Mourinho Explains Real Reasons He’s Been Staying In Hotel Since Taking Manchester United Job

Mourinho Explains Real Reasons He’s Been Staying In Hotel Since Taking Manchester United Job

Jose Mourinho has allayed the fears of Manchester United fans who feared that his refusal to buy a house since getting the job in 2016 was because he wasn’t interested in a long-term stay at Old Trafford by re-affirming his commitment to the Red Devils.

The Portuguese has stayed at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester while his family lives in London and he puts this down to just being plain ‘lazy’ to go house hunting.

The 54-year-old’s decision not to buy a house has come into question amid reported doubts over his future at Old Trafford, but Mourinho dismissed these speculations on Thursday.

Explaining the reason for living in a hotel, Mourinho said: “I am very lazy and because I like to arrive in the hotel, I don’t want anyone to be worried because I live in a two square metres room.

“I am living in an apartment inside of a hotel where I have all the comfort, the support, where I have everything I want, like I am living in a house.

“So if they are worried about me being comfortable, happy and supported, I really am. That’s the way I feel very comfortable.

“If they want me in some house that I don’t like, in some place I don’t like, lonely from my assistants, if they want that, I would be a sad guy and a sad guy doesn’t work well.”

United are second in the Premier League, 15 points adrift of runaway leaders and neighbours Manchester City after 22 games and play Derby County in a third round Emirates FA Cup tie on Friday evening.


  • Man United fans or anyone for that matter, will be naive to believe that Mourinho will not leave ManU!!!! They should start to believe if he stays into his 4thseason. This is how Mourinho and his gang work. He signs a 3-4 years contract. If he does well, the club will like to increase his stay when he is at the end of his 2nd season. After signing to increase his contract to 5-6 years, he will start performing poorly in the 3rd year. How does he do this? Poor selections, quarrell with players, having serious misunderstandings with key executive members. All this will make the management to threaten to sack him. He is a Psychologist and he knows how to play on people’s mind. He will increase the nonsense. Eventually, it will boil over and management will sack him. He will not resign. Sacking him means you pay him till the end of the new contract he signed. He goes home smiling to the bank!!! 6 months’ time he get a mugu high profile club and starts the same process all over. PSG is the next mugu high profile club. You want to bet? Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid have all tasted his ruthlessness. ManU is about to do the same. This hotel angle is definitely an indicator. Something will happen. Man United will end the league on 4th position and the management will not tolerate it.Quarrel with players and management will ensue and you know what will happen next. We are watching.