Klopp: I Enjoyed Anfield Thriller Vs City, I Wasn’t Scared At 4-3

Klopp: I Enjoyed Anfield Thriller Vs City, I Wasn’t Scared At 4-3

Jurgen Klopp praised Liverpool and Manchester City players for serving up a thrilling contest which saw the Reds end the league leaders’ unbeaten Premier League run following a nervy 4-3 win at Anfield on Sunday.

City went into the game unbeaten after 22 league games but saw their run ended with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Roberto Firmino, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane all scoring for Liverpool.

Leroy Sane, Bernardo Silva and Ilkay Gundogan were all in target for City.

City still top the league table on 62 points, 15 points ahead of Manchester United in second place, while Liverpool are now third on 47 points.

“You can watch it as a manager or as a football fan and I prefer to do that – wow! What a game! Two teams, full throttle,” Klopp said in his post-match interview.

“This was a historical game you will talk about in 20 years because it looks like City will not lose another one this year.

“People watched this game all over the world and this is why – take your heart, throw it on the pitch and play like this, both teams.

“We played, I don’t know which level, caused them problems like hell. I was not scared at the end, not that I didn’t think we could concede a fourth, I have known my boys long enough now, it was so intense.

“If you combine quality with attitude you see a game like this. I really loved it.

“You will find someone who wants to talk about defending, no clean sheet, but he can blow up my boots.”


  • Diuto Nwachukwu 1 year ago

    This Result Is Unbelievable! Kudos To Liverpool.

  • Danruf 1 year ago

    We Never Walk Alone. We Pay Them Back !!!!

  • Why is Klopp lying? That he wasn’t scared when it was 4-3? Who was not scared and worried? Especially the nairabetters!!!! You need to see guys with me. As a neutral, I had a very good laff. When it was 4-1 I was laffing the MC fan and they didn’t take it as a joke so I kept quiet as I don’t want to aggravate a very bad situation and perhaps some abuse. They were friends so they will not slap or beat anyone laffing them. The Liverpool fans were still laffing sha. But then you need to see the Man City fans when it was 4-2, 4-3. The Liverpool fans were so quiet that you will think they were not in the room. Anyone that managed to talk was to blame Klopp for removing Salah. They believed Salah was an attacker, midfielder, defender combined!!!!!! It was fun indeed. I really wanted Man City to loss. Their own set too much. They will still win the league but at least make them loss one game too. Liverpool would have spoiled the wish but they held on to that slim defeat. I will praise the ref and his assistants for getting grips of the game and allowed it to flow at the same time.