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LIVE BLOGGING: Croatia vs Nigeria – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

LIVE BLOGGING: Croatia vs Nigeria – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Complete Sports brings to you the live commentary of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia clash between Croatia and Nigeria (Croatia vs Nigeria), live from Kaliningrad Stadium, Russia.

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  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    Ighalo  Ighalo Ighalo 

  • Naija Man 3 years ago

    Croatia 1- Nigeria -0 just now. They were calling me names earlier here. How market so far? WHY DOES MIKEL KEEP PLAYING ADVANCED MIDFIELD ROLE????

  • Kweli 3 years ago

    Just as we repeatedly mentioned here, a goal had to come via a corner kick. Can the SE also reciprocate? I hope so.

    • Naija Man 3 years ago

      Nope! They are not good at set pieces. But other teams can use it against them.

  • Naija Man 3 years ago

    See how the CROATIANS are using their wings???? Sorry for this team. Psychic pig deceived una…

  • Naija Man 3 years ago

    Eagles can’t attack, neither can they utilize set pieces.

    • Kweli 3 years ago

      This has been the gaping weakness not just of Nigerian, but of African football – dead ball situations, taking and defending, including corner kicks and PKs also. So many goals have already been scored via dead ball situations in this WC. What I don’t understand is this is a perennial problem seen year in year out, with no end in sight.

      • Naija Man 3 years ago

        I disagree with you sir. Senegal faired a lot better in their game against the Croatians.

  • Uzoho? I don’t know. Really. He is a worry for me.

    • Naija Man 3 years ago

      Haven’t you noticed that the Coach appears to be sticking to his own way of doing things? He has refused to try Simy Nwankwo ahead of Ighalo. I am happy we have all seen the Ighalo today. I can see Nigeria at the bottom of the table after their 3 games.

    • Edoman of New Jersey, USA. 3 years ago

      Uzoho 19, is the savior there today. It would have been 4-0 to Nigeria, Rohr MUST GO now. This stupid couch must not return to Nigeria after the 3 matches. Otherwise, folks here in America are going to go for him.

  • Iduoriyekemwen Evans 3 years ago

    Nigeria will win 2:1

    • Edoman of New Jersey, USA. 3 years ago

      Yea are right. If l were in the stadium there today, l will give a dirty slap to this so-called couch to teach him a lesson or two.

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

    We definitely do not have a top striker, but I keep my fingers crossed football is 90 minutes.

    • Naija Man 3 years ago

      With Ighalo, nothing is going to happen. This is World Cup. I still maintain my view that this team is going to bottom out on the table after their 3 group games. They weren’t hiding their tactics during the friendlies. They were simply playing their best. This is their best. Don’t expect miracles.

  • JOSEPH 3 years ago

    pls let them finish the match first before this condemnation, abeg

    • Naija Man 3 years ago

      Nothing will happen. The friendlies have shown us that this team is not going places. If you are good observer of football you will realize this team lacks fire.

  • What is it all about set pieces? A Shorunmu or Enyeama would have saved the goal. Those are unexpected saves Enyeama makes.

  • Oh.hoho nija cant atak? Bot i no se dem go do somtin

  • Good game so far,we just need a sharp striker n good right back to suport the strikers, i dont see the goal a own goal, rather a deflection.

    • The striker needs to get the ball first!

      Where is the midfield creativity?

      • Edoman of New Jersey, USA. 3 years ago

        Whoever allow Ighalo to play in this team is a sell out. We should start with the stupid couch. He must go. Rohr must go to where he came from. If the NNF do not sack this stupid couch, they too must give way to Giwa side to run the Federation.

  • JOSEPH 3 years ago

    @Kweli mind u our best keeper is still uzoho no matter what after this world cup

    • Kweli 3 years ago

      Joseph, I don’t mean to be unnecessarily harsh. But for me he remains shaky. I already noticed the Croats trying shots from distance hoping for some howler from him. If he is the best, wow.

  • I am a little bit puzzled that the initial instincts for both Mikel and Etebo is to pass back whenever they have the ball; why?

