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Ndidi Has Most Tackles, Interceptions After World Cup Group Stage

Ndidi Has Most Tackles, Interceptions After World Cup Group Stage

By James Agberebi:
Nigeria may have been eliminated from the 2018 FIFA World Cup but Super Eagles midfielder Wilfred Ndidi has been rated as the player with the most tackles and interceptions so far at the competition.
This was confirmed by football facts and statistics website, whoscored.com on their verified Twitter handle.
According to whoscored.com, he has made 15 tackles and 12 interceptions more than any other player at the 2018 WorldCup so far.
Ndidi was in action for the Super Eagles who narrowly missed out of qualification for the round of 16 from Group D.
The Leicester City star played in all three Group D games of the Super Eagles at the tournament.
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  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    You are on an upward trajectory bro. Just work on your ball distribution and shots from range and boom…….we’ll be having a new Oliseh on our hands

    • I totally disagree. I think the guy has elements to his game that he needs to develop.
      His tackles are good and stats always look favourable but I think comparing him with Oliseh at this stage is just plain stupid.
      My opinion.

      • Dr Drey,
        I read your post with interest and it may interest you to know that I have gone back to read it again to see whether or not, if my conclusion was misplaced but it is not.
        You spent so much time juxtaposing that you missed the salient point.
        You compare Ndidi to Oliseh because you believe the Leicester City midfielder “has the potentials to be like the great Oliseh (of 1998 perhaps) so long as he adds certain elements to his game” right? Are we on the same page thus far Dr. Of-Football?
        Well you and I – at least – agree that key elements are sadly missing from his game at this time. Am I right again?
        However, where we differ is that, whereas you appear to believe he may be able to acquire those missing skills, I am yet to be convinced he can acquire them, which, to me, makes the premise of your original entry ludicrous.
        If you still lack the capacity to comprehend this, do let me know and I will oblige.
        Thank you very much indeed.

      • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

        You clearly stated “my opinion” why call someonelse’s opinion. Stupid? Everyone is entitled to an opinion without the insults..m

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    Here we go again overhyping the guy, the guy is just an average player 

  • @ Dr Drey you are on point bro , if he adds precision in his games he will go places at least ability to take long range shots and score goals

    • Kd10, thank you. Onazi showed similar promise 4 years ago playing in a top European league in Italy. Did he fulfilled the potentials we believe he had? No.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Onazi was never half as good as Ndidi, neither was his statistics never half as pleasant to see as Ndidi’s. If Onazi didnt fulfil his potentials, that is is own cup of coffee. For ndidi to move from lowly rated genk and slot in seamlessly into a premiership team is no mean feat, Playing every EPL match since jan 2017. He got his work permit in england with the “special talent” clause. So if the home office in england recognizes him as a special talent, who are we to undermine him as if he were a nobody. Even Onazi was never a key player at lazio, tried as he may he could not seal a move to the premier league. the last time an english team showed interest in him….it was lower division birmingham city. Conversely, Claude Puel caught the figure of a man whom the heavens was falling on wen it was confirmed that Ndidi would miss a few matches for LCFC during the outgone season. he openly affirmed in his press conference that he would have to change his tactitcs for the next match due to ndidi’s suspension. Thats how good and important he is to the team. he is currently worth 72m euros and is being linked to Liverpool and Arsenal. From genk to leicester to liverpool. Thats definitely not the career trajectory of an “average” player

        • I watched a documentary once of Arsenal legend Ian Wright who believes that the English Premier League has been infiltrated by foreigners who – at best – are average players.
          Indeed, there is a school of thought in England that too many average players who are granted work permit either via “Special Talent” or via the normal route of “sufficient national team caps” are harming the progress of English players and the England national team – Ian Wright concurs.
          It depends on how you want to see him. In some quarters in England,Ndidi will be seen as one of these lucky average players. Indeed some of his own country men in this forum and real life see him as an average player – yes a lot don’t.
          You can brandish all the stats, data and statistics that you have access to. The raw fact is that, 4 years ago, Onazi covered a lot of grounds, unleashed some powerful shots, was combative in the heart of midfield just like Ndidi is today but 4 years on he has faded.
          I have seen very average players play for Liverpool (Djimi Traore) and Manchester United (Eric Djemba Djemba) so being linked to these clubs is not the “be all and end all”.
          With all those stats, those who see Ndidi as an average player will continue to do so in the eyes of certain fans and no amount of online bullying and harrassment will make them change their mind.

          • Have u asked yourself..why did Messi have so many shots on target against previous nigerian teams but he was restricted to two or three d whole game..it is because there are players silently doing the dirty job without running around the pitch like a bulldozer..how many shots on target did Iceland and Croatia have against the super eagles..couldn’t remember a time modric had a clear shooting chance d whole match..Brendan Rodgers used the term educated marking..a typical term that describes Sergio busquets…never ever compare a player that jst covers space to a player who marks with intelligence

        • @Dr.Drey My guy you are on point… Big Ups don’t mind Clueless individuals like @Sura the Tailor who have no clue about football and always undermine super talented Nigerian players like Ndidi and celebrate mediocrity like Onazi… these are the kind of people that forces the coach hands to make poor team selections (because sadly majority of Nigerians think like @Sura the Tailor) and take the likes of Onazi over talents like Kelechi Nwakali where as the former did not even get a look in at the world cup because he is average.. Lets not forget Kelechi Nwakali is a free kick specialists have you asked yourself that Free kick Etebo missed against Argentina what would have happended if Kelechi Nwakali took it???? I leave that to your imagination because the truth always prevails. I have no doubt in my mind had Nwakali been selected he may have win a starting birth place above Etebo whom might i add the latter performed commendably but I know the former is way more talented… @Dr.Dre we need more minded people like you commenting not agents of destruction like @Sura the Tailor

  • sureseye 3 years ago

    Ndidi is pure class, he is that good. I like him alot. All these raving stats I’m seeing about our players makes me conclude our coach was so bad at the world cup.

