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LIVE BLOGGING: Nigeria vs Cameroon AWCON 2018 Semi-Final

LIVE BLOGGING: Nigeria vs Cameroon AWCON 2018 Semi-Final

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  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    I wish you the best Super Falcons. Go and make us proud and humble the boastful Cameroonian coach. God is in control. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Diutopep 4 years ago


  • Ashy Slashy 4 years ago

    The Lionesses will be out for revenge. Has anyone got links to the match?

  • I’m looking for a link as well. Anybody??

  • Greenturf 4 years ago

    Cameroon more likely to win.They are playing better football and apparently are better coached.
    They don’t allow us space but we let them have all the space they need.

  • Our girls are being too conservative. They are giving Cameroon so much respect than they deserve. If they come out and play their game we would win this match.

    • Greenturf 4 years ago

      Rather Cameroon are not allowing us to play our game.They are pressing us high up the field and we haven’t got the space to play our free flowing game kudos to the opposition coach.They are fitter than our girls and pass the ball better.Though we could still win but so far Cameroon are the better side.

  • sylvanus effiong 4 years ago

    please any live link around?

  • Sorry this Cameroon’s time

  • Ara Nkita 4 years ago

    Desire Oparanozie can be annoyingly selfish.
    Why not simply square the ball to Ordega who’s in the best position to score.

    • Sometimes I feel like the forwards are in an unspoken competition on who’s the goal queen. Chances that could be converted by simply sqauring the ball to the a fellow forward is selfishly played straight to the goalkeeper or ballooned away. Ordega is refreshingly different though.

  • Ara Nkita 4 years ago

    Our coach made a wrong substitution by removing Ngozo Okobi and leaving the tired Oparanozie in the pitch.
    Okobi was one of the engines in that midfield.

    • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

      Dramas everywhere this is not the falcons I know although we will win but I’m gutted no wonder we lost against SA. The coach has no game plan let’s get ready for another woeful World Cup if this coach takes us there and if Cynthia Uwak was here alongside Desire and Ordega I’m sure the strike force will be too much but today where’s Cynthia. People can criticize for the mention of Cynthia but she was a power forward with great finishing 

      • Ashy Slashy 4 years ago

        Please o. Hopefully we will have a pleasant world cup if we qualify…

        • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

          If only this coach understands how to use our players because it is obvious he doesn’t know what he is doing!

    • Aleks 4 years ago

      I totally agree with you on that substitution of Ngozi Okobi. That decision unbalanced the team, broke the rhythm that was settling in and almost cost us this match. Seems the coach is still struggling to understand the players and their strengths/weaknesses. But even to a mere observer from the side, Ngozi should never have been substituted, at least not at that time

    • My point too

  • Gerald 4 years ago

    This Cameroonian side looks determined,well prepared and disciplined… I hope we avoid going into the well dreaded penalty shoot out

  • Final score: Cameroon 2 Nigeria 4 (penalty shootout)

  • Austin 4 years ago

    The super falcons team is nothing to write home about in this performance against South Africa. Rita chikwelu is an attacking midfielder but unfortunately, she doesn’t make runs. She’s too heavy. Oparanozie who should have inspired the attack was never in the match and one out of the two chances she got, she selfishly wasted it. Rashidat ajibade, IMO, and okoronkwo had an opportunity of writing their names in gold in the absence of ordega and oparanozie but they couldn’t. I thank God for oshoala who held the team defensively and offensively when things fell apart. Our defence did well but the general team play was bad. Some players should leave the team. They are old, can’t run, can’t shoot and effectively head the ball. I love the confidence and competence of tochukwu our goalkeeper. She is the woman of the match if you ask me. Dennerby and his white assistants should be sacked after this tournament. That we won Cameroon was a miracle in a way. we have no business celebrating because the performance was bad from our girls. I’m only happy because the record in a long while would read that we beat the Cameroonians in the quarter finals of this competition.

    • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

      Ok the coach should be sacked. This is the same coach that took Sweden to third place finish in Germany 2011 Women WorldCup. How many camping time has he had with the team?? How many grade A friendly matches did this team play enroute the AWCON?? If I’m not mistaking the only friendly of note they’ve played since Dennerby took over was against France around April. Cameroon have played a substantial amount of warmup games prior to the tournament. The last four times we’ve defeated them in this tournament has never been easy, but our girls always beat with experience and pedigree. Please cut the coach some slacks. The good thing now is that we’ve qualified for the WorldCup.

    • Aleks 4 years ago

      Bro, please don’t be too hard on the girls. It’s obvious the Cameroonians where in better physical condition than our girls, but our girls played a very discipline and tactical game in order not to exhaust themselves towards the end – like it happened against South Africa. And really, Rita was not bad. She was strong on the tackles and alongside Halimatu broke up the Cameroonians rhythm in the middle. And, no, she’s not playing the attacking midfield role in this squad, Ngozi Okobi plays that role. Rita and Halimatu form the base of the diamond in the middle, with Ngozi Okobi at the head playing the attacking midfield role.
      Overall, considering the circumstances of their preparation, I believe the girls have done very well. If NFF can support the team with good preparations including quality friendlies in any available window, then the team may peak at the World Cup. Hopefully, they can also stay resilient enough to win the final on Saturday.

