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–Says Nigerian-born boxing promoter Nnamdi Moweta of Voice of America who watched the fight of the Century live in Las Vegas
After being delayed for five years, the much hyped fight between Filipino world champion professional boxer, Manny Pacquiao and American  professional  boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jnr., eventually happened on Saturday, 2nd May 2015. 
After 12 gruelling rounds, Mayweather emerged victorious and remains undefeated as a professional boxer with a perfect record of 48 wins from 48 fights.However, the fight will not cease to generate divided opinions from boxing fans around the globe.
Nnamdi Moweta spoke with TUNDE KOIKI on the radio programme, SPORTS PLANET, all the way from Los Angeles,USA to share his view about the bout termed The fight of the Century. Nnamdi is a boxing promoter and the Voice of America’s “reigning Prince of Pugilistics”
Sports Planet: Nnamdi, thank you for joining us on Sports Planet.
Nnamdi: It’s my pleasure.
You were live at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, what is your impression of the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather?
For the ordinary boxing fan, it was boring. People paid thousands of dollars to see Mayweather knocked out and if you look at it, the world wanted Pacquiao to win the fight. And I think going into this fight, I argued that Mayweather was going to fight well and he made no mistake in doing that and I also knew this fight was going to be one of his easiest fights.
I don’t know about you. But what I saw was one boxer running around the ring not standing to fight and the other chasing him around. And surprisingly the one running won the fight! How was that a contest?
He didn’t need to stand and fight and that is why he’s the smartest boxer on the planet today. Why does he need to engage? We all saw what happened in his first fight with  Marcos Maidana, bloodied nose and face and everybody laughed at him. So when he fought him (Maidana) for the second time, he adjusted and he came out unhurt. Though people (including you) wanted a real fight because that is what they paid for but the game is about defence. It is about studying your opponent and being able to adjust. Yes, you wanted a fight full of punches, a real knockout and blood but what you saw was two people running around. Deal with it Tunde! That’s what boxing is all about.
Look Nnamdi, the truth is that I was very disappointed. I’ve seen more explosive fights between Danfo drivers and Agberos at Ojuelegba and Oshodi.
Well, there is no technique in their (Danfos drivers and Agberos) fights. It is simply hit me and I hit you. But this is a professional boxing bout; you don’t want to get hit, you have to make a move and that is what Mayweather did. That’s why we call it “the Sweet Science.” No matter what people say, I think he fought a very smart fight and smiled to the bank at the end.
Is there a possibility of a rematch between both fighters?
Nobody is demanding a rematch. And I hope nobody in Lagos is demanding a rematch too. Nah. Mayweather does not need Pacquiao anymore. What he (Mayweather) is after now is to break the record of Rocky Marciano (49 wins out of 49 fights). And his last fight will be at brand new MGM Grand Arena which he will open and that will be the end of it. Pacquiao can go and settle the score with Manuel Márquez and knock him out cold. So, nobody wants to see Mayweather against Pacquiao anymore. He (Mayweather) only needs to fight two more guys and close his career at 50 wins in all and nobody will be able to catch him.
Can we now officially say Mayweather is the greatest boxer of all time?
Don’t say that to your listeners in Lagos (Laughs). He is the man and he’s got his money guaranteed on the table.
So, how much would Mayweather make from this fight?
Tunde, by the time we finish tallying up, he’s going to make close to $450 million.
Haaahh……, that means I’m definitely in the wrong profession.
Laughs… Then go to the gym my brother, start running and leave your wife alone.
Thank you for talking to us, Nnamdi.
Thank you very much.
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