Moses: West Ham Should Recover Fast In December Fixtures

Moses: West Ham Should Recover Fast In December Fixtures

Nigeria and West Ham winger, Victor Moses has tasked his club to brace up for the crucial fixtures of the December and salvage some points to better the fortunes of the club.

Moses is worried by the the inability of West Ham to a win a game in four matches. And after Sunday's 1-1 draw with West Brom, the loanee from Chelsea  alerts the Hammers to put up a winning spirit and get ready for the December hostilities.

In the the December tight schedule,  West Ham have five battles to do; against Manchester United, Stoke City, Swansea City, Aston Villa, and Southampton. 

“Around Christmas with all the fixtures, I think that’s when a lot of seasons are decided. We need to recover from each game quickly; I think we’ve got enough quality to maintain our position," quotes Moses as saying.

"But Christmas will be the crucial time, wherever we are by early January is unlikely to change too much by May.” 

On whether or not he would love a return to Chelsea in the January transfer window, Moses insists he is loving it at West Ham.

Moses reiterates: “I’m really enjoying my football here at West Ham, all the players, the manager, coaches and staff are all good people. I just want to play football, as long as I’m out there on the field, I’m happy. I enjoy what I do and that’s the most important thing.

“To be honest, moving around clubs is just part of football, you’ve got to expect it really. It’s not that hard to gel with a new group of players, you start bonding from the first day. We’re all footballers so we have a similar mentality and focus to our roles. Like I said, I’m really enjoying my football.

“I learnt a lot from each club I’ve played for, now I’m fully committed to West Ham and I want us to do as well as possible.”

“Slaven is a great manager; he’s played here before so he understands West Ham but also English football. He understands what it is like to be a player which is very important; he wants us to enjoy ourselves as much as possible and not to worry about making mistakes. Players do make mistakes, that’s a part of football but he wants us to be adventurous and try things.

“We weren’t expecting to get off to such a good start, but we always believed we could beat the big teams.  

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