Mainz Condemn Racial Abuse Of Balogun, Ujah By Hannover Fans

Mainz Condemn Racial Abuse Of Balogun, Ujah By Hannover Fans

By Adeboye Amosu:
German Bundesliga club FSV Mainz have condemned in strong terms the alleged racial abuse on Nigerian duo, Leon Balogun and Anthony Uja,h during Saturday’s away fixture against Hannover 96 at HDI arena, Completesportsnigeria. om reports.

Ujah, who is back for a second stint at the club following his transfer from Chinese outfit Liaoning, started the game on the bench and took the place of Yoshino Muto nine minutes from time.

Balogun who has made seven league appearances for Mainz this season was on the bench for the entire duration of the game.

According to a statement on the FSV Mainz’s official website, Balogun was reported to have informed the club after the game about the incident concerning insults aimed at both himself and Ujah during the second half of the game while they were warming up in front of a block of home fans.

The club officials contacted Hannover about the incident after the game and also remain in contact with relevant authorities.

“I’m taken aback by what Leon Balogun and Anthony Ujah had to experience on Saturday. It’s unfathomable that players in the Bundesliga still face racial discrimination to this day,” Mainz sporting director, Rouven Schroeder, told the club’s official website.

” FSV Mainz 05 stand together with their players in the fight against racism and all forms of discrimination. Our common goal must be to remove all forms of racism, hate and xenophobia from Germany’s stadiums once and for all.”


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