    For Nigeria, intensity=low, purposeful play=low, support to the main striker=non-existent.

    Something needs to be done urgently to turn this thing around.

    • Kweli 3 years ago

      @ deo, Mikel has been known for a long time to be a back passer of the ball, since his Chelsea days.

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    Hmm.. Hmmm….Hmmm…. I’m shaking my head now for coach Rohr. Does it have to wait until second half to make some changes? Does he have to use Ighalo and Shehu? God bless Nigeria!!!!

  • Correct me someone but the overriding strategy I see from the Super Eagles is for the centre midfielders to pass all the way back to defence; then the defender tries to locate a winger with a hopeful long ball; then the winger tries to drive into the opponent box 18.

    Am I right?

    Is this a winning formula?

  • Guys calm down, has the game finished yet? Are the Croats out playing us? The answer is emphatic no. That was an own goal that any team could concede. It wasn’t etebo nor Uzoho’ s fault, it ricocheted off etebo and got in.

    SE keep playing and continue playing for each other and the goal will come. Just do a better job in man marking during set pieces. Don’t leave ur man after the corner kick has been struck keep to that man.

    Unite and support the SE for good or bad. We will come back.

    God bless 9ja and its people.

  • BESTBAE 3 years ago

    God plz help us, Few minutes to go

  • We no igallo  ve not scored in d last 4 games so I wil he score today
     For me I smell a rat between rohr and igallo 

    • Naija Man 3 years ago

      I thought the same thing. Who knows if money changed hands?

    • Edoman of New Jersey, USA. 3 years ago

      Rohr is corrupt. Ighalo bribed him. The stupid Rohr must face FCC to determine how mush he took from Ighalo.

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    Mikel and Ighalo done. Remove Mikel and Ighalo, substitutes them Musa and Simmy, let Iwobi plays Mikel role, it’s obvious Mikel lacks the pace, the guy is too slow. For Ighalo I h

  • At least we now know d next set of players dat are gunners ib super eagles. 

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    These guys looks tired  and uninterested, no leadership, no passion. For  me I think Rohr is way way overhyped, removing Iwobi for Musa  was wrong substitution.

    • Kweli 3 years ago

      Agreed. Alex was also playing very deep to have any impact up front.

    • We all can see it now that we don’t have a coach. Rohr still stick to his ineffective tactics and cursed us this match with deployment of wrong players. Nobody can tell me that if Kelechi has started this match iwobi and Ebuhi that Croatia will not be two goals down instead of us. Once again Rohr has nothing to offer us with this young talented players. Pinnick white Messiah Coach cost us this match period because in open play we are better than the Croatia. This man is not a Coach.

  • super Eagles must make it

  • Kweli 3 years ago

    Victor Moses is lucky to get away without a yellow after two dives

  • super Eagles must replace the goal they can’t win us.

  • Kweli 3 years ago

    Ekong just gifted the game to Croatia. Blatant wrestling.

    • AARON AYOBOLA AJAYI 3 years ago

      Good one bro. Truly blatant wrestling from Ekong. A real disappointment.

  • Naija Man 3 years ago

    Game OVER. Bye Bye Nigeria.

  • sergiodilaurenti 3 years ago

    SuperEagles??? No, SuperTurkeys!!!

  • Kweli 3 years ago

    Game over as far as I am concerned. Off to bed now.

  • BRYTJILZY 3 years ago


  • Kweli 3 years ago

    It would be nice if there was less talk and more football. The survey on this website showed that nearly half of those surveyed think Nigeria will win the WC, ahead of Germany and Brazil. Please!

