Khabib vs Conor McGregor: Do Girls Like MMA Fighters?

Khabib vs Conor McGregor: Do Girls Like MMA Fighters?

The Khabib vs Conor McGregor fight tomorrow makes us ponder when the world thinks about masculinity and the “ideal man,” you’re going to get varying answers because we all have different tastes and preferences. According to an article featured on Metro, the ideal “modern” guy is “politically aware, family-focused and emotional, that’s about it.”

There’s got to be more to it than that, right? For a lot of people, the politically aware, “woke” man doesn’t get everyone’s blood flowing.

Douglas Todd of the Vancouver Sun suggests that mixed martial arts is the only sport that has a sexual component and perhaps that claim has some footing because according to a survey 44% of women find martial arts sexually appealing.

Why? What is it about martial arts and fighting that turns women on? Well, that’s what we’re about to discuss! Keep reading to see if you should start training to be the next big thing in the MMA circuit, or if you should focus more on being politically aware and socially involved.

Aggressive Fighter = High Masculinity?

Sigmund Freud once said that of the many things that drive us as humans, the sex and aggression are the strongest forces of nature that we have to contend with. One may say that if Freud were living and watched fighters, he’d probably would love to explain the hidden intricacies of fighting and how it mimics the need to destroy society’s disdain toward aggression and sex.
Let’s think about that for a moment and consider the fighters Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor who are set to fight each other on October 6th, 2018.

Khabib Nurmagomedov Stats and Bio

Khabib vs Conor McGregor

Age: 30
Nickname: The Eagle
Weight: 155 pounds (70 kg)
Height: 5’ 10” (177 cm)

Nurmagomedov is a 30-year-old fighter from Dagestan. He began wrestling training at the age of 6, started wrestling competitively at the age of 12. He then switched to Judo when he turned 15 years old.

His training doesn’t stop there! He started combat Sambo training when he was 17. He made his debut in the world of MMA fighting in 2008 and became the champion in the Atrium Cup tournament where he was undefeated for the next three years.

He joined the UFC in late 2011 and made a debut victory on January 20, 2012, when he won over Kamal Shalorus when Shalorus admitted he couldn’t defeat Nurmagomedov in the third round.

Fast forward to April 7, 2018 when he became the UFC Lightweight Champion after being victorious over Al Iaquinta.

Conor McGregor Stats and Bio

Age: 30
Nickname: The Notorious
Weight: 155 pounds (70 kg)
Height: 5’ 9” (175 cm)

Conor McGregor has been dubbed The Notorious for a reason. This two-time UFC champion (lightweight and former featherweight champion) is a fiery Irish boxer who started his career a as a boxer in the streets of Dublin, Ireland. He’s a brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu and said in a 2013 interview with Bloody Elbow:

“I started out doing some kickboxing and boxing, then a little Capoeira, Tae Kwon Do and Karate. The human body can move in many ways, and that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m looking for my body to move in all ways, to attack and defend. That’s translated into my fighting style.”

His boxing career began in 2008, but he didn’t become as famous as he is today until 2017 when he made his official debut when he lost against Floyd Mayweather which garnered an incredible 4.3 million views on Pay-Per-View.

McGregor had a lot of ups and downs, and when he decided to switch to MMA, records show he accumulated 8 wins in a row over a one-year period from 2011 to 2012.

The Similarities

One look at both of these men and it’s plain to see that they are ripped. They’re in peak physical condition and women like that. Women want a man who can protect her, which if a guy can knock someone out in just a few seconds in the ring, there’s no doubt that he could protect her when things got serious.

Another similarity these men have is that they are dedicated. They are dedicated to their training, to the women in their lives (Nurmagomedov has been married to an unnamed woman since June 2013 and McGregor has been dating Dee Devlin since 2008) and to perfecting their craft of kicking some serious butt.

Final Thoughts: Do Girls Like MMA Fighters?
Attraction is subjective, we all can agree on that. What one person may find sexy AF may be a total turn off to another. A lot of men and women find MMA fighting sexy because they’re showing off their physical strength and have amazing bodies, but the attraction is deeper than that.
On a psychological level, women want a man who can protect them, who are confident (you can’t deny that most fighters, especially trash talkers like McGregor have confidence for days), and who aren’t going to back away from a fight.

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