Mourinho Confirms Dr Carneiro, Fearn Banned!

Mourinho Confirms Dr Carneiro, Fearn Banned!

Fiery Chelsea boss has defied a worldwide decry against his harsh judgement of the club’s female doctor, Dr. Eva Carneiro and physiotherapist, Jon Fearn over last weekend match incident and confirmed categorically during his Friday’s press conference that the duo are out of The Blues’ match duties for now.

Mourinho had publicly castigated the duo for running onto the pitch during their new season opening match with Swansea, to give Eden Hazard medical attention, concluding that his medics “didn’t understand the game”.

According to Telegraph Sport, “club doctor Carnerio and first-team physio Fearn will miss the trip to Eastlands, but Chelsea manager Mourinho insists he has not shut the door on their possible return later in the season. ”

Mourinho confirms during Friday’s press conference: “They (Carneiro and Fearn) will not be on bench, but it doesn’t mean Sunday is the rest of our season or the rest of our careers.

“They are not on the bench Sunday, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be in the future.

“The bench is my responsibility, yes. It’s my decision, nobody else’s decision. Every week I face a decision with 25 players. Seven are not even on the bench, I have to choose. I have seven assistants, only four go on the bench. Four kit men, one goes on bench. Medical, two go to the bench and we have more than a dozen.

“It’s more important to be on the bench, for some. For others, it’s what they do and what they do behind the scenes.”

Telegraph Sports reports that Mourinho met with his medical team on Thursday for clear-the-air talks and the Portuguese insisted his relationship with them was strong.

“I want to say I have a fantastic medical department with a top doctor, Paco Biosca, more than a dozen professionals – doctors, physios and masseurs, and I have a very good relationship with them,” said Mourinho.

“As I tell them all the time, they have never been praised as much because normally when things go well they (managers) keep it for themselves and when there are injuries they speak (about the medical team). I have praised them many times. They don’t forget that, I don’t forget that. They told me we had disagreements in the past and we need disagreements. We work together, we improve together.”


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