    • sergiodilaurenti 3 years ago

      The official betting line set Nigeria – before this game – at 1/200 behind everybody:
      Odds to Win the World Cup – per BetOnline.ag
      Brazil 4/1
      Germany 5/1
      Spain 6/1
      France 13/2
      Argentina 9/1
      Belgium 11/1
      England 16/1
      Portugal 25/1
      Uruguay 25/1
      Croatia 33/1
      Colombia 40/1
      Russia 50/1
      Poland 66/1
      Mexico 80/1
      Denmark 100/1
      Peru 100/1
      Senegal 125/1
      Serbia 125/1
      Switzerland 125/1
      Sweden 150/1
      Egypt 200/1
      Iceland 200/1
      Nigeria 200/1
      Japan 250/1
      Morocco 250/1
      Australia 500/1
      Costa Rica 500/1
      Iran 500/1
      South Korea 500/1
      Panama 750/1
      Saudi Arabia 750/1
      Tunisia 750/1

    • Edoman of New Jersey, USA. 3 years ago

      However think Nigeria will come out this group is as dumb as asshole.

  • onwajunior 3 years ago

    I’m done guys!!! If we didn’t learn anything from the friendlies 

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    This humiliation is just too much, you don’t go  to a  gun fight with a broom. Using sentiments, bribery and tribalism in picking players for national teams will continue to be bane of our soccer progress.over to you Onazi, Joel, Iheanacho go bail us out.

    • This is the greatest day of your life. Your predictions have come true. Go out and celebrate with your girlfriend

  • We so miss Moses Simon’s impact on the flanks

  • Well well well: I have not seen a Nigerian team play so shambolicly in a world cup match for a long long time! Wow.

  • These so called players should stop waiting tax payers money. No urgency, no flair, no determination. It’s obvious they didn’t learn from the friendlies. Woe unto them, they should please book an early flight back home. Average players who always spends time on social media.they are so pathetic.

    • Kweli 3 years ago

      The signs were written all over the friendlies. But everyone thought they were only friendlies. Now we see this game as a continuation of the same disaster.

  • onwajunior 3 years ago

    Iheanacho’s 5 mins is better than Ighalo’s 70mins

  • One has to put patriotism apart, this team has been really really poor.


  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    I called these guys overhyped players weeks ego, some dummies castigated me for saying that, anyway what do we expect  from failed state.We have four governors three ministers in attendance.

    • You still ought to be ashamed of yourself for calling your father land a failed state because of football. If they lose, they lose. No big deal, we live to fight another day.

      • Did i hear u say bcos of football? So is there any area the country is not a fail nation? This just ridiculous, na only fashion we sabi.

  • Super sub Simmy to save the day, pathetic!

  • You can NEVER win, unless you attack. Team is sitting back. Attack is blunt. So, it is definitely gonna be difficult match, Everyone has pleaded with the coach to let Ebuchi start ahead of Shehu; nay, the coach takes all decisions. But the effect is on all of us, 200m people. One wrong decision… Shame!

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

    Why was Kelechi on the bench for Ighalo?? Ighalo should never come close to our shirt again

  • First time seeing a team set out a complete 11 witout a single out n out leftie, thats y we lack any pull out.make we do go back home pls, seems our coach is so sturborn.

  • I am sorry to say. I don’t think we can break Iceland defence. They are better defensively. We should be packing our bags

  • Rohr must go!!!!

    • Naija Man 3 years ago

      I AGREE. In fact, he needs to be sacked after this match and let the Coach of the Super Eagles Team B that played Atl Madrid take over.

    • Edoman of New Jersey, USA. 3 years ago

      All we are saying!!! Rohr –Must –go. Go clap, clap, clap////

  • Despite the own goal, etebo remain my nigeria MOTM. Is it this team that will win either iceland or argentina?

  • What a load of crap.

    Last in the group already!

  • John ogu, joel obi, echiejine, this r all leftie player we av in that team, n the coach dnt deem it fit to inclube any of them in his lineup.

  • Kd10 1 min ago
    We all can see it now that we don’t have a coach. Rohr still stick to his ineffective tactics and cursed us this match with deployment of wrong players. Nobody can tell me that if Kelechi has started this match iwobi and Ebuhi that Croatia will not be two goals down instead of us. Once again Rohr has nothing to offer us with this young talented players. Pinnick white Messiah Coach cost us this match period because in open play we are better than the Croatia. This man is not a Coach.

