NANS Supports Odegbami’s FIFA Presidency Ambition

NANS Supports Odegbami’s FIFA Presidency Ambition

 The National Association of Nigerian Students [NANS] is in support of the FIFA presidency aspiration of 'Segun Odegbami. 

This message was released after a recent meeting of this student body at the University of Benin, where the entire National Association of Nigerian Students [NANS] resolved to throw their weight and support behind the FIFA presidency aspiration of 'Seguin Odegbami.

NANS further promised to do their best to obtain the support of other fellow African Nations’ students bodies. The message went further to request a meeting with 'Segun Odegbami and also affirmed that during their imminent meeting with the Nigerian President – General  Muhammad Buhari – they will table this message and seek the support of the Nigerian president for Segun Odegbami’s candidacy. 

A spokesperson for Chief Odegbami, Dr Ade Adeagbo said: “the overwhelming and unsolicited support of the youth of Nigeria for ‘Segun Odegbami, is a reflection of his status as a living African football legend and role model. Not only does this students’ endorsement reflect the objectivity of the younger generations in Nigeria and indeed across Africa, it also stands as a collective yearn of Nigerian youth to have someone at the elms of FIFA affairs that they can trust and relate to” 

Dr Adeagbo further stresses that: “with this form of endorsement, and many of its types received to date, it will be foolhardy for any organization and/or agency in Nigeria and Africa not to support ‘Segun Odegbami’s candidacy for FIFA President”.


  • What do students know. Babies still being feed by parents or guardians. Of course they love attention. They love radicalism without thinking of the consequences. Real people have given their advice. That’s it, end of story. Not students. Students ke.

  • Ambassador A. C. Oguikpe 3 years ago

    I want to state for sure that Orji Uzor Kalu is far better than Odegbami from all inference and would be the one that will bring the change the world is looking for in football! Let us support him by giving him the approval.