The Winners: Man City Vs Chelsea, Talk Big & Win It!

The Winners: Man City Vs Chelsea, Talk Big & Win It!

The first set of winners in the Sports 2015/16 series have emerged following the Super Sunday’s tie that saw Manchester City thumping Chelsea 3-0 at the Etihad Stadium.

Like the league championship, your favourite Talk Big & Win It online exercise for the new season has just started. There are more coming, meaning you have plenty opportunities to win.

In each edition of this exercise,’s in-house judges’ decisions are final. We are looking for outstanding posts based on the originality of content, uniqueness of opinion/verdict from a fan’s point of view, and sometimes correct prediction of the big match’s scoreline.

Each of the two top winners selected every week wins his/her club’s authentic shirt. Another two readers will receive one Super Eagles face-cap each, as consolation prizes.

Below is the list of the winners. They will be contacted through email with information concerning collection of their prizes.


1. Djeniko Chris, SAPELE, Delta State.

2. Adeyeye Abiodun, Lagos


1. Adekiibe Kayode Azeez. Owo, Ondo State.

2. Joshua Lamba Pushit

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Man City Vs Chelsea: Talk Big & Win Your Club Jersey!

The Sports Talk Big & Win It is underway for the second season running. Starting with this week's Super Sunday clash between Manchester City and Chelsea, you can win your club's authentic shirt just for having your say, in preview of our match of the week.


Each of the two top winners selected every week wins his/her club's authentic shirt,  and two more readers will receive one Super Eagles face-cap each as consolation prizes. All prizes are from Zenith Sports Limited, Nigeria's foremost sports equipment dealers and manufacturer.

Now lets talk big ahead of this Week-2 game of the Barclays Premier League 2015/2016 season – a Super Sunday clash between 2014 champions, Manchester City, and 2015 champions, Chelsea.

Manchester City are on top of the table until the next games are played at least, after the opening weekend with their 3-0 defeat of West Bromwich Albion at the Hawthorns on Monday night. 

Chelsea started the defence of their title on Saturday evening with a 2-2 draw against Swansea. 

This game is vital for both sides as they hope to put an early season marker on their Premier League aspirations.

How do you think both teams will approach this game and who will be the players to watch on both sides?  What is your score prediction for this Super Sunday clash between two of England's biggest teams? Write now and show your true colour!

Write at least one full paragraph comment (preview) on this match through the Leave A Reply field at the bottom of this page. Enter your authentic email address in the required field before posting your comment/preview.

Don't copy and paste online stories/articles here as that will not be approved for winners' selection.

Write your full names and location at the bottom of your comment/preview (eg: Somadina Aliyu Mariam, Onitsha)




    First of all welcome to a new season, I have been waiting for this truthful competition where you get your prize once you win. Now to the business, last weekend match (open day match) can not be say it is an easy match for the league holder Chelsea and an experience to be forgotten on time for Thibaut Courtois for seeing red. But for last season runners up (Manchester City) will like to continue with this kind of roller-coaster start with 3-0 win over Westbromwish Albion. But we all know that this match will be a determining factor, both psychological and points wise for any team that want to win the league this season because it will boost their confidence and mount pressure on the team that loose. It will be a good match, but I think it might end up in a draw because both coaches might want to play safe, wish ever way it will be a good match to watch.


    • Joshua Lamba Pushit 3 years ago

      Manchester City versus Chelsea is not going to be an easy game for both side for the simple reason that,the two teams are going to approach the match with a lot of caution. Manchester City even though they won their opening match with ease,will not take this encounter lightly knowing fully well that,it is this same Chelsea team that wrestle the title from them last season and,more so,chelsea is not a push over. Chelsea,having drawn their opening day game,would want to win this game by all means so as to compliment their stand on the log and,also,proof a point that,the feud between the coach and the team Doctor,wont affect their performance. Am not good at predicting a match but,even though am a Chelsea fan,i forsee the match going the way of manchester city even with the absent of Sergio Aguero because,the Chelsea house is already divided against itself,the issue of the coach and the doctor,the absent of Thibaut and my lack of confident in Asmir Begovic who will get the noch to start the game against Man city.