  • Oghenetega 4 years ago

    Thank you Gallant Falcons
    Congrats Nigeria

  • Austin 4 years ago

    Sorry I meant performance against cameroon; And semi finals of this competition.

  • Truth is, we cannot win every match 4-0 or 6-0, but in this AWCON competition in open play we have scored 10 and conceded 1. And in doing so have world for both the AWCON final as well as the world cup. And have done it against our perrenial rivals.

    The stats read won 3 lost 1. In football, the result matters more than the performance.

    They won ugly, football is a team sport and the goalkeeper is as important at the striker, the defence as important as the midfield. The victory doesn’t belong to one player, the team won.

    We need to learn how to celebrate even small victories, after all, mission accomplished: qualify for world cup.

    Next mission to be champions of Africa……. Back to back

    • We are already back to back : won in 2014 and 2016, we are gunning for a “threepeat”

  • Congratulations super falcons. thanks for keeping the record

  • Emeka 4 years ago

    I am only happy because i am a nigerian. That white coach should be sacked. He does not have any business coaching our national team. He is tactically zero.

  • Aleks 4 years ago

    It was a highly tactical and physically draining game, and I commend the girls for holding out till the end.
    The coach must watch it though, that first substitution was the wrong call. Ngozi Okobi is one of the most hardworking players who helps maintain a balance in the team. Removing her created a hole in that midfield and almost crippled the team. Although Francesca Ordega is one of the best players in the team, it was obvious that she could not cope with the physical approach of the Cameroonians. For me, Francesca should have been the one to be substituted at that time, and maybe not even for Rasheedat, but rather for Amarachi Okoronkwo. Rasheedat should have come in when the pace of the game had slowed down, then she could have used her speed in the forward line instead of being forced to drop into the middle as we saw today.
    But all good that we won. Hope the coach is learning and understanding his players better. Hopefully they’ll come out with a crowning performance in the final and also use the time before the World Cup to improve in all areas and reach their full potentials during the World Cup.
    Kudos for a really brave, disciplined and tactical performance!

  • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

    Take it or leave it the coach is not good against France we lost 8-0 never have this happened! This is exactly why we are struggling against African teams but because of experience we will win the cup and think all is well. If we go to World Cup like this with Heavy Rita who can not complete passes as 10 ten we go hear am!

  • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

    The coach doesn’t understand African football simple else players like Rita and Imo will not be in this team ahead of Dike and Esther Sunday this are real ballers!

  • Congrats super falcons

  • Austin 4 years ago

    Let me repeat what I said earlier, the coach has no business with this team. He needs to leave with his assistants after the tournament. Some players flopped. Tactically we were bad. We could blame the coach for that. But looking at the players, who is to blame for their not been able to run, the fatigue and so on? Oparanozie did nothing in that match. She looked unconcerned. Our players didn’t know what to do when they have the ball. Everything was wrong except the defence and our goalkeeper. I’m not impressed though partially happy we won.

  • Nigeria vs Cameroon AWCON head to head results

    Nigera won 11 out of 12 meetings at AWCON competitions

    1996 Cameroon 0-6 Nigeria
    2000 Cameroon 0-3 Nigeria
    2004 Cameroon 2-2 Nigeria
    2004 Cameroon 0-5 Nigeria
    2006 Cameroon 0-5 Nigeria
    2008 Cameroon 0-5 Nigeria
    2010 Cameroon 1-5 Nigeria
    2012 Cameroon 1-2 Nigeria
    2012 Cameroon 1-0 Nigeria
    2014 Cameroon 0-2 Nigeria
    2016 Cameroon 0-1 Nigeria
    2018 Camerron 0-0 (2-4pens) Nigeria

    • sorry 10 wins to nigeria, one draw (2002) and one loss (2012)

  • What a wonderful match, nice one shara to super falcons, keep it up, we are indeed giant of africa

  • Edoman of New Jersey, USA 4 years ago

    I said yesterday that we will definitely beat Cameroon again. I am delighted we beat them as usual. They resisted like any proud woman would but, it wasn’t enough. Nigeria just know how to beat them that’s all.

  • icashcoach 4 years ago

    Oh my…! Other than the eagerness to beat naija, are we sure those girls didn’t sniff something or take a little shot of some chemical substance just to have an edge & win that game (fight)? Man, i was baffeld by their stamina (that their skipo…hmmm).
    SF won because the gods of soccer (if theres anything like that) had decreed so, because they really dominated that game, t’was as if they had 3 extra pair of legs on the pitch, the ball moving around to their boots with ease & went to the SF boots grudgingly like a kid in her 1st week of schooling. 🙂
    Congrats to our girls but some of them like oparanozie (selfish of her to not release that pass to ordega) & our subs did poorly