NFF Chieftain, Nigeria Fans: Go Keshi, Go!

NFF Chieftain, Nigeria Fans: Go Keshi, Go!

Super Eagles head coach,Stephen Keshi has been told to walk away from his job as he has become surplus to requirements.This was the decision of most of the fans in Nigerian fans’ favourite online sports platform, www.completesportsnigeria.com as well as an unnamed NFF executive committee member after the team failed to qualify for next year’s AFCON in Equatorial Guinea.

To Philip Olaoluwa Ige,the Super Eagles need a new coach.


“Keshi’s time was up since after the World Cup. We need a coach that will call up our best legs for matches and will always have a solid bench,”he wrote and his view was shared by several others with a certain Chiffo adding the Eagles will arise again after dispensing with the services of Keshi.

‘Long live Nigeria Super Eagles!!!!!! Farewell Mediocrity! Farewell Favouritism!!
Farewell Vindictiveness!!! Farewell Questionable selections!!!! Farewell Keshi. One love Nigerians, the Eagles will rise and soar again in a little while.’


Another fan who calls himself as Benue believes this is an opportunity to start afresh.
‘It is time for a fresh start for Nigerian football. We have a new NFF board and president. Keshi should kindly resign and step aside. He has given his best, but the time is right for him to step aside,’he wrote while Ade was shocked the NFF dillydallied until it was too late.

‘Why can’t we read through the lines in Nigeria? Haba!! Ghana coach got relieved of his job because of bad results. Why can’t we do the right thing at the right time? Hmmm ,the more we leave Keshi as Eagles coach, the more problem we shall encounter. I am just waiting to read the apologies once again from the coach and his players and see if we will continue to revolve or parambulate in our shell of same story. Please I am not castigating Keshi, but he is not a good coach. He can’t give what he doesn’t have. Period,’wrote Ade.

An unnamed NFF executive committee member shared the sentiments of most ofcompletesportsnigeria.com’s respondents in an interview with the British Broadcasting Service, BBC.

“Walking away honourably would be the smartest thing for Stephen Keshi.”It’s pointless to hang around when you’ve failed, have been completely rejected by the NFF and are unwanted by disappointed football fans.He does not have any contractual obligations with the federation; remember the board also offered to sponsor him and his assistants to managerial courses with good intention.

He will probably get a job elsewhere before January but the country will not get the opportunity to play at the next Nations Cup,” said the unnamed NFF member.

Keshi has refused to comment on whether it is the end of his time as coach with the team he steered to Nations Cup glory in 2013 and led to the last-16 of this summer’s World Cup in Brazil.

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  • Beejay 7 years ago

    Government interference killed our AFCON dream. Recall that the new NFF led by Amanju Pinnick had done the right thing by relieving the inept Stephen Keshi and his coaching team of their jobs following the dismal run of the Eagles during the qualification. But to my uttermost surprise, President Goodluck Johnathan, who should ordinarily be focused on governance surprisingly, overturned the decision of the NFF and imposed Keshi on us. Without blinking an eye with shame, Keshi accepted and continued with his philosophy of alienating quality players – Mba, Ideye, John Ogu, Ihenacho, Martins, Abduljelil Ajagun, Victor Moses to mention but few. Instead he remained adamant that these players were too young, too old or playing in 3rd-Tier leagues. Yet he continues to bewilder the imaginations of millions of Nigerians by extending invitations to benchwarmers, protégé of business associates and players playing in obscure leagues. There are several examples of these: Recall how we went to the World Cup with Gabriel Reuben, Uchebo, Nwofor, Egwueke etc. at the expense of established stars that could have made the difference. We ended up playing in the world cup with just 2 midfielders – Onazi and Mikel and when the former got injured against France, we lost out of the world cup.
    After being reinstated by the President, he continued to do his business as usual with pride and impunity – extending invitations to unheralded players and bench warmers while he continued to alienate our AFCON heroes – Moses, Mba and Ideye. Fellow Nigerians, let us say no to the Tyranny of any government and refuse to allow Keshi or the NFF determine our joy. Who says Nigeria lacks talent. We have Moses Simmon, Ighalo, Sammy Ameobi, and other exciting internationals abroad. We need a change. Let’s stand up against imposition and mediocrity. God bless Nigeria

  • Please nigerians stop doing this to yourself. leave Keshi alone, Samson Siasia did not qualify you to nations cup sometimes 2 to 3 years ago. Keshi came him he qualify nigeria and win a nations cup. now you are asking for his head. its too much. coack cant continue winning.

    Morinho fail to win PSL title last season doesnt mean is not a good coach. leave keshi he has learn from his mistakes. leave keshi, i was suprise with the advice of the whole super eagles formal media advice Peterside saying keshi should go. during his own tenure as eagles goal keeper does he not dissapoint eagles as well sometimes.

    For our nation future leave keshi alone please.

    I pray God will not allow NFF and stupid nigerian to let him go.

    • You are not speaking for nigerian. you are speaking for yourself.
      Please speak your advice don’t put nigerians.

    • SoccerInNigeria 7 years ago

      @Adebesin my brother

      Please stop this nonsense of saying Keshi should stay. Keshi has given his best and failed to qualify for the AFCON, Keshi was sacked by the new NFF board, and was imposed on them by Mr. Goodluck Jonathan, that shows the the NFF and Keshi will not have a good relationship, which will lead to further poor results.