  • Manchester City vs Chelsea is an easy one this time for ManC as Chelsea are psychologically down!!! They drew last week, their number one goalkeeper is suspended, their main attacker Hazard is not happy and is psychologically down that Mourinho is querying the team doctor for coming on field to treat him when he was injured, meaning, had it being it was heart attack, Mourinho would have wished him to die in the name of winning at all cost, and lastly, the trusted long time team doctor (2009-date) may not be on seat. Moreover, Oscar is not fit and the 2nd goalkeeper is not trusted as such. ManC wouldn’t have wished more. This is happening at the right time and at home!!! Trust Mourinho. He will pack the bus (4-5-1). ManC will attack and attack. Watch out for Kelechi Iheanacho!!!
    Scores: Man City 3-0 Chelsea.
    Djeniko Chris, SAPELE, Delta State.

  • Anyanwu Chisom Prisca 3 years ago

    This weekend match, Manchester City vs Chelsea is another proof that English Premier League is the most entertainment league in the world, just within the second week of commencement and the giants are already facing each other to flex their superiority. Chelsea The Blues of London drew at the weekend and their opponent Manchester City The Citizen of Manchester won with emphatic win. We are going to see a match that will show class and determination. Show the difference between Manuel Pellegrini and Jose Mourinho. This match will be played at the Etihad Stadium and their new signing from a river club Rahem Starlin will have to proof that he is worth the amount that was spent on him in the transfer window and The blues loaning Radamel Falcao will also need to show that he still remain a formidable striker.
    Anyanwu Chisom Prisca, Maryland, Ikeja, Lagos

  • AJAO MUHAMMED BILLAL 3 years ago

    Chelsea will do whatever it takes to win this match and Mancity on the other hand will want to remain at the top of the league so we should expect a thriller. Let us wait for the weekend to see if it is Coach Manuel Pellegrini or Jose Mourinho that will carry the day. For me am salivating for the match already because it can go anybody way. The most discipline and compose between them will win even though it seem like it will be Chelsea day but we can’t say that with 60% assurance in football noting is certain until after 90(+) minutes unlike in mathematics where 1+1 is always 2.

  • okporie godwin 3 years ago

    yes city all the way’ and the players to wash
    out for is raheem stainly,aguarow vs edin hazard.
    Stainly will open the scorring and aguaro will increes the leed befor hazard will score a consolideting for chelsea fc .

  • ADEYINKA MUKADAS 3 years ago

    This weekend will host a match between last season runners up (Man City) and the eventual league winner (Chelsea) The Citizen won their 1st match while The Blues drew. Man City will count on their supporter because the match will be play at their home and this can give them advantage over Chelsea. But the Blues on the other hand doesn’t care about home advantage just the way they did last season that latter end in draw. It will be interesting not to miss this match as it will serve as eye opener for any the team that lost.
    Adeyinka Mukadas, Ikorodu, Lagos

  • yusuf 3 years ago

    Man. City the league leader from last weekend matches will be looking forward to maintain the lead with the hope to replicate their outstanding performance from last weekend encounter and chelsea on the other hand faced with issues of re-arranging its medical staff structure and as well battling with fitness level of its players will be more on the defensive style of play to at least gain a point from the encounter. With the attacking prowess of man. City and the threat posed by the new comer into the team (raheem sterling) who will be seeking to justify the investment made on him without timid approach to the game by the rest of team players, Silva and yahaya toure will be the players to unluck chelsea abundant defense while the most outstanding player from last season (Hazard) and willian will strive to deliver the match to their manager (morinho) as we expect the match to end in deadlock. Yusuf sulaiman, lapai Niger state

  • idise sunday, obiaruku 3 years ago

    Though, the match is not going to be easy one bcus, both teams needed the point(s) for easy progression

  • SALILOLA SODIQ 3 years ago

    the match is 2-1 in favour of chelsea do the match wont b easy for chelsea but morinho will do all it takes to win the match bcause if he want to retai the trophy back to back he wil need to start winning and for mancity dey will also do the possible best to win the match and the manager will also like to win the match bcause of morinho comment after the match and to protect his job.
    base on the both team player. they both have best player in the premier leaque with like of serjio agurio and hazard dey are veri fast in terms of creating chances.
    my prediction goes for chelsea to win the game with the score line of 2-1 in favour of chelsea.