  • I got my first prediction right Croatia 2 Nigeria 0,it’s remains Nigeria 0 Iceland 1,Argentina 4 Nigeria 0.

  • Me I no go lose hope o. We will win island and Argentina 3:0 each.

  • Stupid moses just fallong down like card, even mikel the suppose leader was so pathetic.

  • Obruthe ufuoma 3 years ago

    We don’t v a team, we don’t have a coach , we don’t have any plans. This team wil not even be 3rd in the group.

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    Nigeria teams were known for their physical strength and fast wingers, what happened to us?

  • Edoman of New Jersey, USA 3 years ago

    This couch is the worst one Nigeria ever had. He must go back to where he came from. l have been saying not and never allow Ighalo to play. Etebo is too small a boy to play in the World cup. Nigeria to play three matches and return home. NO HOPE. This team should be disbanded entirely and start afresh with a new couch. Siasia, are you ready ????

  • Etebo, my super eagles man of the match. He was everywhere. Any critics or support?

  • onwajunior 3 years ago

    The coach killed us. He gave Mikel what he wanted, No. 10, instead of Iwobi and he stuck to the formation that England finished us with. Ighalo made that weak Croatian defence look super and Moses is lucky he didn’t receive red card. To top it all up, Rohr took out Iwobi!!! Abeg sack the coach, he played friendlies for nothing. He already made up his mind last year. And that yeye mystic pig…we go use am do bacon soon…just dey give boys hope. 

  • Why is Rohr so stuck to Igallo? Why were Simmy, Ebuehi, and Kelechi on the bench? Rohr is a big joker.

  • Mikel should give way to Kelechi Nwakali.
    Those talking about experience, shebi una see experience today.
    Mikel has lost his magic touches since moving to China. Let’s keep sentiments aside. Victor Moses too is overdoing everything.

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

    Musa and Kelechi should be starting. It will be a miracle to make it out of the group. Let’s just take the experience of experimenting with a young team and move on with the tournament. It’s still only the first match though.

  • AlatiseO 3 years ago

    I want NFF to fire Gernot Rohr. He’s not a good coach. Craziness is to repeat same thing and expect different result. Why Ighalo? Why 4231 formation.?

  • Atere Michael Oluwasegun 3 years ago

    Its really annoying o. Our gameplay isn’t hopeful of something profiting except a miracle happens. No attacking football, just full of back passes. No connection from the midfield to attack. Kai

  • Etebo is our best player on the pitch.
    He’s my MOTM.
    The coach lacks it at the big stage.
    Africa qualifiers is quite different from world cup.
    Sticking with ineffective Ighalo who hasn’t scored in Super Eagles Match since beginning last year means the coach lacks it still.

  • Mikel should retire in peace.
    These boys should refund the money they were paid.
    They should apologise for their non chalant attitude, they played like nothing was at stake.

  • Victor Moses should be benched in our next game

  • Every time we go to world cup to make up numbers.
    Those predicting 5:0 have kept mute.
    I told you guys to lower your expectations but you were over the moons with excitement and without reasoning.
    You even voted this team to win the world cup as if it is by fasting and prayer and claiming it by faith.
    You guys are not good fans at all.

  • No shaking sha. We go bounce back

  • Uzoho is good. I doff my cap for him. He made important saves today.

  • Go Eagles, Go 3 years ago

    Guys calm down. Truth be told this is the best team any coach local or foreign can gather together except for one or two players added. Gernot Rohr is a grandfather and he is sentimental in his choice of players selected. Iheanacho. Simy. Musa. Ezenwa. Ebuehi. Omerua. Ogu. All the above should have started and should start the next match. Iceland.


  • Guys I don’t get all the criticism being levied against these boys, most of u guys criticising these guys never gave them a chance anyway. Man for man Croatia has better players than us but it wasn’t as if we were outclassed in this game imho. We played well except for 2 mistakes by ekong. Rewatch the match without tension and u will see that although we lost we did alright. Many may not like it but I choose to be positive and supportive of this team.

