Klopp: Chelsea Played With Eight Defenders Vs Liverpool

Klopp: Chelsea Played With Eight Defenders Vs Liverpool

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has accused Chelsea of being defensive in their Premier League clash which ended 1-1 at Anfield on Saturday.

Liverpool looked like they were heading for a win following Mohamed Salah’s goal in the second half.

But a late goal from substitute Willian who beat Simon Mignolet with a clever chip drew Chelsea level.

Reacting to the stalemate, Klopp also pointed out that luck was not on his team’s side.

“I think I need a little bit of time to be happy,” he said in his post-match reaction. “I’m happy about the performance, how we took the game. It’s a little bit more difficult when Chelsea played with eight defenders more or less.

“After a week like this (long trips away in the Champions League) we have both had, it was one of the better draws I’ve seen in my life.

“You need a bit of luck and we didn’t have it again. We wanted to change the system before the equaliser and the referee didn’t allow us.

“We wanted to go to five at the back, to change the situation and it’s not too cool to have conceded.

“Of course, if you’re at home 1-0 up, you want the three points, that’s my problem at the moment.

“It was a really good game and at the end, it’s one point against Cheslea. There will be a moment tonight when I think the result is OK – but not now.”


  • Admit you can’t beat Chelsea! Stop looking for excuses that ain’t their…… We played with 4 attackers #Ode….morata hazard willian and Pedro……. ….our defenders are azp….Christensen….. Luiz…. #lobatan…..

  • Klop nothing for this season, shut up

  • Another childish excuses from a loser

  • Some coach’s can complain blindly sometimes, they defended and have more corners more goal on target and off target more than you

  • From 3-0 to 3-3 in eufa now from 1*0 to 1-1 in league. a team that can’t hold on to a lead

  • So they should have left the defence open for you to go and score them right? Nonsense

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  • That’s how u defend and not concede 3 goals after going up by, 3 goals in first half in UCL

  • Shot up that your mouth

  • After Bakayoko gave You the goal you started defending untill Chelsea got the equalizer

  • I am Liverpool fan why didn’t you used your six Striker.Omaga

  • Dis jurgen clopp flop don day talk like mohamed morinho

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  • He should play West Bromwich Albion and see the true meaning of defensive play.

  • Ado Bappayo 1 year ago

    kloop you are Nonsense

  • davidclean 1 year ago

    mumu coach. infact ur very lucky, assuming Fabregas started the match ur would have shut that ur mouth .they played with eight defenders at the same time they have offside, goal attempt, corners than you. klop go and recheck ball posse after ur boys scored their first goal. u av no excuse just accept it dat ur not a good coach.

  • Chelsea was defensive and still have someone up front to beat you. Shame. Keep complaining

  • rubbish talk, wht concern u with other team’s formation. U r d one dat spoil d Match coz I don’t knw Ÿ u bench mane

  • Abednego Joshua 1 year ago

    Klop if u don have something 2 say, than shutup ur mouth and apologize 4 liverpool board. From 3-3 in Ucl to 1-1 in Epl u still complain! nonsens coach.

  • Bashórun Gáà omo Tayo Omo Olas

  • If not untimely changes by Conte, Chelsea would have beaten Liverpool hands down.

  • They played with 8 defenders and had more shots on and off target, more corner kicks than your team that played with 8 attackers.

  • But Mr Chally Mba, that is not enough reasons to insult the coach, some of us find difficult to accomodate other people’s opinion,

  • You smoke weed??? This coach is not fit for EPL, when he played Manchester united, he also complained that MOU packed bus and now its Chelsea, shame on u klopp… U want other teams to play without defenders, maybe soon they remove goalkeepers so can u can win…..

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