  • idris tolulope john 3 years ago

    I believe both team will play draw because both team are very stronger and both teams are star sturded. My prediction is man city 1 chelsea 1….idris tolulope john, gaa akanbi kwara state 07039121064

  • Oluwasola Taiwo Francis 3 years ago

    No matter what the threat or challenges comes from Mancity FC.The super CHELSEA FC,game master plan,special one will surely conquer them.Never doubt it,Almighty BLUES will tear them apart.Score line:MFC 0-2 CFC. Oluwasola Taiwo Francis.From 149,Efab-Estate,Lokogoma,Abuja.

  • Femi Salami 3 years ago

    This is going to be a cagey match. Nothing is at stake moment besides pride. This is why I don’t like early season big matches. With that out of the way let’s see what the game is going to be like.

    The opening game for Chelsea felt like a defeat to most Chelsea fans, forgetting that in most cases, players are still on preseason form. In fact, normally, this would still be preseason. Chelsea, can afford to lose this game but it is not a game Mourinho will want to lose. He is going to use his best asset to approach this game and that is his midfield. I expect Fabregas, Matic and either Ramires will start this game with Mikel coming off the bench to provide steel in the closing minutes of the game.

    Man City are on a high right now. However, their Jekyll and Hyde syndrome will try to creep in during this game, as they will be playing a more intelligent team than West Brom. As usual, Yaya Toure’s movement will be important for them but their key men for this game will be David Silva and Aguero. David Silva is going to have to find ways to create space and opportunities in a game where they will face a rigid defense, although the absense of Ivanovic might favour him.

    I predict it will be a cagey game and although it is at the Etihad, City will stutter and the game will end 2-2

    Femi Salami, Aberdeen UK

  • Adeyeye Abiodun 3 years ago

    It is going to be a superlative cracker between the blues as their form of rivalry will be relaunched in full force and also coming at a time that is at the early stage of the league where all the 3points at stake matters a lot before stress and fatigue of the season set in. To me, I think Chelsea are not as co-ordinated as City at this point in time ranging from one outburst to another, as if Mourinho past achievements has overshadow his sense of reasoning and caution. City talk less with strategic action, all the coaching crew and players are happy and are hungry for success which is a very strong steering factor of a Champion.To crown it all Chelsea as a team headed by Mouriho are psychologically inbalanced at this point in time which is a big hot spot for Pellegrini and his boys. With this I will stick my neck with City. City 3 Chelsea 1.
    Adeyeye Abiodun, Lagos

  • Owoeye Emmanuel oluwasegun 3 years ago

    Manchester City and Chelsea games have always been the talk of almost all football fans and it has always been a thriller among them. But with the likes of Raheem Sterling, Yaya Toure, Sergio Aguero, I think Manchester City are the favorites to win the clash but mere looking at the stats amongst them, we can get a draw as the outcome of the game.
    With the red card appeal that was turned down by the F.A I think The London club are in for a fierce battle against the Manchester club.

    Ifon, Orolu Local Government, Osun state.

  • ehabahe gideon 3 years ago

    Wow. What a match..manchester city fc vs chelsea fc…this is going to be a close one, as man city has started off this season with a winning spirit while chelsea had to settle for a draw. The last time these two teams met score line was mancity 1-1 chelsea ..with mancity having 58% possession to chelsea’s 48%. This would go along way to tell that the match would be a tight one because looking at the both teams this season there has not been too much difference from the previous season….they both have classic players like yaya toure who scored a brace in their last match and eden hazard though may not be too happy due to mourinho’s attitude towards the doctor’s intention of treating him in the field , but I believe that differences must have been resolved now. And also looking at their previous match statistics it has alway been a close one, with score line like 1-1, 2-1 1-0, except in feb 15 ,2015 when mancity won 2-0….so with these ..I’m predicting a score line of .mancity 2-1 chelsea…EHABAHE GIDEON. EDO STATE

  • OJULOWO SEGUN 3 years ago

    This weekend will be another exciting weekend as it is the first Super Sunday of the 2015/2016 EPL season. Another clash of two title contenders and bitter rivals (Chelsea and Manchester City). All eyes will definitely be on these two teams as Chelsea who are the reigning champions drew their first game two-all against a resilient swansea team and Manchester City demolished West Bromwich Albion 3-0. All fans will want to see if Chelsea” draw was just a bad day or well deserved and Manchester City”s win was as a result facing a weaker side. Anyways the match promises to be a cracker as both teams will have a point to prove. Pelligrini will want to prove a point that he narrowly missed out of the title. I see Manchester City narrowly taking the day 3-2 . Mourinho will also use this medium to tell his critics that his present squad is good enough to challenge for the title. We are all looking forward to an exciting match come Sunday.

