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Moses Seeks 1st EPL Start Of Season; 14th Start, 1st Goal All-Time Vs Man United

Moses Seeks 1st EPL Start Of Season; 14th Start, 1st Goal All-Time Vs Man United

By Johnny Edward:
Chelsea’s Nigerian winger, Victor Moses will be hoping he makes his first start of the season in the English Premier League for Chelsea on Saturday when The Blues host Manchester United at Stamford Bridge, Completesportsnigeria.com reports.

Moses has made just two substitute appearances for the Blues in the EPL this term and has been reduced to a bit-part player since the arrival of gaffer, Mauricio Sarri in the summer.

If the Nigerian gets a surprise nod to start on Saturday – his first of the season, it will also be his 14th in 17 all-time games against Manchester United since he first played against the Red Devils in Wigan’s 2-0 loss at Old Trafford on November 20, 2010. Moses came in as a 58th minute substitute in the match.

Moses has won six times in the 16 games he has featured against the Red Devils so far. The latest win he bagged against United come last May in the FA Cup final which the Blues won 1-0 at Wembley.


The Nigerian will also be looking for his first goal against Manchester United.

He has scored 20 goals in 220 Premier League games since he made his debut in the league in 2010, but none was scored against the Red Devils.

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  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Hahahahaha……If I hear say moses start against Man U for premier league match….!!! Who is this journalist trying to decieve…??? Unless maybe the entire frontline of chelsea is injured. Dude should better rescind his ill-intended intl retirement ASAP. Thats the only lifeline he still has to stay in reckoning to secure a top 8 / midtable team in EPL by january.

  • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

    Complete sports are good at dreaming most of their headline tells you more! Lol was about saying the same surprised that Drey of all people is the one speaking the truth today. What did you eat yesterday Evening?

  • @Chima don’t mind Drey, at the end of the day he will be shooting you down that you criticise Nigeria players too much.
    Newspapers use headlines to us lure into a sense of anticipation. Sometimes the actual write up does justice to the headline, many times it doesn’t.
    The fact you me and the unpredictable Drey are commenting here means CSN has got it right.
    The peice itself is quite harmless actually as it says Moses will be ‘hoping to start’ in the game. What is wrong is that? Hmm, Drey??
    Love it or hate it, Victor Moses is history when it comes to the Super Eagles and 100 Dr Dreys cannot make him change his mind with shenanigans.
    You know I love you Drey xxx.

    • Paschal 4 years ago

      Ashy, what did you just say? I can understand when you say you love Drey, but when you end your love with that xxx? Huh? Lol. Am just joking oh. I hope you are aware that some stuffs still carry jail term in Nigeria lol.

      • u are a troublemaker @Pascal. Okay, I love you too. Just say you are jealous. You will not get xxx though. That is only reserved for my one and only Dr Drey.

    • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

      People like Drey if you score today you are God and if tomorrow you don’t score he will criticize you and next minute you score he form a campaign to judge those who were concern about your form and take himself out! I remember Ighalo issue before and during the World Cup everyone including Drey was mad at him the only person who stood by the super eagles plus Ighalo was Tayo and we were really mad at Tayo. Honestly Tayo is the one supposed to be speaking not Drey because Drey is really fake at his claims and his facts are bias!

