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Lovethpatra: Nigerian Police (ASP) Cum Kickboxing Champ!

Lovethpatra: Nigerian Police (ASP) Cum Kickboxing Champ!

Heroes are made in a special way, they do special things that ordinary people wouldn’t do, and are always pace setters. I bring to you a record breaker, Strawweight female world champion, confirmed Assistant superintendent of the Nigeria police (ASP) Lovethpatra Ekufu.

Lovethpatra began her journey in the world of sports after she joined the the Nigerian police, she started as a long distance athlete and participated in various long distance race before she diverted into the combat sports.

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Lovethpatra had her breakthrough when she won her kickboxing amateur world championship in kharlsruhe Germany in 2007 against a Ukrainian opponent.

That was her first international travel experience. Out of a team of seven contingent representing Nigeria, Lovethpatra won the only gold medal for Nigeria and became the first woman in Nigeria and Africa to win a kickboxing world championship title. She has competed in different events Clinching gold medals in her various performances.

Her success in MMA began when she decided to turn professional boxing in 2014 in the USA. After spending time on her several training trips in Atlanta Georgia and Los Angeles for 2 years and not been able to get a pro boxing match, she decided to join MMA. Knowing fully well that MMA involves variety of sports; boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, jujitsu, Muay Thai.

The Delta state born athlete committed her self to different training schedules so as to get acquainted to these sports and be well grounded. She began her MMA quest in October 2017 and defeated a 4-0 fighter. After her first fight, it became so difficult to get a match for her as all fighters in her weight became so terrified on seeing her skills.

On the 10th of may 2018 she got a challenge from Mikeila Carpenter the number one contender and champion in Arizona, 5.7ft Mikeila was knocked out by 5.2ft Lovethpatra Ekufu in the 2nd round. This was a blessing to her as it paved a way for her to challenge a title holder Cynthia Arceo a female professional world champion for her belt three weeks after her last amateur bout.

Lovethpatra’s first professional fight was a title fight and she fought Cynthia and it ended up in a draw due to Cynthia sustaining injury in fourth round. The crowd demanded for a rematch not being satisfied with the
way lovethpatra was not declared the winner because critically looking at it, it was a technical knock out against Cynthia.

A rematch was fixed for October 27th 2018 and our very own Lovethpatra just like a wounded Lion knocked out Cynthia Arceo in less than three minutes into the first round and became the new king of the cage MMA professional female strawweight champion of the World.

This is another history made as she became the first female in Africa and Nigeria to win a MMA world championship title. She deserves to be celebrated not only by Nigerian police force whom she serves but also Deltans, Nigerians, Africans and worth’s going into the Guinness Book of World Record. Corporate bodies in Nigeria can encourage this female David of our time with sponsorship and endorsements as she is ready to bring down more Goliath’s.

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