  • Simon Omokagbo Malik 3 years ago

    It is a new season and every team are trying to put themselves together but it is a good thing that man city started well and I’m happy about that but one thing you must not forget is that big matches like this is always on high tempo now matter how bad one of the team was in the previous match they will definitely put themselves together and organise themselves well. It is going to be a tough match and I can’t wait but I want man city to will and go 5 points clear. Man city 2 vs 1 chelsea. Up man city…………sky blue.
    Simon Omokagbo Malik
    Abuja FCT Nigeria


    First and foremost,I appreciated completesportsnigeria for touching lives through this avenue of talk big and win it promo which i was one of the beneficiaries last year. I pray my God in heaven will continue to move the organisation forward in Jesus name.

    This weekend match between Manchester City and Chelsea is going to be an unforgettable cracker among the lovers of football in the world,the fact that the match is the second match of the season and with the top teams trying to lay a marker and inculcate fear in the heart of the bottom teams,we should expect nothing less but fight to finish. Manchester City will find it easy a little bit because the composure the team demostrate against West bromwich albon shows that of a champion and with Chelsea defence not yet well organised,they can shock the world with the scoreline at the end of the match,but nothwithstanding with Chelsea knowing fully that they are playing with one of the title contenders,they will pose a big treat. The match will be won in midfield and for Manchester City i see Yaya Toure,Sergio Aguero and Raheem Sterling performing and making it unbearable for Chelsea defence because Sterling will want to justify the amount they signed him and prove his worth while Manchester City have to be careful of the likes Hazard,Diego Costa. At the end i see Manchester City taking the day with the scoreline in their favour. Manchester City 3 vs 1 Chelsea.


  • Am a Chelsea fan but I don’t think we can come out on top in this match as you can see our pre-season and last match were not that impressive, and with costa not in fine form. So I think match will end in man city favour with 2-0 and Bony scoring.

  • solanke kayode 3 years ago

    Chelsea vs manchester city is gonna be a match to prove who the real champion of England could be. But I can always place my bet, chelsea is definitely going to win bcos the king remains the king.

  • akamo muideen 3 years ago

    Man city will win the match against chelsea

  • Austin Mike Azeke 3 years ago

    Thank you complete sport for this amazing opportunity given to football lovers in Nigeria to talk big!.Firstly last week was a cracker I must say,it was what football lovers wanted to see.This week’s Big game between the the title contenders Manchester City and the Defending Champions Chelsea is another Cracker,i see a very tense game between these two who will definitely want to prove a point,especially the rivalry between Manuel pellegrini and Jose Mourinho.Chelsea didn’t get off to a brilliant start as they would have expected against a very Rigid Swansea City who I see getting three points this weekend.Man city looked balanced and have a pacy frontline which we saw dismantle West Brom,with the likes of new signing Sterling wanting to justify the money paid for his services and to prove himself as a real figure in the man city dressing room,with the performance that Toure displayed on Monday,i see man city very solid and Chelsea in the other way round were quite good at the weekend until that red.Diego Costa was very sharp and I don’t see him as the one suffering from a hamstring injury at all,i see him doing well in this match and for the fact that he’s a Big match player who likes too much attention also I see William putting in another great performance like he did in the previous match and with the likes of John Terry and Cahil raising their games on this one.And I don’t see the Absence of Courtious a major problem because Begovic is a top top Goalkeeper,he has shown that for years at stoke city and he did well when he came in the last match.I give this one to Chelsea,considering how good mourinho is with Big Games.prediction Man city 1 vs Chelsea 2

  • james Emeka 3 years ago

    Chelsea win 2 1
    James Emeka,Edo state

  • The match is going to be competitive but with the like of Hazard, William and Costal the blues will be the first to net and after that anything can happen and if care is not taking there will be red card in this game and Begovic will deny chile’s men a lot with credibly performance. Ojo Olalekan olugbenga from Ajebamidele in Ondo state, Nigeria.