    By the way the group is still wide open, we’ve only played one match. Croatia has 3pts, Argentina and Iceland with 1pt respectively. In this group 4 pts might be enough to qualify from this group. Who says 9ja can’t beat Iceland and Argentina and who says Croatia won’t lose to Iceland and Argentina. Anything is possible in soccer. Let’s continue supporting the team as they are all we’ve got.

    Chill guys it’s still only 1 match and moreover we are not the only team that has lost a game in this tournament. Reading some comments here one would think the team had already played and lost all 3 matches. As much as it’s great to always get a point from your 1st game, that still doesn’t guarantee qualification to the next round even though it increases the odds. I still believe.

    God bless 9ja and its people

    • Daniel 3 years ago

      I agree with some of the things you’ve said, i.e the group still being open and no country as guaranteed qualifiers but I disagree that we matched Croatia. Croatia were poor too and you get the feeling that they didn’t need to leave first gear. There was no fight in our game, no urgency. If we stand a chance then we are going to need to improve a whole lot and that might mean the coach making some really hard decisions like dropping some senior players or at least changing their positions. 

      Lose or win, 9ja for life!

    • Israel Akinlawon 3 years ago

      @ Proudly Naija, thank you for your unflinching support for Super Eagles. Who says Nigeria is out? Anything can happen. Italy went out of their group with 3 points and as best losers in 1994, yet played in the final. Spain lost first match in 2010 and yet emerged as champions. So, hope is not lost at all.

      • Atere Michael Oluwasegun 3 years ago

        Atleast their gameplay gave them hope. But it will take a miracle for Nigeria to win. You don’t really get it, Our setpieces are not making sense and there is no attacking game at all. Everyone is just playing safe and scared. I watched Morocco and i swear despite the fact they lost, their attack is more hopeful than ours.

    • PapaFem 3 years ago

      God bless you bro. Most Nigerian fans are simply emotional. Condemning the whole team is like kicking the likes of Iwobi,Moses, Etebo, Balogun and even Iheanacho in the teeth. And many of them challenging the Coach for not starting Iheanacho condemned the Coach for using him against Congo. Musa is now the darling of the team just because he did well in the few minutes of the game. Pity. I wasn’t expecting much from this team. Because I know its a work in progress. Theres still room for improvement

  • As long as Rohr sticks to his out-modded and bizarre tactics, we might be sent packing from Russia without winning a game. Can we penetrate the solid Iceland defence or match the attacking prowess of Argentina? Where is the source of hope?

  • Hmm…Today, the only person I will blame is the coach. We played 5 friendlies and struggled with 4 2 3 1 plus Shehu in all the first halves. Coped with 3 5 2 or 5 3 2 plus Ebuehi and iwobi in d midfield in d second halves but the funniest part was that today was the day we played best with 4 2 3 1 compared to the other days but he should have a sticked we d best formation that favored us Tru out d friendly. The situation where we depend on Musa to make change is a disaster. 

  • PapaFem 3 years ago

    No matter what happens, I still stick with this team. We should all calm down and show some solidarity. The thin line between us and the Croats were the goals. While they took their chances, we didn’t even have any. The coach wouldn’t learn. Sticking to a waster like Ighalo and a formation that left us one man short in the middle was rubbish. I’ve said it here before that what we need in the attack is penetration, and Ighalo won’t give us that. I also said the 3-5-2 system we used in the second half against Argentina, England and Czech which worked so well should be stuck to. Rohr thought otherwise. Iwobi was also grossly underutilized today while Ekong also committed an error a Kano Pillars defender won’t commit. Let’s see what happens in the next match. But we should stop sounding abusive and negative about this team. It changes nothing. I still believe in Rohr’s project even beyond this WC. But someone should tell him you can’t continue doing the same thing the same way and expect a different result. It won’t just work. He should put into use all the lessons the team learnt in friendly matches. So far, nothing.

