation bribery for invitation to be done.
    6. Allegation of promoting his own players
    7. Instigating players to clamour for allowances at a very sensitive time.
    Keshi leave Super Eagles alone ooooh! If you are that good why countries not justling for you after your sack.

    • chuks 4 years ago

      The FIFA report and Keshi’s faults only exist in your coconut head.

  • raymond ezeala 4 years ago

    If Keshi is intelligent he should run for his dear life.Fans will eat him raw one these days.Mark my words.

  • AFOLABI DAVID 4 years ago



  • Stanslink 4 years ago

    The man (Keshi) is not just technically deficient, his stubbornness which is galvanized by his greed has become his greatest undoing. I would have complimented his courage on certain decisions taking in the past, but time finally unveiled his work ethics as suspect.

    ‘Obafemi is too old’, the man is doing well in his club, Ehianacho is too young, yet the chap’s performance remains a wonder to everyone except Keshi. ‘Uche wants him to beg him before he will play for Nigeria’, but Uche has been announcing that he is always ready to play. Long story short, Keshi is too complicated (even with the journalists). whether he qualifies us or not, the man should please go in peace. He has done enough. He is already begging Ghana to coach them. South Africa, Ethiopia and Ghana all rejected him. Only Nigerians can’t see.

    • Saint Palmer 4 years ago

      its obvious u have a problem not only with keshi but also with yourself..

  • Welcome Back skipo, my Keshi.

  • merlin 4 years ago

    africans never apreciate what they have untill they lost it,keshi is the best coach available for now, for those that are calling for foreigne coach which good foreign coach are u going to call that does’t have a tearm now, our problem is nff now that every thin is settled there will be a change in super eagles, and for those that are wishing him back luck bear it in mind that whether he qualify or not he’s still going to remain our coach for at lest three years, let suport our product and move this country to grater places

  • Sammy 4 years ago

    Keshi should have learnt his lessons by now if he is a right thinking man.He does not deserve a come back and since he has been allowed to return,his approach to issues must change for him to walk his way back to d hearts of Nigerians.Whichever way, we need to support him becos of Nigeria.

  • Saint Palmer 4 years ago

    over a year ago keshi is almost the best coach in the world but now he`s ARROGANT,GREEDY,RUDE,LACK TACTICAL KNOWLEDGE OF THE MODERN DAY FOOTBALL,ETC..all of this just because he refused to invite some certain players,they making it look as if keshi is refusing to call a MESSI or RONALDO ,who are the players ?..they played like robot in europe but coming back home they more of a below average players, am sure those plastic fans saw UCHE at the the nation`s cup enit ? whats the fuss about ?..those are the people that always complained about the leadership of the country and they themselves are bunch of backward people,

  • Albert Ekus 4 years ago

    Take it or leave it, Stephen Keshi is still the best coach for Nigeria now. But if na me be bros big boss, I go resign with respect & pride, because to resign better pass sack.

  • justo kalu 4 years ago

    We don need Keshi any more pls to saved Naija football pls pls he lack advice fire him before our next with Congo

  • justo kalu 4 years ago

    After real Madrid winning their league some years ago they fire the Italian man from juventus then who is Keshi fire even if no nation Cup nxt year no problem but no more Keshi

  • justo kalu 4 years ago

    New coach for super eagle pls

  • Marsh 4 years ago

    Big Boss, i love you so much to the extent that i named my son after you. I have been supporting you and i am one of your biggest fan. I support you not because of sentiment but because of the knowledge you have in this game. Many who watch you during your playing days will know what i am talking about, you were a player and a coach in the field of play. Big Boss, i want to make request, and that is for you to reject this offer to continue as super eagle coach. Allow Amodu to do it and stay aside because you will never make it, not technically but psychologically. There are a lot forces working against you in NFF which you know already and that will put you and your players in an undue pressure. The atmosphere is not just good for you now as super eagle coach, trust me you will coach eagles again but not now, don’t allow yourself to fall for this trap. I rest my case.

  • ODII OKEREKE 4 years ago