Messi: I Must Win World Cup Before I Retire

Messi: I Must Win World Cup Before I Retire

Argentina captain Lionel Messi has vowed to win the World Cup before he retires from football.

Messi, who clocked 31 on Sunday, was quoted in the Mirror as saying: “It means so much because for Argentina the World Cup is special – and for me too.

“I’ve always had the dream of watching me raise the World Cup. And then seeing the emotion that goes with it.

“My hair stands on end just thinking about that moment. It would make millions of Argentine’s in the world happy.

“So we cannot give up on that dream.

“I have won all the most important tournaments but I am ambitious to the end. I would not like to retire from active football without being a world champion with my country.”

Messi and his Argentina teammates face elimination from the Russia 2018 World Cup on Tuesday as any result other than victory against the Super Eagles will send the Brazil 2014 finalists packing.


  • Onyeagoro Johnson Chima 7 months ago

    Messi’s statement of winning the word cup definitely is not for this edition but maybe that of Qatar in 2022 or USA, Canada and Mexico edition of 2026. That of this year have already eluded him. They cannot defeat the Super Eagles, unless Super Eagles defeats themselves. 

  • Edoman 7 months ago

    It will remain a pipe dream.

  • Lucky 7 months ago

    Nigeria should watch out for Messi’s falling tricks (remember he is a FIFA BOY AND REF CAN FAVOR HIM IN ANY SLIGHT MISTAKES) . .Defenders beware! !!! DON’T CONCENTRATE ONLY ON MESSI, CONCENTRATE THE WHOLE TEAM.

  • obilor osondu 7 months ago

    Messi, its not a must! Eagles, pls b alert. Mikel, talk to ur defence cuz Messi and team mates will rely much on getting penalty at all cost. Defence, pls, never lose concentration till d final whistle. For Messi to v boasted, i believe its over for him. One Nigeria

  • matsho 7 months ago

    Continue dreaming.You will wake up from your dream after the match tomorrow. Well,you can start planning for Quatar 2022 or enrol for a coaching course in order to win the world cup as the coach of your national team.

  • OK maybe after this world cup. He think is by power instead of him to pray to God. God will not allow your prayers to be answered against Nigeria. #SoarEagles #GodistheGreatest.

  • gowetok 7 months ago

    Mikel and Co pls Mark Messi to the left wenever he has the ball. He has only one way of playing. That is to dribble towards his left foot in and shoot. So wen ever he is with the ball while a defender is on front of him a midfielder should be stand at his left hand side He will be be confused and easily possess of the ball. That’s how Croatia is and Iceland stopped him