    Premier League gives us a spectacular matchup in just the second week of the season when the past two league champions meet at the Etihad Stadium.

    Manchester City were spectacular in their season opener,
    thumping West Bromwich Albion. Meanwhile, Chelsea still
    seemed quite slow and unfit in a draw against Swansea.

    Looking at the performance of Manchester city against West Bromwich Albion on Monday, Manchester City were firing on all cylinders in their season opening 3-0 win over West Bromwich Albion.

    Yaya Toure, after an uninspiring 2014 season, was at his best with a brace in the first half of the season opener. His
    goals were assisted by Jesus Navas and Wilfred Bony.

    The inclusion and performance of Raheem sterling and David silva is another factor to talk about. Expect the Silva and Sterling connection to be a key factor against defending champions Chelsea.

    Silva scored a goal in one of the two league matches against Chelsea last season. Moreover, the Blues will be without their starting goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois after receiving a red card for fouling Swansea striker Bafetimbi Gomis inside the penalty area on Saturday. Courtois was given a one-match suspension for his infraction.
    Having Courtois out of the pitch should also help open the
    floodgates for the likes of silva, Sterling, Aguero and Toure. But looking at Manchester city stat against the blues in recent times, it shows that the Blues cannot be “written off”with all this factors.

    It was a very disappointing debut for the defending
    champions Chelsea against Swansea City on Saturday.
    It is going to be hard and tough for Chelsea now without their starting goalkeeper, but they could still count on a solid outing from Asmir Begovic between the sticks. Begovic helped Stoke collect all three points in a 1-0 win against Man City at Etihad Stadium last season. He should be solid as long as his defenders such as Gary Cahill, John Terry, Azpilicueta and Branislav Ivanovic keep the backline tight.

    Despite the draw against Swansea city, Chelsea did have a couple of bright spots.

    Oscar was incredible in the 53 minutes he played in before
    being subbed out to put Begovic between the sticks. He wasall over the field with 45 touches and making 27 passes.The Brazilian midfielder also scored the first goal of the contest to put Chelsea up 1-0 via direct free kick.

    Willian also showed a solid game in 83 minutes of action.
    He had 53 touches and showed that he could be a factor on defense with four tackles. Having Willian, Haza
    rd and Oscar in the midfield should help open goal for
    Diego Costa.
    In conclusion, It will be tough in predicting the scores when it’s two massive teams going head-to- head and stat.
    My Prediction is Draw.

    My Name is OBIPEHIN KAYODE ABDUL LATEEF, a student of tai Solar in University of Education, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State.

  • Michael Nwosu 3 years ago

    From my own observation towards Man C vs Chel super Sunday clash..we should expect a cracky nd cheeky encounter. the both teams to me have much points to prove, Man city breaking the British record of most expensive British player( Raheem Sterling) who ll definitely continue to play with much pressure on him trying to proof his price tag from Liverpool. And Manuel may have problem in team selection, if he can come up with a better team selection, he ll surely give Jose a good battle. And as for Chelsea, much more pressure on them being Champion and coming to retain the trophy this season, we all see what happened in their opener, no team is a minor team in BPL though, every team wants to proof a point nd being a defending champion has left it more big for chelsea to ecounter wit this season. To the match proper, I believe Chelsea ll still come up very strong in the match because they still have that co-ordination and understanding, with same familiar faces we saw last season, goalkeeper would not be a worry to them because Begovic is experienced and could put up a wonderful performance as we saw him at his debut match against the Swans. with such tactical initiatives MOU displayed last season and against his title challengers, nd knowing what he can do as a manager, I ll b giving Chelsea a win at the Etihad .. That’s my own contribution. From Michael Nwosu.


