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Monster Energy: Gymkhana GRiD 2017 Will Feature FIVE Cars

Monster Energy: Gymkhana GRiD 2017 Will Feature FIVE Cars

Extreme sports is not an interest for most Nigerians. Nonetheless Monster Energy in Nigeria is hoping to change the narrative by bringing extreme sports to Nigerians. With the launch of their latest drink Monster Energy Fury in Nigeria held at the Eko Hotels in Lagos. Monster Energy has shown their seriousness in making this dream a reality.

Haven’t heard of Gymkhana GRiD before? well you are not alone. The tyre slaying competition is in it’s sixth year and the first African edition will be held in Carnival City Johannesburg, South Africa on the 18th and 19th November 2017.


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The racing format is exhilarating and amplified, there are mixes of donuts and clipping points and powerslides with apexes, it’s the brain child of racing genius and head of Hoonigan, Ken Block.


Your favourite sports website will bring you live streaming of the event click here. Stay tuned to watch Ken Block and his Hoonigan team shred the thread at the impressive Carnival City.


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