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Dear reader, a very happy Independent Day to you, commemorating 55 years of political independence of our beloved, but beleaguered country, Nigeria. 

On this October 1 landmark, Nigerian sports fraternity ponders over the state of the nation's sports. Being an offspring of a new independent state from October 1 1960, sports come under scrutiny on every Nigeria's Independent Day anniversary. 


I am not going to bore you with a rendition of how the different sports that abound have traversed the landscape of the Nigerian history since inception as a sovereign nation. Enough of the graphic details of how certain hunters in the 60s, 70s, 90s, et al, targeted and shot mother-birds, but instead the baby-birds escaped. Enough of all the boring recaps of the misfirings by Nigerian sports administrators which occasioned the bad state of the nation's sports today.

This piece is about introducing MoreGoals! to you.  MoreGoals!, my creation and responsibility, is one of the new blogs you will be reading in your favourite and refreshed sports website, Completesportsnigeria.com, starting from today, October 1 2015, on weekly basis. 

The other new blog already on Completesportsnigeria.com is Touchline, an inspiration and responsibility of Nurudeen Obalola. So Nnamdi Ezekute's MoreGoals! and Nurudeen Obalola's Touchline join your longstanding  favourite heavyweight and world-famous blogs; Mathematical7 by Segun Odegbami and Soccer Talk by Mumini Alao.

MoreGoals! was inspired by you – the avid fan of football, basketball, athletics, boxing, et al. It's MoreGoals!, trusting that you decipher the elision of my wordplay for the name of this blog. It was inspired by the essentially popular chants at the football stadiums, "all we are saying, give us more goals!", synonymous with the Nigerian fans.

Just as the popular chants for more goals from Nigerian fans act like ginger to their teams, MoreGoals! as a blog aims to 'drum' it loud wherever there is room for improvement in Nigerian sports. And you will bet that there will always be a room for improvement in every Nigerian sports. There are indeed a lot to 'chant' for in MoreGoals! Hoping that the administrators, the players and all the stakeholders will get the ginger and do the needful to achieve good results.

Back to Nigeria at 55, and the essentials of MoreGoals! I already said needless to chronicle the undoings of the stakeholders in the history of Nigerian sports which have put the nation's football, athletics, etc, in the sorry state they are today. We already know about the maladministration in Nigerian sports which encompasses poor facilities, poor economic climes retarding the development of various sports, meddlesomeness on the part of governments and the incompetent personnel in the sports associations. Therefore, we should agree that there are a lot to be fixed, notwithstanding some good results achieved in the past.

Nigeria has never come near to achieving her full potential, no matter what results recorded in any sports in the past. Since untapped talents and resources abound, Nigeria has not punched her weight in sports – as in boxing parlance, in 55 years. This calls for chant for more goals.

Dear reader, join me in this movement through MoreGoals! on Completesportsnigeria.com.  We want more advancements in Nigerian football, athletics, basketball, boxing, Table Tennis, weightlifting, Taekwondo, etc. Nigerian sports have underachieved in many ways. 

More reasons why MoreGoals! will chant for more. When you want more of something, you don't have enough. 'More', a comparative word that implies addition is the opposite of 'less'. To want some more in sports suggests ambition and motivation. A chant for more goals which fires up a Nigerian football team to victory should be  replicated and taken all stakeholders of various Nigerian sports.

MoreGoals on Completesportsnigeria.com will lead the chant, with a sustained rebuke of "bad rubbish" being perpetrated by rogue stakeholders. There will also be a sustained commendation of the few doing it right and a continuous demand for hard work, professionalism and uprightness in seeking more goals for Nigerian sports.

I have so far dwelled so passionately about how the MoreGoals! blog will seek to impact on the advancement of Nigerian sports, ostensibly  because of the 55th Independent anniversary vibe in the air. Obviously, MoreGoals! shall go beyond the shores of Nigeria and Africa to chant for change for the better, wherever there is need to save a sport, be it football, boxing, athletics, name it.

Pertinent therefore to sound this alert: EPL, La Liga, Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger, Louis Van Gaal , Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, and all other sports hotbeds at the other side of the oceans – which have been driving Nigerian fans "nuts", here comes MoreGoals!

Enough of the intro. 

Will be right back.

Happy Independence Day anniversary.




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