Mikel’s Russian Girlfriend Flaunts Nigerian Cooking

Mikel’s Russian Girlfriend Flaunts Nigerian Cooking

By David Meshioye: 

Mikel Obi’s Russian girlfriend Olga is leaving no stone unturned to ensure she learns everything about Nigerian culture as she enjoyed a plate of pounded yam with egusi soup and posted the picture on her instagram handle.

Apparently aware of the adage that says “the best way to a man’s heart is through his belly” the daughter of a multi billionaire Russian seems to have learnt the basic tricks of cooking Nigerian delicacies like rice, vegetable soups and other delicious delicacies that her future husband Mikel enjoys most.

Completesportsnigeria.com is aware of Mikel‘s preference for Nigerian delicacies and that he would prefer to drive down Wazobia restaurants in London for a bite.

Olga posted on her instagram on her success story in her effort get better in her cooking and keeping abreast with some Nigerian words, which she used in some of her captions.

“Chopping that pounded yam with some egusi this lazy Sunday!# Nigerian food #Pounded Yam# Egusi# Efo Riro Have a Yummy Sunday everyone,” the Russian wrote, referencing Nigerian food and slang.


  • I no wan talk too much as I talk about Mikel and his beautiful girlfriend. I go advice Mikel this that if he get sense make he marry her instead of some other girl unless she no wan marry. I believe she wan marry as she dey sample Nigeria wak(food in Warri langua).

  • That is very good of her, i believe she is trying to show how much she love Mikel Obi our brother by learning hw to cook his heart desire, bro, u have found 1 if u let her go eating in hotel have catch u.

  • djviksplus 3 years ago

    are u sure ds chick is not a nigerian albino, hian she b like obiageri