Mourinho: Man United Didn’t Deserve To Lose Even Match Vs Chelsea

Mourinho: Man United Didn’t Deserve To Lose Even Match Vs Chelsea

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho says his side did not deserve to lose against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Alvaro Morata’s headed goal secured a hard-fought win for Chelsea who were coming off the back of a 3-0 spanking against AS Roma in the UEFA Champions League in midweek.

But Mourinho posited that the game could have gone either way.

“It was an even match. Both teams could win. The first to score would be in more defensive control and to win the match,” he said in his post-match reaction.

“The first half was really even. In the second half in the only period where they were on top of the game, they scored.

“It frustrates us to concede a goal in this situation. We lost ourselves after the goal emotionally. We found again the balance and desire in the last 15 to 20 minutes. It was all us. We had big chances to equalise but we couldn’t.”

Mourinho stated further: “The game was controlled by us and the game was controlled by them. We had chances and they had chances and with the first goal they were able to bring more people to defend. We tried to change the direction of our game, we created chances to equalise but we couldn’t.

“We had chances. If I remember Lukaku shot in the first half and in the last part of the game with Rashford shot and Courtois without a chance with the cross to the far post to Fellaini. We had lots of chances to score goals.”

And on United’s current position which sees them behind Manchester City by eight points, Mourinho said they are not in a precarious situation.

He added: “We are second – not fifth, sixth or seventh or eight. We have several teams in a more difficult position than we have. Eight points is eight points.

“We went through a very difficult phase with important matches against Tottenham, Liverpool and Chelsea without important players.”


  • Mourinho should get rid of those two dancers (Anthonio Valencia and Asheley Young) together with Fellaini, Jones and Smalling…. These 5 players are not good and they are too old… Pls send them out of the club.

  • This game is one of the most entertaining game I’ve watched this season… Blues for life

  • There he goes again!

  • Chelsea outplay united

  • again and again AND again

  • What is he talking about? His team should have lost by more than a lone goal.

  • Man u deserve more beating man u played nonsense 2day no team work

  • Even match ko, evil ni

  • Is on high ni abi which match is he talking about pls??

  • They deserved to loose more than 1:0. That game was supposed to end 4:0

  • Douche baggry must be killing you!

  • What was even about the match? Odds were against them, they were lucky not to have conceded much

  • I disagree with him, let accept defeat….. Chelsea are not ready for draw soup against utd

  • Am Hard United Fan But Most Of Mourinho Players Are Low Level Players And They Can’t Compete With Man City,PSG,JUVY,BARCA At Dis Era.

  • Mou was lucky that Chelsea players where over excited about kante’s return and forgot to carry their scoring boot if not the story could have been worse

  • Chelsea are champions