Mourinho Attacks Journalists, Confident Chelsea Will Top UCL Group

Mourinho Attacks Journalists, Confident Chelsea Will Top UCL Group

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has expressed his displeasure following claims that there is unrest in his team.

On Monday, Cesc Fabregas was accused of leading a revolt against Mourinho following his treatment of former Chelsea doctor Eva Caneiro.
But the former Barcelona midfielder has come out to debunk the accusations.

Speaking ahead of Wednesday’s UEFA Champions League clash against Dynamo Kyiv, when confronted with the question by a journalist, Mourinho went on the offensive.
“If I accuse you of being a dishonest journalist, I think you’d be very upset and probably you’d take legal action,” he fired during his conference ahead of the Champions League clash against Dynamo Kyiv.
“Look I think it’s a very sad accusation, because you are accusing a player or more than one player of dishonesty”

And despite Chelsea’s poor form in the league, Mourinho expressed confidence that they will finish top of their Champions League group.
He also revealed that Radamel Falcao suffered an injury during training on Tuesday and is expected to be out for a few weeks.

“I am completely convinced we are going to qualify and I think [in] first [place].
“[The Kiev game] is a must-not lose – not a must-win.

“Falcao has today suffered an important injury. Not so important as the ones that he had previously, but he had an important muscular injury.
“He will be out for a few weeks.”

Speaking further, Mourinho disclosed that he had anticipated Chelsea’s poor form.

“A friend sent me some quotes of my press conference after the CL final in May 2004. I said that one day my career bad results will come.
“In my career the bad results will come and I will face the bad results with the same honesty and dignity that I’m facing now as Euro champion.
“I’ve been waiting 11 years for this. It took time, but came in a moment where I am stable and I am strong to face it.”

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