  • Djeniko 3 years ago

    Somebody will win and somebody will loss. We are all equal before God. Today may be your day(Croatia), tomorrow may be my day. We live to see another battle. We move on. Meanwhile, 2 more matches to play and anything can happen. Will Iceland attack thereby opening their defence or will they still be cautious by still tightening their defence? After watching this match, Iceland will be salivating. High hope that that no matter what, they can Nigeria. That is when we will hit them hard. I believe Super Eagles will beat Iceland.

  • Onyeagoro Johnson Chima 3 years ago

    Three reasons we lost the match  are (1) Players were played out of position  (2)Wrong formation which the coach should have changed in the second half after going down by 1 goal in the first half  (3) conceding 2 cheap avoidable goals!!

  • Miracles can still happen.

    • Edoman of New Jersey, USA. 3 years ago

      If you really believe in miracle with this couch and Ighalo then, l would call it, miracle with a deception.

  • I can only blame the coach for playing a wrong formation, sheHu and idowu are the two worse 2 and 3 respectively I have watched in my entire life. Moses and iwobi played badly today because of those two.

  • I have painstakingly read through the comments and I am really surprised at what some pple type..We do not have d divine right to think we have any players compared to what Croatia had on display…d earlier we invest in youth development void of corruption and nepotism that’s when we will go ahead..trying to poach Nigerians who had proper football education outside d country won’t work..it would only make us lose our identity..We are all upset abt d result but it is a glaring scorecard on how far we are from d rest of d world..Croatia were also poor on quality with respect to d players they had on display..they only capitalized on our inexperience and tactical naivety

  • Gbosa! Alarm don blow!

  • Kenny 3 years ago

    I am actually going to say the guys did their best today but then , Mikel and ighalo are not working together ,and so i think from my own point of view,ighalo distance himself from the midfielder. To correct this play an iheanacho along iwobi to make things work better, those two understands themselves. Cos to me aside from the set piece problem the team is OK just this iheanacho and iwob attack

  • Reason why people are going hard on the coach is not far fetched cos those people did not even like him before. Though he made a mistake today but I think it wasn’t a bad performance from our boys. The coach gave to much attention to Croatian threat from mildfied and that was what affected us as u can see d likes of mosses and Iwobi sat deep defending than moving forward. Mikel equally did his best but he should have been behind etebo n ndidi. Don’t still know why Rohr keeps using Sehu ahead of Ebuehi that guy was our weakest link today and that was what Croatian exploited and it work well for them. I hope the coach correct them next match to me he is the best man for the job except we can afford Mourinho or Guardiola which I don’t think so

  • Ay-Rea 3 years ago

    I agree with comments blaming Rohr for this defeat. Deploying players in wrong positions, and not using the 3-5-2 formation, which is the best formation for this set of players. The boys did well. Even Ighalo was ok today. Expecting Ighalo to perform miracle, surrounded by Croatian defenders, is absurd. Playing Ighalo on his own upfront has worked only one time for us, in the Cameroun game at Uyo. Going forward, Ighalo MUST have a strike partner. Ighalo may not be a prolific goal scorer, but his hustling and work rate can be very valuable, if he has a good goal scorer beside him. Or we can bench Ighalo and play Simy and Iheanacho upfront. I could not believe my eyes, watching Mikel playing as a striker for us today! What Rakitic did for Croatia, directing play from defensive midfield, is what Mikel should have done. The subbing of Iwobi was a strange decision. You have to wonder when a coach removes his most dangerous player from a game. Was Iwobi injured? Anyway, going forward, we must play our best system, 3-5-2, to stand a chance of progressing from this group.

  • if he can replace Sehu and Ighalo in the next match then tell them to attack with Mosses and Iwobi on both flank will be beat Iceland. The midfield combo is OK just move Mikel back and equally work on our two center back… Ebuehi i belief can do better than Sehu

  • dozie 3 years ago

    pls service their plane because very soon they will come back or the players will become spectators , chai this is shameful ppl who are supposed to be watched will start watching others . Nigeria is bad in all angles no midfield no striking force , rhor played pole in wrong positions , is he still trying new patterns in a world cup game ?

