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Mikel: Genevieve Is Loveable

Mikel: Genevieve Is Loveable

Chelsea of England midfielder Mikel Obi has admitted Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji has a likeable and lovable personality.

Mikel, who is an Amstel Malta Ambassador, spoke as a guest at an event organised by the brand in Lagos.

“We work together, it’s a working relationship,” Mikel said. “We endorsed Amstel Malta together, she’s a very nice person; I spoke to her a few times and she’s a very lovely person,”said Mikel who has been criticised for his below par performance in Brazil at the FIFA World Cup. The Chelsea star is however unpertubed by the criticisms admitting he is always happy to accept criticisms whenever he goes wrong playing for the national team.

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“I love when you guys criticise me for not doing something right; I love when you guys praise me as well. So I love all of it.”

“It gives us joy every time we see fans come out and support us and keep praying for us,” he said.

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  • nwachinaeke 9 years ago

    Mikel Obi, when will you improve?. You are my guy but you de fall my hand. In youth competition some years back, you were rated second while Messi took first position but to compare Messi’s standard and yours today is not quantifiable.The gap is like the distance between Heaven and Earth.

    If i were you, i shall be covering my face with blanket because of shame. However, their is hope but in your own hands, only the dead has no chance/time to improve for better.

  • Dennis Ndukwu 9 years ago

    @Nwachinaeke, i concur with you..Infact Mikel is finished, Chelsea are begging for any club to come and buy him for a well reduce price.

  • Ezeoba 9 years ago

    This guy will not concentrate on football and leave women alone. You wanna spend your bread on her? Its gonna be all for nothing.

  • ND Best 9 years ago

    my brother mikel don’t mind them I believe when you get to another club that will give you the chance to play regularly then you will show the world what you got.You did very well for chelsea morlinho know that,That is why he buy u just keep on praying to God he knows everything.

  • Hassan Oluwadare 9 years ago

    How can this guy be this UNSERIOUS? U were nowhere near a shadow of the ‘Mikel’ we knew b4,gave a terrible account of yourself at the World cup and the next thing on Ur plate now na woman…haaa.

  • agbaje azeez 9 years ago

    Leave women for now, and go back to good football.

  • Steve Usitaka 9 years ago

    Tufia!Tufia!! Tufia!!! Mikel is a disgrace to Nigeria and a disgrace to football itself. He is jst a womanizer in football clothing. D worst player ever liveth. Shame on you mikel. Taa run way.

  • Look back to 2005 when you were d Mikel of Nigeria and the world of football at large and that you are d mikel of women and of fornication, draw d comparisms urself and tell us the difference… Arhueme, abormination. U disappiont us.

  • Sparkle 9 years ago

    Mikel you use be a good player please leave Chelsea and try another club

  • Mike as i know played marvelously well in youth championship, that is why Chelsea fc bought him from a Swedish club in a whopping 12 m pounds.But as the year went by Mikel began to lag behind,playing boring and retrogressive game.In fact he eventually fell off from his club’s style of football.His inability to score goal compounded his problem.His sluggish style of football could not help matters.He performed below his fans expectation.However his contributions to the national team and club side is enormous.As regard to his comments to Genevieve Nnaji,he signed an endorsement with the company as a brand ambassador to represent them globally along side Genevieve to showcase the true value of malta.

  • Kalu Rosemary 9 years ago

    Yes! all of you are right!

  • Sanusi Alao 9 years ago

    Mikel, the only advice I have for you is to renew your spirit, be more focused and possess mind of your own. I know that Morhiho had succeded in destroying you because of the role he converted you to play at Chelsea. You must quit your present club immediately and move to a club that will offer you regular playing time. Another point is, whenever you want to play for the National team, play that defensive midifield role. Your best will be reavelled again. Best of luck. I became Chelsea fan simply because of you. Don’t let me down.

  • Emenite22 9 years ago

    Mister lover boy!! I Know dat love looks around to find who is in-need,,,, and when it found it,,, it’ll be very hard to let go!! But right now, “I think what you should be doing now—–is to start thinking how you well get back your position in Chelsea!! Not running around to a Lady dat didn’t even know if you Exit or not; my Man! why are u even publishing the interest you have for a Aristocratic in public when u’re having a very big misfortune in ur Club since last Season!! My friend!! Pls be wise! And always remember dat ( Geneveieve Nnaji ) is form Nollywood infect is an actress so shine ur eyes Will”Will.

  • gentle Greg 9 years ago

    Let mikel be my ppl he’s not d only player in. Supper eagles, 11 player ar said to be a team and to cover 4d oda person. Who’s not measuring up, why. Did d couch not take along good strikers instead sentiments and politics.. So free mikel and God knws why tins went Dat way. As 4messi U. Knw white are always exceptional in foot ball so dnt compare, as okocha play reach wen roladiho de sit down watch Am 4 bench him no carry world bst player, but rolandiho cary Am 3time so bro mk una cool down

  • Jose A Addra 9 years ago

    Improve ur game mikel

  • kenny 9 years ago

    Mikel’s career is going down at a faster rate…may God help him !

