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Napoli Fans To Wear Masks In Support Of Racially Abused Koulibaly

Napoli Fans To Wear Masks In Support Of Racially Abused Koulibaly

Napoli fans will wear Kalidou Koulibaly masks during Saturday’s clash with Bologna in a show of support for the defender after he was subjected to discriminatory abuse.

The 27-year-old, born in France to Senegalese parents, was allegedly subjected to monkey chants throughout his side’s 1-0 loss to Inter in midweek.
Koulibaly was sent off in the game, as he was first booked for a foul and then given a second yellow card for sarcastically applauding the referee.

His manager, Carlo Ancelotti, defended his centre-back afterwards, however, insisting that the club asked for the game to be suspended three times due to the abuse aimed at Koulibaly, leading to announcements over the PA system.

Inter will now play two home league games behind closed doors as punishment, though they have yet to decide whether to launch an appeal.
The Italian also made it clear that he would have no hesitation in telling his team to abandon a match if it were to happen again.

“Maybe we have to take matters into our own hands next time and stop play ourselves. They’ll probably make us lose the game if we walk off, but we are prepared to do it,” he said.

And fans are now also ready to show their solidarity with Koulibaly, with a supporters group preparing to hand out masks with Koulibaly’s face on, as well as t-shirts bearing his name.

Koulibaly’s team-mate Faouzi Ghoulam has already shown his support through Twitter, posting a picture of himself wearing the mask, along with the message: “It does not matter the colour of skin. It does not matter religion. It does not matter which team you cheer for.

“Football, like all sports, is a game. And all the games are passion. Fun, freedom and in freedom we are all the same. Tomorrow we will all be Koulibaly!”

Supporters previously donned Koulibaly masks in 2016 after Lazio fans subjected the defender to racial abuse. The chants led to the game being stopped for three minutes in the second half.

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  • These white racists are awful … and ignorant. Research has proven unequivocally that mankind originated from Africa. Some crossed over the Mediterranean, settled in colder climates and gradually their skin color changed to suit the climate.So what’s the big deal about skin color? Some of us who have been opportuned to see the human brain, know that the color is the same, whether you are white or black. These white racists should be pitied. I’LL NEVER TRADE MY BLACK SKIN FOR ANYTHING ELSE.

    • Kelvin 2 years ago

      Even you comment has elements of racism

      • I don’t think so he posted about “white racists” not all whites as not all whites are racist. Yes he ignored other racists (Arab racists, black racists and tribalists) but his comment was not racist, rather it was a very narrow comment

  • Kelvin 2 years ago

    Even your comment has elements of racism

    • @Kelvin Don’t make sweeping statements. Point out what is racist in my comments. The is just no reason to ridicule people based on the colour of their skin. The evidence is there for every enlightened person to find out. Racism doesn’t just make sense. It’s sheer stupidity.

  • TRibalism is as bad as racism. The minute you make comments based on where a person is from or their colour then you are racist. 

    Let’s stamp out tribalism inthe same way we want to stamp out racism. It goes deeper than skin colour 

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    @kelvin so what’s ur point?

  • Am made of black
    am koulibally
    we all are black
    am original
    white fade bt black neva du
    say no to racism

  • Pompei 2 years ago

    I’m afraid racism in football is here to stay. The main reason is that the punishment meted out in other cases so far is just not severe enough! If for example, Lazio are fined $100 million and banned from the game for 2 years, or are automatically relegated to Serie B, I think other clubs will sit up. The punishment must be adequate enough to force positive change. Of course, any individual caught red handed engaging in racist foolishness should be banned from the game FOR LIFE.

  • What is “RACISM”? The word “racist” is meaningless! The earlier the dark-skinned race fight, accept and embrace their colour and uniqueness the better. If some idiots spend as much time, energy and money finding positiveness in their skin colour instead of bleaching and craving a skin inferior in all totality to theirs, the “ridicule will at best be minimal or totally eradicated. I happen to live with “white skin people but I command absolute respect from them ’cause I’m never ashamed of my skin colour. Ofcourse many always wanted to play the racial card but I’m backed with enough knowledge of my race to topple them at all times. Now they find me unattackable among the dark skinned everywhere they see me because they know I will always give it to them more than they bring it. Guys, stop playing this PITY game cause it won’t help and your “adversary” will always find a way to attack you mentally cause they can not match you physically. I will advise the likes of KOULIBALY and BALOTELLI to take example from DANI ALVES who had a banana thrown at him during a football match. What did the brave man do?! He picked up the banana and ate it without taking offence at anyone nor looking for self pity.
    That, my fellow people, is a man who has confidence in both his skin colour and his abilities!!!

  • Pompei 2 years ago

    Yes, I also loved the way Dani Alves responded to that ignoramus. However, a word of caution to Mr. Alves – next time an ignorant, vicious racist throws a banana at you, have it checked for poisoning first before you eat it! 🙂