  • jamie 3 years ago

    The fighting spirit dies gradually, coach Rohr got everything wrong, he keeps his hope on a misfiring striker(ighalo) for a long period of time, his assistant(s) kept mute over that(waiting for a day like this) as a coach,you are expected to keep tryin your players especially when you note that the ones you have hsn’t give the much needed result, he totally fails in trusting a striker which everyone sees his shortcoming. modern football isn’t about power alone but brain and prowess to give result at time needed(imagine having the power of DROGBA),SIMY and KELECHI would have put more effort than him,the theory of natural law states that` when you keep doing same thing ALWAYS,you must ALWAYS expect same result` ODION is out of it(if we expect miracle against the focus and determined Iceland….WHY DO THEY HATE US? The croats tackles bad of which much yellow cards were expected(if not red against Rakitic) we are bit familiar with football knowing that Ekong contest wasn’t enough for the Brazilian ref to punish him for that.The midfield was fair today compared to all the friendlies but work force at the front sucks.everyone knows that Alex iwobi is a second have super sub while ighalo is good @ watching the 90minutes from the bench,we cannot overlook the strength of Ahmed musa @world cup.the supporters club at the venue losses hope early(even after the first goal)where is the optimistic Nigeria spirit of the oldies?UP NIGERIA,We still make it with 30/100% hope.

  • They exploited our weakness which was our right back and from set pieces it show they were tactically better but not the best as we expected from Rakitic,Perivic,Manzukic and Modric. just need to see how the coach will react in next match tactically but I hope he change Sehu and maybe from the striker dept too. Just let’s see how this Ebuehi will fare u know we have not cap this guy yet

  • Edoman of New Jersey, USA. 3 years ago

    The next match with lceland will be, Iceland 4, Nigeria 0 with Ighalo fire blank. This will the worst World Cup for Nigeria in history.

  • Rohr must go

  • jamie 3 years ago

    UP NIGERIA,we can still make it but with focus and self believe.

  • Let me tell you guys home made truth, even if you like in the remaining matches. Play 10-10-10 formation, it is over.
    The best we can get now is a win against Iceland and a loss against Argentina.
    That still leads to an early exit.
    What a shame, Rohr is deaf and daft.
    Mikel can not even command his troop.
    Why was wanna be Mesi (moses) falling and dribbling uneccessarily.

    My lineup yesterday was, Moses LEN, EBUEHI RWB, So we can have Ihanacho and Iwobi starting in a 3-5-2 formation, signifying our intent to attack.

    Instead Rohr chose to loose without a fight.

  • We all can see in life that what so ever u so that is what u reap. U don’t give what u don’t have. As far as the earth remains seed time and harvest time will never seize that is a universal law. We over hyped our players. Sorry to say these, This country called Nigeria is not working at all. Football is one of the main thing that unifies us as one people. It affect our emotions which ever tribe u belong to . We won the best Fashioned team at the world cup but we lost the main thing. which shows that it is not the Quality of ur kits that plays football but what we have inside. It is not the fault of the coach whether he plays Ebubehi in place of Shehu or Plays Simmy in place of Ighalo. It is the fault of our leaders that refuses to do needful . The leader in the peach being Captain Mikel Obi infested other midfielders with his type of play. both my own Ogenekaro and Ndidi are following him to play diagonal pass, holding the ball too much and doing guide guide to an opponent . Lets do the needful by investing in developing our youth then it will translate to other areas. God bless us all

  • I’m still hurt because we could have won today’s game easily if we had learned from our friendlies. England would have destroyed Croatia with over 3 goals and given that we matched England in the 2nd half of our friendly the coach should have played the 3 5 2 formation. This is not naija spirit, the coach gave the croatians a lot of respect and played into their hands. Nigerians fight and play entertaining football not defend bcos they are scared of big names. Croatia was rubbish and we lost a huge chance to qualify from the group. Why qualify for the world cup if you r just going to play with caution. Don’t even know what to say again. Even the English commentators were surprised that nigeria didn’t fight.

  • We dont have attack that can bite…, our team is average.This is not a world cup team. The handlers need to go back to work after this world cup