Klopp Hints Liverpool Will Defend Vs Attack Minded City, Tasks Guardiola To Prove His Quality In EPL

Klopp Hints Liverpool Will Defend Vs Attack Minded City, Tasks Guardiola To Prove His Quality In EPL


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp says Pep Guardiola has to prove himself at Manchester City.

Klopp's Liverpool will host Guardiola's Manchester City on Saturday in the standout fixture.

Liverpool are second in the league table while City are fourth.

Speaking during his Thursday's press conference, Klopp stated that it would be difficult for Guardiola to replicate the success he achieved at Barcelona and Bayern Munich with City.

"He’s a really influential manager.
He has a clear idea. He had a fantastic career until now, nice style at Barcelona, really good at Bayern. Now at City, he has to show how good he is.

"He’s very influential, the Barcelona style is not possible for every club to play, it depends on the players you have. If a Sunday league team tries to play like Barcelona, it’s very difficult."

Commenting on the big game against City, Klopp stated that the only advantage Liverpool has is that the game will be played at Anfield.

Guardiola also hopes that Liverpool will have to do more of defending.

"Both teams are good on counter attacks, both teams are good in possession, so we have to defend.

The details will make the difference. I’m not sure, it’s nice to think about, try everything you can to win the game.

"What I like is that we beat them last year, unfortunately we lost the final (League Cup). It was difficult of course, they were top of the table, we were nowhere. They have got better since last year, we are getting better. It will be interesting.

"They will not play like last year, it’s really exciting. If I was not on the bench I would buy a ticket, 100 percent, for this game.

"It’s very big for both teams. Obviously six clubs fight for four or one place. Really interesting position. A lot of games to come, but it’s the only thing we have to do on New Year’s Eve, an outstanding side.

"A lot of advantages in the game, the only one before is that it’s at Anfield.

"Unfortunately Man City are in good shape, so it’ll be very difficult. I’m really looking forward to it, I love playing against the best and they are for sure in the group of the best in the world.

Guardiola has his clear philosophy. They were in a good way, then something happened.
They are successful, but this league is difficult, a lot of challenges every week.

"I didn’t think too much about where Man City would finish, we have to think about what we need to do to win the game."

On Sergio Aguero's threat, Klopp said:"He had three and a half weeks off, nice. He’s back and a good striker.
We played them already and he was involved.

"I always thought he was a talented boy, but I never made a secret of it. Even without him, they’re an outstanding team.

"It’s only one thing, he can only score goals if we give him the ball. We need to be concentrated, that’s the biggest challenge in this game.
It’s for both teams, hopefully, the same, they’ll have the same problems with us."

And on the January transfer window and Philippe Countinho's return, he said: "If we think we have to do something, if there’s the player that can help us, not only in January, March, April, May and the season after. Then we will do something.

"If not, then we won’t.
I’m not sure it [January] will be important to us.

"No, but he’s (Coutinho) in a good way.The City game for sure is too early, pretty sure the Sunderland game is too early too."