    This weekend match between Manchester City and Chelsea is tagged match of the week because of the fact that the two teams are among the title contenders which will make the match a Clash of the titans. In the past if a team have to become a champion in Epl,it must start at the first match of the season and with the qualities that Manchester City displayed in their last match against west bromwich albion,Chelsea should watchout for real battle and with Chelsea,if they want to realy prove that they are still possesing the qualities of last season,they must ups their game against Manchester City,because in their last match against Swansea i discovered they are not yet composed and i believe Manchester City will not want to miss any chance of taking a vital points now that the league is just starting. The match will be won in the midfield and with the likes of Sterling and Sergio Aguero for Manchester City,they will still pose a threat in Chelsea box,while for Chelsea if Hazard and Diego Costa could be at their best,it means Manchester City defence are in for a serious trouble. I give it to Manchester City. Manchester City 2 vs 0 Chelsea. (ADEKIIGBE OLUWASEFUNMI C,GENERAL HOSPITAL OWO,ONDO STATE.)

  • bushton victor 3 years ago

    Man city is going to win d blue 2 – 0 nil to chelsea. D ethiad team are strong to defeat d blue with new start on EPL dis season

  • Ishola Abiodun 3 years ago

    Chelsea is going to win

  • nelson efehi 3 years ago

    Oh! Its a big game, Manchester city takes Chelsea FC. Its going to be exciting, mind blowing and full of surprises. Chelsea fc with the season just starting have started making blunders, which saw the goalkeeper sent off the pitch with red card in their poor outing with Swansea FC which they eventually drew 2-2. Chelsea will be looking to restore dignity back being the holders of the premier league. On the other hand, Man city performed very well in their first outing of the season and won by 3goals to nil. They will be looking to upset chelsea fc, cos they’re also favourite in the competition. Watch out for hazard and Williams for chelsea and aguero and yaya for Manchester city. Its gonna be exciting as I mentioned earlier, but in the game of football, its either a win, lose or draw. The match will end 2-1 in favour of the blues

    Nelson Efehi
    Benin city

  • oduntan oluwapelumi 3 years ago

    man city3 vs chelsea2

  • Tobechukwu Victor 3 years ago

    Manchester City struggled to finish as runners up last season due to some in-house issues: lost of form, uncertainties about the future of Toure, and the rumors about Guardiola taken the helm at the Etihad. They however seem to have settled there back room problems, as they began their BPL title campaign in brilliant form easing past an uninspiring West Bromich side,3 nil to shot to the top of the log. The blues meanwhile didn’t start their title defense in quite the fashion they would have anticipated after only managing a 2-2 draw in their opener. Twice they lost d lead to a spirited Swansea side, ending the game with 10 men after Courtois had seen red for a challenge on Gomis.

    Lampard’s 85th minute strike denied Chelsea a win their last time here. Both teams were inseparable last season in the two legged BPL fixture, playing 1 all on both occasions. Looking at the past five encounters between the sides in the BPL on this ground, City has the edge: W3 D1 L1.

    New signing Sterling was handed his official debut against WB but he wasn’t really outstanding. Perhaps he will put in a sterling performance this time against chelsea to justify his £49M signing from Liverpool. His pace and skill will definitely cause some problems for Chelsea. Silva would be another source of worry for Mourinho. His sleek passes, intricate runs and dazzling dribbles might prove too much for Terry and the rest of the back four. Chelsea will also have to check the movements of Yaya as he could be very dangerous around the edge of the box

    The blues are keen to get their title defense rolling so Mourinho will want at least a point from this game. He would be looking to defend and catch City on the counter with Hazard pacing down the flanks. Hazard will have to bring his A game to the party, though, after delivering a performance shy of what won him the English PFA awards last season, against Swansea. Costa hopefully would get his acts together and take his chance when its comes cause chances might be few for them. Begovic will have a busy day manning the goal for chelsea in the absence of Courtois who is suspended.

    City will lineup in an attacking formation with Aguero possibly starting ahead of Bony at the head of the attack and Sterling supporting from the left wing. While the likes of Silver and Yaya will orchestrate the midfield. This match promises lots of excitement and we might see tempers flaring. Manchester City should win by a slim margin

    Tobe from Lagos

  • UTHMAN YUNUS 3 years ago

    I believe we all know mourinho for his big match tactics, he will try to defend. The players to watch will be Yaya toure & hazard. I will go for a 2 to 1 scoreline.