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Hahahaha….now u r begining to sound like ur twin Ashy…! When your ignorance is defeated hard facts and records, your resort to mud-slinging, just as people of low intellect do when they’re loosing an arguement. if my facts are false and fake….the internet is for everyone, why not do well to go and provide true and genuine facts to counter my position….but if otherwise….then just keep quiet, humble yourself, listen and learn.
        Now lets assume all you wrote up there are true….then thats where I tower head and shoulders above you. I criticize poor performance and eulogize excellence….not just in sports circles but in everyday life….my kids cant come home with above average results and expect a pat on the back from me…not to talk of poor results. My surbodinates cant give me wishy washy results and expect commendation, the same way i dont expect praises form my clients for poor jobs. Yes in football i critisize poor performance and praise you to the highest heavens when you perform well…’the holy books tell us there is reward for everything’.
        But you…when a player does badly…you not only critisize him, you insult him, insult his career, insult everything that is ‘insultable’ about him….when he plays well, you still insult him, you still use microscopes to find out event the tinniest of faults inspite of such a good performace…..eg…till today…u have neither congratualted Ighalo for his sterling performances home and away against libya…neither have you congratulated the coach G.rohr to retuning the country to the top of the group. you watered down our victory agaisnt seychelles by telling us that ‘we couldnt beat them by 5 goals as libya did….you looked for every means to undermine and water down ighalo’s hat-trick with all sorts of excuses….’its agaisnt libya’, ‘the libyan defenders were home-based’, ‘they where china-rated defenders’, ‘ the libyan defenders made mistakes (as if goals will ever be scored in football if mistakes arent made on the pitch) ‘he was scoring tap-imns’, ‘he was scoring penalties’, ‘he was scoring bcos isaac success was on the bench (same isaac success that hasnt scored 10 career professional league goals altogether since he started playing in europe, the same isaac success that hasnt started 10 league games in the same watford team where ighalo was king)’ and all sorts of excuses….just to avoid acknoledging ighalo’s hat trick feat.
        If i critisize a player today and praise him tomorrow, it is because i have watched enough football all my life to know that players have the wand to turn around their footballing destinies and make the rejected stone the corner stone. A certain Oliver Bierhoff was supposed to be the star of the german team going into USA’94, he and Jurgen Klinsmann where the start strikers of the team but he was far more experienced and the hopes of a nation rested on his shoulders….but guess wat…he crumbled under the weight and couldnt live up to expectation and was heavily maligned by the german public and press….fast forward to Euro 96, dude was aging and at the twighlight of his career, up stepped Bierhoff,most times coming from the bench practically hand germany the trophy…scoring twice in the final to add icing to the cake in illustrious tournament performance. A certain David Bechkam took 4 years to wash of the sins of his performnce at 98 WC in france. At the U20 world cup in holland, most argentines never knew about a certain lionel messi in their team…all eyes were on homeboy and river plates star Sergio Arguero. lionel messi didnt even play their first match in the tournament where they lost against USA. Summarily….aguero never lived up to expectations and messi stole the show….it took 2 years later at the 2007 edition of the tournament for Sergio Arguero to redeem himself, winning the tournament’s mvp award in the process. Some players redeem themselves almost immediately a la stephen keshi vs Jules Boncande in Senegal 92….I can go on and on
        Yes i was mad at both ighalo and G.Rohr at the world cup because they both had a hand in dashing the hopes of nigerians….but life must go on afterwards, especially when there’s nothing anyone can do about it. the past remains in the past an isnt worth dwelling on…it was left for the culprits who erred to learn from their errors and make ammends an move forward….and that seems to be the case now for the two individuals in question…hence my renewed support for them. unlike you who is filled with so much hatred, bitterness and unforgiveness….even to the point of trying to undermine the success or the progress of a fellow human being.
        An african adage says when you use your right hand to scold a child, you use your left to draw him close thereafter. Its common sense…!!!

  • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

    With your smelly fact Drey I have replied your ignorance at another thread. Your facts are baseless is like we are talking about 1+1 and you are giving us answer for 2+2. Brother you sound like the roadside fans who stand at news paper point form morning to night doing nothing but talking about Epl and lotto number!

    • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago


    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      My facts are smelly….yes but other forumites read and get info they can make sound judgements with….not the figments of your imagination and foul insults you vomit here to create arguments that have no basis. If my facts are false as you claimed….why not counter them with verifiable links so that all can read and judge…but till then…keep shut, listen and learn…!!! i dont mind listening to newspaper stand fan who makes plenty of sense and gives me references which i can consult rather than a ‘prima-dona’ that knows nothing but what his imagination is telling him and still argues when some light is being shed on his path of ignorance

      I look forward to the day someone will write this about your comments:

      “I love the way Chima E Samuels dishes his facts out carefully. His remarks are spot on”

      • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

        Sorry I’m not after that someone plus your facts are out of marks we are talking about a player at his peak and your talking about age. I don’t join mediocrity your argument is senseless and out of point coupled with your soccerway link and market link it is out of point if you continue like this I doubt if you’ll get a good result as a student!

  • What will Victor Moses do in the January transfer window? Will he submit a transfer request, stay and fight for a starting spot or hope a top club bids for him?

    I think his SE retirement is ill-timed. With a regular starting shirt guaranteed to strut his stuff, perhaps an Inter Milan or Tottenham may have been courting him now.

    But at this rate I’m afraid it could be a West Ham or Chievo. And Moses will rather stay put in Chelsea or resign than go to a lower cadre club.