  • mustapha owoyemi 9 years ago

    mikel dont be shock of what your fance are saying all what they said may be truth but does not allow you to stop foothball continue with u can do in my side you are the best i love all your performance if mourinho decide to sell u i no u are going to distory the club u where sell to i love u are the messi in nigeria as at now

  • sabiboy 9 years ago

    Mikel leave Den’j girlfriend alone because all these musical wan dey take egbo dey vex like crezooo

  • Mikel is a good and humility player i love him so much

  • Immaclouds 9 years ago

    …and let he who has been only his best cast d 1st stone. Spare me d trash cos all of us have been down 1 way or d oda in d responsibilities we owe odas & our nation. If we must talk, let tell God 2 restore his glory days.

  • Nelson Akpan 9 years ago

    Mikel was converted to defensive mid field role by mouh himself,he gave this boy the greatest distration in his career. Pls a sport man will always love women mikel is nt the first niether wil he be the last, AM COOL WIT U MIKEL.

  • It is not too late for Mikel to up his game. A footballer could be suffering from fatigue. All Mikel need do is to change club and face new challenges. Though, his comment about Genevieve is personal but it has love undertone. I advise he get married with his heart desire and focus on his job as a footballer knowing fully well he is the breadwinner of his family

  • Ugwu Barshaly Mathew 9 years ago

    Mourinho was the point obstacle runing down mikel career.by converting him to a deffencive mid.i rmmber bk then when mikel was mikel..but never the less it is nt too late he is still young.wht he need to do is to change club and sit up wright it is well…

  • Friday balogun 9 years ago

    Don’t mine them

  • Mikel show case ur performance be flexiable and go 4 goals not goal dat is a football 4 u

  • onwumere 9 years ago

    No blk playr can b of a gud market value in footbal except frankafon africans. Africans no mata hw higly giftd in fotbal d markt value wil fal whc means phychological problm wil set in. Eg okocha vs ronaldinho who was d beta playr at psg? who has beta markt value? who won world fotbalr of d yr among dem?
    Mikel cn nt pla his skin out to makin hm a beta player. He playd his hrt out in d world cup. Thanks

  • u ppu shd show me the only no.10 that hasnt scored 5 goals in his career 4 his national team.nd win a range rover

  • Abeg make una leave dis useless guy way called himself mikel na only god knw Wetin he go use him body do cuz no be him way I knw in 2005 be dis way we dy say na only messi good pass am dat tym be dis jo d guy dy f**k up

  • my advice to you is that all this girls have some spirit following them some are good spirit some are bad spirit and you have to know that some just came in view to ruin your carrear nd u knw dat u re an important seed as long as football world is concern im convinced that you will nt fail

  • Hungbo Smart Tayo 9 years ago

    I know the problem is that many Nigerians put alot of hope on Mikel silently but they hate to admit it, and he is our biggest star player thats why it is disappointing to them all. Aldou he did not give is best at d worldcup, so flankly speaking he must improve and he knows that.

  • PIZAROGREAT 9 years ago

    D dwnfall of a man iz not d end of his life.mikel iz down does nt mean he iz out.dry bone shall rise again…mikel will rise again.

  • Why some people are so wicked? All of you condem mikel obi bcos he no perform well at world cup,what did you want portugal c.ronaldo a whole world best can’t reach round of 16 while mikel obi play all nigeria game and they can’t beanch him,so let us not desieve our self mikel obi is nigeria best mildfilder and best player.

  • Hummmm… Bro Mikel u had better face how to come back to ur normal form in ur profession (football) rather than focusing on another person’s life “she’s good and have a loveable character, oga u be ashawo’. Before we are really proud of u, but now; just don’t know what to say per-say. Shame on u sir!

  • I wish he rise in time. That is when we’ll all be happy at him.

  • Everest Ikechukwu J 9 years ago

    Anyfin una like, make una talk bcos na una get una mouth., who God has bless knw one can cose., 4me Mikel is d best player ever., wot u guys has 2 understand is dat every day no be chrismass., na every day messi and ronaldo d perform well?., make una answer me., ok wot did ronaldo play in dat world cup., abeg make una use una head ooo, b4 I go vex send Ebola virus give una.

  • stephen Shausu 9 years ago

    Mikel may be facing a down period in his carreer but why should anyone call 4 his head if he chooses to fall in love; is there any man who hasent fallen in love or is it bc he is a footballer? maybe a woman is the missing tonic he needs to revive his qualities. go on Mikel and tek urself a wife, I stand with u