Mr Ibu: McGregor Should Face MMA After Floyd Beat Him Like A Small Boy

Mr Ibu: McGregor Should Face MMA After Floyd Beat Him Like A Small Boy

By Izuchukwu Okosi:

Nollywood star comedian Ikechukwu Okafor aka Mr Ibu has reacted to the defeat of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Conor McGregor in the hands of ‘Money Man’ Floyd Mayweather in the Super Welterweight bout early Sunday morning, reports

Mayweather reached the milestone of 50 wins without a defeat in his last professional fight after a technical knockout of the Irishman.

“McGregor even tried in the fight considering this was his first attempt inside the boxing ring,” Mr Ibu told on Sunday.

“I didn’t watch it live but from the highlights I’ve seen on TV, he stood no chance of getting a win over Mayweather who is a boxer, McGregor is not.

“Look at the way Mayweather dealt with him, beating him like a small boy. McGregor is a champion in his area which is mixed martial arts (MMA), he should leave pure boxing to those whose job is fighting the ring to avoid accidents abeg, let him face his kick-boxing.”

Mayweather announced the fight is his last and Ibu, who himself attempted boxing as a career before his Nollywood breakthrough, believes he is retired for good.

“He has just won a 50th fight and I don’t think he would want to have blemish on that record,” Mr Ibu added.

“Who knows, the guy fit come back to fight again because of long throat for money and he will be beaten the way he beat McGregor. So I feel he won’t and that’s the best for him. The ovation is loudest now.”