Man United New Striker Falcao Scores More With Head

Man United New Striker Falcao Scores More With Head

Radamel Falcao feeds off crosses. Manchester United’s newest striker craves them and, more often than not, makes himself a menace to defenders.

Since arriving in Europe, Falcao has scored more than half of his 153 goals in Europe by getting on the end of crosses.

The 28-year-old owes a sizeable portion of his records at Porto, Atletico Madrid and Monaco to that very ability. Portugal, Spain and France have been ticked off the list, England is next.

Those at Old Trafford can only hope Falcao remains as aggressive as his El Tigre nickname suggests when he enters the Premier League den.

Trouble is, where will those crosses come from? United, having played three Premier League games under new manager Louis van Gaal, boast the lowest completion rate. Sixty-five attempted, just three successful.

They are yet to win but the cavalry has arrived. Falcao should not be short of putting his talent to good use, given United are second only to Southampton with the most crosses in the league so far.