Messi Confirms He Will Miss Argentina Vs Nigeria Friendly

Messi Confirms He Will Miss Argentina Vs Nigeria Friendly

By Johnny Edward:  Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi has confirmed that he will play no part in Tuesday’s friendly in Krasnodar, Russia between Argentina and the Super Eagles of Nigeria, reports.
Messi was in action for Argentina in Saturday’s 1-0 win over 2018 World Cup hosts Russia in Moscow but will return to his base in Barcelona, Spain ahead of his club’s Spanish La Liga fixture next weekend against Leganes.

“We want to reach the World Cup in the best way,” Messi was quoted on the official Twitter handle of the Argentine Football Association on Saturday.

“Sampaoli regulated me a little bit and that I won’t play in the game against Nigeria.”

Meanwhile, Argentina coach Jorge Sampaoli was pleased with his side’s dominance over Russia in the friendly game.

“The team dominated Rusia at home and we have to continue moving forward collectively ahead of what’s coming. We have to continue on this path,” he said.

“Messi and Aguero has so much understanding during the game which was good.”

Messi has often been a nightmare to Nigerian teams at all levels, spearheading Argentina victories over the Nigeria U-20s, U-23s at the 2008 Olympics, and the Super Eagles at the 2010 and 2014 World Cups.


  • He is afraid abi?

  • It’s official Argentina have lost the match

  • Meaning,other Argentine players are mere stoogies? Or the over publicised friendly should be cancelled? Should we brace up for replay with his inclusion like previous years when Eagles trashed them in Abuja Nig.? Common,what a grasshopper idea of unbeatable Argentine team even with Messi inclusion? Mind u,the game is 11 vs 11 .

  • This is an insult to Nigeria…if it was Germany….Spain or France will he say he will not play? He sees the match as unimportant no wahala shebi fifa likes to pair us with them they should do d same thing next year we will show him that he too is nobody when we beat them

    • I tire o. But frankly speaking is it only Argentina thats there to play?

    • Charles shilaka 1 year ago

      Some of stars were excluded from Algeria game. Messi opting out of Nigeria game is normal, sir.

    • Its a frndly nd its a tym to experiment… Cut d world bst player some slack.. Hes played almst erry mins of football ds season aiidy.. Unlike d supwr eagle players dah sum dnt evn make d team

    • What is an insult? Hmmm somebody who suffered before qualifying?

    • He said he is not playing are u going to force him? U supposed to be worried about ur own player as a Nigerian fan not an Argentine player.

    • It’s you who underestimates your team, not Messi. If Messi is their savior, they would have won the last world cup and South American cup which they lost twice to Chile with him as their captain.

  • Any credible reason for his exclusion?

  • Not do or die affair… Not by force …….let Dybala take messi role and show the world what he can do better with out Lionel messi in the team…Good luck them ALL

  • Tank God he isn’t playing, they for show us pepper

  • Why argentinal for friendly?if nah C7 dey go talk sey e dey proud

  • Thank God Messi will hv some time to rest d guy has played every single minute for barca n argetina dz season he needs to b rested

  • he is running away from defeat.. Because he knew Nigeria would beat them..

  • JOEL UZOATUEGWU 1 year ago

    sometimes, when the world expects the eagles to be pumelled, that is when they show incredible character. something in me tells me that the result will make the world sit up to notice super eagles. just watch this space.

  • Well hes got notn to prove…. Hes met nigeria 3tyms….defeatd dm all three tyms… Scored and assisted

  • Abeg u guys shuld let him be….messi vs Nigeria is like using a sledgehammer 2 kill an ant….icardi, aguero, dybala shuld step up ………

  • pls let him go bak so dat dey wont give him injury.

  • Messi Knew how Hammed Musa and Vincent Enyeama handled him @ Brazil 2014 WC. With Musa listed in Tuesday friendly, excuse to avoid humiliation now that the whole world have captured secret of his Magical Left shots.

    • Nigerians will always find something to say …… Is d game against Argentina a do or die affair or a friendly, Argentina keeps beating us in big games wit Messi in d team….. So let’s take our chances new…..

  • Pls De Lion messi need rest

  • He is too big for us, our players go dey look him booth, messi is bigger Dan Nigeria team

  • 4ny u. Who is Messi scared of? Messi have scored over 200 goal keepers including Enyeama.

  • Who is Messi scared of? Messi alone is more than the whole super eagles.

  • Good one, before they will injure you for me

  • Nigerians are up to sumtin,der wnt to injure messi 4 barca fans in nija.una plan no go wrk

  • Messi is so arrogant… When ever they want to play Nigeria, he will opt out…. And I blame NFF who always arrange friendly match with Argentina

  • Playing Nigeria is a low profile game for Argentina. No need for messi. Bet me only few of der high frofil players will feature in dat game. Yet dem Go still beat us

  • I love messi more than any player on this earth and i also love my country Nigeria….Is not a bad thing if he plays but if he decides not to play it’s all good…He understands Nigeria is not a toy to mess with…His experience with Nigeria in the world cup made him realise Nigeria is not an easy meat to chew…Let them bring the game on…we’re ready…

  • deli smit 1 year ago

    hmmm. . dem for show us pepper

  • Hmmmm! Thank God. My mind Don come down.

  • Lets b realistic naw….you guyz expect him to abandon his league match jst bcos of a friendly with nigeria…i love 9ja full of funny dudes

  • King of football needs rest

  • So you guys want a whole Messi to be dragging ball with the Super Eagles abi, don’t forget
    we are talking about the king of Soccer ooo

  • Prayer is the best we’ve to do not this

  • Messi is not bigger than bigeria he is more and more bigger than our country but we still love our country thank god he is not playing

  • kai….thank God messi wil nt play d match oohhhhh…

  • Naija u na supposed celebrate ooooo

  • Will the match be shown Live on our local station?

  • Victor mosse is also not available soo no body should say because messi did not play that is why Argentina lost to Nigeria we also have some good players who did not play too

  • Nigeria wins argentina

  • Last last what now happened at the end of 90 +4 minutes of play Hmnmm 9ja can beat Argentine for no jus cause