  • lawal opeyemi sodiq 3 years ago

    Yeah its going to be a tough one, the last two meetings between the two teams was quite different from this present clash because new players have been introduced to the squads. And mourinho is just going to do what he knows how to do best ‘the pack the bus formation’ and a little bit of attacking because he’s got the likes of hazard,diego costa and willian up front.. But for pellegrini, its going to be a massive attack,cos their midfeild and attacking span is solid and wild, yaya toure, david silva and fernando will be holding the midfield while aguero,sterling and bony will dazzle up front and chelsea have always been finding it difficult to meet up with it.
    So we should expect a thriller, a command of tactics and intellectual display from both sides.. Its going to be a tight game
    I think I give it to chelsea, because mourinho will always have his way, we all know his full of surprises.. I think its going to end on a 1-0 win in favour of chelsea

  • NZEAKOR NNEJI 3 years ago

    This weekend is the battle of the Titans the super rich of the Barclay premier league Mancity and Chelsea. This match is going to be tough because the 2 owners of the club are expecting the managers to perform especially the owner of Mancity if not the coach will be sack and for him to retain his job next season he need to beat Chelsea to convince them that he is capable. Chelsea too will like to retain the cup they won last season because that look to be the easiest because the UEFA Champions League is no more a child’s play. Mancity are in form because the beat Westbrom 3-0 in their last match and Chelsea draw with Swansea so Mancity can beat Chelsea too maybe like 1-0 but it will be difficult for Chelsea to beat them.

  • Abdulsalam Rasaq.O 3 years ago

    This is going to be serious game for both club and going to enjoy home advantage because they would not afford to loss in their home and to chelsea all eyes on him because they draw the first march, Mourinho need to work hard not to have same draw. But score line is draw for both side. Abdulsalam Rasaq.O from ilasamaja mushin.lagos

  • ADEKUNLE DOLAPO 3 years ago

    Manchester City have “a point to prove after their struggles to defend their Premier League title last season, and with YaYa toure back to his very best form and few new acquisition to the team, with less injury worries unlike the last time they met, at there slaughter home again the ETIHAD stadium, everything looks set for the “noisy city”…. I think for Chelsea “Jose”, it should be competitive and friendly, it would certainly be foolhardy for him to approach this match in any other way
    And should also be caution of “RAHEEM sterling” the young “Kekere Ekun” (I call him), who could make the difference and prove an hard nut to crack for the chelsea’s back line, just like swansea “montero” did…indeed a game to look foward to… #ADEKUNLE dolapo NURUDEEN #08189850243

  • sunday Samuel 3 years ago

    chelsea win

  • williams daniel hardegbenga 3 years ago

    chelsea vs manchester city game is going to be a very difficult one because of what happen to chelsea last weekend ‘loosing point at home to the like of swansea team.i believe chelsea will not park d bus this time and come out fully to attack nd defence and with the likes of hazard,remy,costa they are all capable of pulling a surprise show,on the other end Manchester city will want to continue where they stopped last week against wba ,now that yaya toure has re discover his form,with d likes of sterling reproducing his last season form nd silva clicking,Chelsea is in trouble.2-1 in favour of Manchester city

  • ADEKUNLE DOLAPO 3 years ago

    Manchester City have “a point to prove after their struggles to defend their Premier League title last season, and with YaYa toure back to his very best form and few new acquisition to the team, with less injury worries unlike the last time they met, at there slaughter home again the ETIHAD stadium, everything looks set for the “noisy city”…. I think for Chelsea “Jose”, it should be competitive and friendly, it would certainly be foolhardy for him to approach this match in any other way
    And should also be caution of “RAHEEM sterling” the young “Kekere Ekun” (I call him), who could make the difference and prove an hard nut to crack for the chelsea’s back line, just like swansea “montero” did…indeed a game to look foward to… ADEKUNLE dolapo NURUDEEN