    The coach made us lose against Argentina, not even Ighalo cos we all know he’s not inform. Even upon that he could not reasonably defend for 10min. Simply bring in Tyronne and Ogu. So sad the players deserved more than they got

  • Rohr and Rohr and Rohr alone defeated nigeria.

  • Rohr and Rohr and Rohr alone defeated nigeria.

  • @Nkemjk… I feel u. Many didn’t notice Messi that night. He kept dribbling backwards even though those dribbles was sweet to watch,  they went backwards because of Idowu and ndidi. Apart from the goal and the free kick, a whole Messi stopped from playing another shot. May be u people even notice that Aguero was 100% ineffective when he came in. A whole aguero of Man City? Even Croatia with modric, Rakitic and the rest stars from the statistics had just two shots for 90 mins on there own. No thanks to an own goal and a penalty. Gernot Rohr only spent a year plus with the team and they performed this way? I’m somehow disappointed with some people here calling back Oliseh, Siasia and Co back to coaching naija.  We settled for indigenous coaches too long in d past and we paid dearly by not going to different nations cup. for once, let’s continue and see how it goes.

  • All this blaming of coach must stop pls.. The all did their best. One thing we always forget to remember is that everything in life is time. If Ighalo had converted those chances he would have been a hero and am sure people blaming Rohr will be praising him now so what is tactical deficient there. It wasn’t Nigeria and African time let be sincere with our self. Look at what happened in Germany group they needed to beat Korea who everyone beat in that group to qualify while Mexico will go out but it wasn’t their time because that German team wasn’t as bad as not to be able to beat Korea. Let’s take everything in good faith, work hard and then our time will come. God bless Nigeria.

  • Dr Drey, Judging by the response from your supporter Ugo Iwunze and the insults he rained on me, you can now see why I feel bullied and harassed.
    I will not dignify his entry with a response but I will respond to yours as you appear just marginally better.
    You base a lot of your arguments on those fancy facts, no problems with that, but even you will appreciate that there are different perspectives to look at and evaluate any matter. (Fact based, observation based, case comparison with similar samples etc) But let me pause and give you one Fact since it is the only language you understand. Go back through my entries and I never ever said that (quoting you) : “Ndidi is the worst defensive midfielder to ever play for the Super Eagles”. What is fact is that you have incited hatred towards me which have manifested in the insults from Ugo and that cannot be fair. What is fact is you that lied and attributed a malicious quote to me.
    Whether you or your fellow vocal commentators like it or not, commentators like SunnyB and myself will always express our views on players who are fan-favourites and whether you like our method of appraisal/perception or not, your rude and insulting collective remarks will not stop us.
    Freedom of speech shall prevail. Sticks and stones can break my bones but insults and lies from you and Ugo shall not hurt me.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Bro…Take it easy ehn. I dont have any supporter on this forum. Im just an avid reader who simply takes advantage of the opportunity given by the owners of this website to contribute my one cent to the discourse on ground, whether i’m applauded or not. I dont comment because i want applause, i’m only hear to share ideas and also learn from others. And when i comment, i dont let sentiments becloud my sense of judgement. I comment based on my many years experience of ardent followership of the beautiful game, either on TV, radio, print media or in real time in the stadium.
      That being said I believe a discussion is an exchange of ideas while an arguement is an exchange of ignorance. Ideas are products of non-fictitious facts, not on hearsays or day dreams, and that is why i arm myself with as much verifiable facts as possible when engaging, or being engaged in a discussion. I never NEVER quoted you to have said that “Ndidi is the worst defensive midfielder to ever play for the Super Eagles”. That you can verify from my post. I only posited, based on your insinutation which I’ll like to quote, “those who see Ndidi as an average player will continue to do so”, that even IF….i repeat, even IF …. you decide to see Ndidi as the worst defensive midfielder to ever play for the Super Eagles, it wouldn’t change the fact that he’s a very talented player who is on an upward trajectory, and who with hardwork, focus and dedication will assume legendary status in future. That in no way was a lie or an incitement against you. And as for feeling bullied, i think that is misplaced, if anyone should feel or should have felt bullied, them it should be me….let me remind you of this wonderful line of yours…”..but I think comparing him with Oliseh at this stage is just plain stupid…” Whats your take on this…?
      Even @ football fanatic had this to say about it

      “Footballfanatic 14 hours ago
      You clearly stated “my opinion” why call someone else’s opinion. Stupid? Everyone is entitled to an opinion without the insults..m”

      Anyways, no ill feelings bro. Lets just say both of us too sabi english naim make we nor dey understand oursef wel wel