Mayweather’s Single Meal Costs $1,000

Mayweather’s  Single Meal Costs $1,000

He loves fast cars, big houses and flash clothes so Floyd Mayweather isn’t one to hold back in the kitchen either, given that he pays up to $1,000 per plate when the food is cooked by Chef Q.
The boxer invited compatriot Adrien Broner for a feast at his mansion, as he continues his preparation for the $300million mega-fight against Manny Pacquiao.

Broner, a three-time world champion, took to Instagram to show off the food on show.
Quiana Jefferies, born in LA but had a grandmother from Louisiana who taught her how to cook southern dishes.

Graduated from the Culinary Arts Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena, was part of the reality show Guy’s Grocery Games by restaurateur Guy Fieri and then cooked for celebrity life coach Tony Gaskins.

He said: ‘Came to big [email protected] house to get a great meal from @chefism’
Chef Q was also keen to show off her work and posted a video captioned: ‘This is why I’m called the #KitchenBeast No it’s not #Thanksgiving but it feels like it @floydmayweather wanted all this so I gave it to him #1000plate #2000plate #AddUP #BeInspired #BBQChicken #CajunTilapia #Potatoes #Mac #CandyYams #RedBeans and #Rice #BraisedCabbage #GrilledBroccoli #CheckMate #Oprah #TMT.’

His personal cook was born in LA but was taught to make southern delicacies – as seen in the video – and labels herself as the ‘kitchen beast,’ who also cooks to TV legend Oprah Winfrey.

Jeffries, is keen to show off her friendship and partnership with the undefeated fighter, with a series of Instagram posts showing her followers all the dishes that she cooks for him.