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NFF Begins Investigation On Yusuf’s Bribery Allegations

NFF Begins Investigation On Yusuf’s Bribery Allegations

The Nigeria Football Federation has began preliminary investigation on the video footage capturing Super Eagles assistant coach Salisu Yusuf receiving money from men posing as football agents.

The video was broadcasted by BBC Africa Eye on Monday night.

In the video, Yusuf, recieved $1000, (N360,000) to pick two players for the 2018 CHAN championship. He was further promised 15% by the men posing as football agents of the players as soon as they are able to seal a deal abroad.

“For now, the NFF has commenced preliminary investigation into the matter to assist the Committee on Ethics and Fairplay,” NFF’s Director of Communications, Ademola Olajire, said in a media statement made availbale to CSN.

The 56-year-old former Kano Pillars coach has since denied any wrongdoing, insisting that he did not promise or commit to selecting any player in exchange for the money.

He claimed that he never asked the reporters for money and that it was just a gift offered to him.

Yusuf also clarified that he received $750 not the $1000 claimed in the report and further stated that he viewed the money as a trivial and symbolic value which falls within the gifts FIFA code allows for and that his influence over the players’ selection was never affected.

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  • Any investigation based on the video is noll and void. The man or journalist who did the James Bond thing should be invited. If he refuses to come over and testify, he should be termed a coward and so not reliable. The trial should be shown live with all questions and counter questions heard by the public.

    • Niaja4ever 3 years ago

      You are a donkey. How can you defend a man caught on video obviously collecting bribe. People like you are the reason Nigeria is still a backward country

  • Niaja4ever 3 years ago

    If the government will not systematically stop corruption then it is left to the people to start a revolution and start demanding trandperency in our society by actively catching and publicly exposing corrupt officials (just like was done here.) only when people in power start operating for the betterment of Nigeria and not their pocket will my beloved Nigeria truly start to folrish like the African paradise it should had been.

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    A failed  state. Most useless country in the world.A country where cow lives are more valuable than human.I which tsunami can just watch that piece of thing called Nigeria away. People actually voted a barbarian nomad in 21st century to rule them.

    • Greenturf 3 years ago

      Excuse me @sunnyb,you taking this too far.
      Why would you pray for tsunami to wipe away an entire country? Probably you live in the diaspora so are not bothered but haven’t you got friends,families? aside that no one should pray for a country to be consumed by natural disaster it’s bizzare to think that way.So how are you better than the corrupt politicians because I believe most of them wouldn’t wish a country to be wiped out by tsunami.
      Meanwhile,most people condemning Yusuf will not only accept bribe but go round looking for who to offer them.We are no saints we are Nigerians.
      However,anyone caught should be punished because that’s the only way it can be checked.
      I’m not in support of corruption.Integrity is the way forward.Good name is always better than money and you can never achieve success in sports if you are a corrupt manager.
      God bless Nigeria.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      I understand the pain of sunnyb as those of us who live outside the country can testify the difference between good and bad government but your prayers should be positive instead of adding more curse to a failed system.

  • So this man has accepted that he collected some money.he suposed to be ban for long.he is a thief

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    Guys I’m  very sorry for the outburst.its just sad and very painful seeing that country like that. Once again wrong choice of words 

  • Presh 3 years ago

    If you BFF don’t sack him Salisu Yusuff, then it’s gonna be a war,you guys telling Nigerians straight to them faces even if you steal kill,no qualms,he’s gotta go,why investigating,why even allowing him time to get his next wages,he messed up,why invite the journalist who interviewed him,no,you can go and call Christaina Amapour,you really think it’s easy. Hey him off his job,now. NFF, We need credible results and good coaches.

  • Presh 3 years ago

    Not bff NFF

  • I have been reading up on this matter and find that Mr Yusuf and his legal team will have a hard time in trying to dig the Coach out of this bribery hole that he finds himself.

    Mr Yusuf and his team will try to clear his name by relying on the 20.1 Fifa code of ethics which states:


    Offering and accepting gifts and other benefits
    1. Persons bound by this Code may only offer or accept gifts or other
    benefits to and from persons within or outside FIFA, or in conjunction with
    intermediaries or related parties as defined in this Code, which
    a) have symbolic or trivial value;
    b) exclude any influence for the execution or omission of an act that is
    related to their official activities or falls within their discretion;
    c) are not contrary to their duties;
    d) do not create any undue pecuniary or other advantage and
    e) do not create a conflict of interest.

    Mr. Yusuf will want to claim that the amount in question 1. Falls within his discretion. 2.Was trivial. 3.Created no undue advantage to team selection and in his understanding4. There was no conflict of interest.

    However, section 20.2 drops Mr. Yusuf in hot water. This states:


    If in doubt, gifts shall not be offered or accepted. In all cases, persons bound
    by this Code shall not offer to or accept from anyone within or outside FIFA “cash” in any amount or form.

    Mr Yusuf was clearly seen collecting cash in clear violation of section 20.2 of the code.

    It will be interesting to see how him and his legal team attempt to dig Salisu out of this hole…..

  • gibson 3 years ago

    D regime of sepp Blatter institutionalised corruption in FIFA.remember d days of accepting Rolex watches n dollars in exchange for hosting rights.dis corruption hs eaten deep into their member associations,down to d referees n coaches.wat Mr. Yusuf did is common place in African football,he ws just unfortunate to b nabbed.did I hear someone say Mr.Yusuf shld resign?.Nigerians hv a thick skin against corruption allegation n Mr.Yusuf is not different.Even though d NFF disciplinary committee hs requested for Yusufs sack.I will b surprised if dis case despite d verifiable evidence is not swept under d carpet.

  • 750 X 18 =13500 X 360= almost 5m

    No p
    U try