Mr Ibu: I Can Bet N100K On Chelsea!

Mr Ibu: I Can Bet N100K On Chelsea!

–Nollywood star boasts Mourinho will floor Wenger again
Exclusive By Sab Osuji:

Nollywood star, John Okafor, has dared anyone to drop a bet with him as his club of the heart, Chelsea, go head-to-head with Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium, on Sunday in a crucial Barclays Premier League clash.

“I can put N100,000 on the line for anyone to dare bet me as regards Sunday’s match between Arsenal and Chelsea”, starts Okafor who is popularly called ‘Mr Ibu’.

“I’m completely confident Chelsea will win even though such victory won’t come on a plater of gold”.

Mr Ibu who disclosed his wife named his daughter ‘Chelsea’ even right in the hospital in his absence and that blood that runs through his family veins is blue stated that Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho has Arsenal’s number.

“Mourinho is such a coach who takes every game especially matches against the top four teams with exceptional seriousness.

“He’s a business minded coach, hates to lose and goes into every game with winning mentality.
“Besides, he’s not lost any game against Arsenal whether at Stamford Bridge or at Emirates Stadium and this will play up again on Sunday.

“This is one game that will how long Chelsea will wait to be crowned 2014/2015 EPL champions.

“A win on Sunday will mean they are just three points away from being champions but if they lose as is unlikely, they will have to make amends with their outstanding game with Leicester City.

“So on Sunday, I’ll be right there in my house, together with my ‘Chelsea family’ watching the match.

“But if anything takes me outside my house, say I find myself in the office, I’ll still have some close friends around me while the game goes on”.


  • Mr IBU pls take it easy o. Arsenal is not Leicester and even Leicester will not be easy as they are drowning and it will be die&go. I know that I predicted that Chelsea will take the day Ar0-2Ch. However this is football. From now till Sunday anything can happen that may make team be depleted- injuries during training, sudden loss of form, sudden sickness(self or family member), birth of a baby, sudden death(self or family member). So IBU no talk too much. Meanwhile that 100K will be used for beer and suya win or loss for Chelsea. I am not a fan of either club 4urInfo.