  • Tersoo 3 years ago

    I see an easy ride on City. Chelsea will win 4-1

  • Oyeneye Olutosin Samuel 3 years ago

    To the glory of God and good mind of many of His creations I say I am so grateful to finally found a platform where I can not only do what I love best but also win prizes (if I’m lucky enough) so with this I want to say a very big thank you to complete sport and zenith sport limited, God bless you the more.
    Straight to business, though I am a die hard fan of Chelsea football club but a lover of good football which my team Chelsea football club are not playing especially against any so called big team both in England and in Europe we are known to adopting defensive tactics when we are playing a big team and this have been explored by some teams in the past.
    If you carefully look at our pre-season you will agree with me that we didn’t play as a team throughout and this factor which to me I believe has a lot to do with what happen in our first match against swansea football club but as time go on I believe this will change.
    As for Manchester city football club, their pre-season was a bit different from ours as they won some matches and lost some, also they are active in the transfer window early as they bring in some new establish names and this have a great effect in their first match against westbrom football club, but in my opinion they have a long way to go especially in Europe, also domestically pellegrini still has a lot to learn in terms of football as he needs to know what it takes to be a successful manager both domestically and in Europe, because what will you say of a manager that only play his tactics even against the superpower like bayern, barca, man u, Chelsea and many more. For me a good coach must know how to play according to his or her opponents tactics depending on what the opponents adopt in the game.
    Now to the question concerning Sundays cracker man city V Chelsea, many factors will come into play but the most significant of all will be two managers intelligent qoatient which I believe Jose have the upper hand, the match will be full of suspense as one team will play to defend believing a half bread is better than none while the other team will be playing for pride believing in winning at all cost by relying on yaya toure to deliver the pass and if possible the goals and David Silva to dismantle the Chelsea defense with his perfect chemistry with new signing raheem sterling, all this factors will make them play their original game of attacking football that will help the other team to launch counter attack with Eden Hazard upfront doing the dirty work by trying to dribble the like of company which may ultimately cost the free kick and ultimately help Chelsea score the decisive goal making the match O-1 in Favour of Chelsea football club. Oyeneye Olutosin Samuel, Ibadan.

  • osayande pius 3 years ago

    Its a must watch match I must say, as Manchester city fc takes Chelsea fc in a match tagged clash of the titans. Man city being the winner of the league last two season and chelsea won it last season, there is a point to prove here as man city fc will be looking to bring back the trophy to Manchester, man city started the league on a good note, won their first game by 3goal to nil and Chelsea fc started on a bad note seeing them draw and also their goalkeeper received a red. For Manchester city, watch out for yaya toure, ihenacho and aguero. For chelsea, watch out for Oscar, falcao and Costa. Its gonna be an exciting match, I predict 1-1.

    Osayande pius

  • Adebayo Ilelabayo 3 years ago

    This match will be the one to watch for because it’s btw two great contender of the tittle. But after the full 90 minutes I expect chelsea to will the match with 2-1 and the player to watch for is the like of yaya toure,raheem sterling,eden hazard,willian,diego costa and john terry.

  • oke alaba 3 years ago

    man city win, but both team score

  • clinton 3 years ago

    arsenal will win chelsea will loose

  • Manchester city v Chelsea fc.this match will be a tough,because Chelsea begins their premiere league defence on a draw due to thibuat courtois they try to win this match just to have hope they can defence their other hand.they will try to maintain their August premiere league records of winning. and also maintain their premiere league unbeaten records of nine matches against city.while man city will try to win this match to top the league. to be confidence they can win the title. so I predict 1:1 draw.Ngare Hyacinth Arisha.Akute Ogun state.

  • Fred_Matundura 3 years ago

    Man City vs Chelsea is obviously a big game and a difficult one to predict.However,these are the kind of games where Jose Mourinho well prepares his team mentally and physically.Each team will be tough to beat but I am backing Chelsea FC to win the match comfortably because normally Chelsea win in these kind of games.Last season Chelsea were unluck to draw against Man City home and away after conceding late goals in both legs(first and second leg) ie 1-1 at Etihad and the same score at Stamford Bridge.
    That said,I am seeing Chelsea winning this match with a score of 2-0.

    –Fred Matundura, Kisii,Kenya.

  • wisdom ekarika 3 years ago

    I want to welcome my fellow football lover to a new season in the english premier league… Todays clash between man city and chelsea will be a very tough game for both side, chelsea is playing their second game of the season, where they will be fighting to get their 3 points to move away from their present position while man city will also fight for a 3 points too to still remain at the top of the table… But for me i will be going “city” cause they wont wanna let their supporters down.. Man city 2 chelsea 1… WISDOM EKARIKA FROM LAGOS

  • Anoke nnaemeka 3 years ago

    Liverpool will win Asenal. Ebonyi state Nigeria.

  • onabanjo adedeji 1 year ago

    Chelsea is goin to win