      It very clear that It is time for Keshi to go. I like Keshi just like you do but @Adebesin it is pointless and senseless for Keshi to continue as coach. He should and must step aside.

      @Adebesin with all due respect please use your brain and think. It is time for Keshi to walk away honorably

  • Marsh 7 years ago

    So Mba, Ideye,Odion, Ajagun, John Ogu, etc are your stars? you are not serious at all. The only player there is Moses but of late Moses has been doing well eagles. He played our first match in Calabar and he was taken off. Those players you mentioned are just ordinary players, nothing spectacular about them including Sammy Ameobi. Don’t watch EPL and championship and start naming players. Like Chairman Chukwu said, we need to rebuild the team and not with old players but NFF will not accept because they want instant result and that is what they got from Keshi. When keshi was signed as a coach he gave th NFF a proposal to build a team mainly from the local league but they reject it saying it wont produce result even when he took MBA to Afcon he was criticized. In football when you use some particular set of players at a time they will worn out, that is exactly what has happened to eagles.
    i am sure you were among those people who criticized Keshi after confedration cup for taken MBA and Ideye to the competition and today they are your stars.

    • SoccerInNigeria 7 years ago

      @Marsh How you dey

      I hope you are not trying to suggest Keshi should remain coach of the Super Eagles. Bcoz Keshi made a mistake by lobbying Mr. Jonathan to force the NFF to rehire him. That action killed and posibility of a positive working relationship between Keshi and the NFF. If Keshi qualified the teamfor AFCON then i can understand if Keshi wants to continue. but for now it makes no sense.

  • omo9ja 7 years ago

    Keep deceiving yourselves Nigerians. Only God can help us in this Country. Even, an 100 years old man knows that Keshi doesn’t to be retained. Ask yourself, which team this current Eagles team can beat both in Africa and Abroad? I will never be deceived by anyone. God bless Nigeria!

  • Toppal 7 years ago

    Someone here asked if Mourinho won premiership last season. No he did not, but Mourinho is bold enough to put stagnant Mikel on the bench, he is not dubious with his selection neither does he put personal interest ahead of club interest. Keshi on the other hand took bench warmers to the world cup and continued to use them. He was even bold enough to take a player who had not played for his clubside for almost 2 years to the world cup and even had the audacity to use the player. Mourinho did not fight 70 – 80 percent of his best players. But Keshi fought our very best players and ostracized them from super eagles as if super eagles was his personal property!
    Just early this year people like Marsh (while using another name on KIckoff) were claiming that Keshi is the best coach in Africa, sadly, before the end of this same year the same Keshi who is the supposed best coach in Nigeria and Africa cannot qualify Nigeria for nations cup. He can’t even beat South Africa, our perennial iyawo in football. He even brought shame to Nigeria by losing in Nigeria and to our utter bewilderment could go and lose to Sudan.
    When we said after the nations cup win that Keshi had been on the downward spiral in terms of performance, people like Marsh said it was bad belle that was disturbing us but today nko wetin happen. You keep allowing nations cup win to becloud your sense of judgment about the attitude of the man called Keshi. Don’t worry, when the next Fifa ranking comes out that is when the gravity of Keshi’s wobble and fumble will be properly robbed in for you keshi united supporters.

  • Marsh 7 years ago

    @SoccerInNigeria, i dey fine o, hope you are fine? I am not saying Keshi should stay but the way people are criticizing this guy is my problem. This is the same coach who made all of us smile by winning the AFCON in South Africa. My brother, you read my post when Keshi was reappointed? i said here that he should not go back to that job, that was before Congo match, i said the atmosphere was not favourable to him that there was a lot things working against him starting from the NFF. I said here that he will not win in Congo but he ended up wining the match and restored the hope of Nigerians, i was actually happy for him even you were happy too. All i wanted to see that we qualified but at the end it did not work. NFF started this problem with Keshi and they got what they wanted. I want to make this clear, Keshi never lobby the president, the faction in the Glasshouse did, all of them are playing dirty politics with our football.

    • SoccerInNigeria 7 years ago


      Ok no Wahala. I think it is in Keshi’s best interest to step aside and accept the coaching/refresher course of the NFF. I can assure Keshi that within 4 or 5 months he will have another good paying job. Even without the course Keshi will still get another job.

      The problem now is that the atmosphere in Nigeria is not right for Keshi to be productive and get positive results for Nigeria. There will be a good amount of hostility between Keshi and the NFF. Which will not help anybody. Additionally Most Nigeria Fans want Keshi to go at this time.

  • Marsh 7 years ago

    @Toppal, nothing like shame my friend. What shame? Mourinho benched Mikel you are hailing him but Keshi Emenike the first Match against Congo you blamed him abi? You said he can’t beat South Africa? You are big liar! In Mandela’s cup he beat South Africa 2-0 scored by Nwofor and with the CHAN team he also defeated South Africa main national team and that is the same team we played in this qualifier. Just asked yourself what went wrong all of a sudden and stop this lies about Keshi.

  • Marsh 7 years ago

    @SoccerInNigeria, leave NFF with their ye ye refresher course all na blackmail. Upgrading yourself place you above your competitors and Keshi knows that so they are not the one to tell him what to do. They should forget about Van Gaal style of holding note book and writing, in Manchester that style is not working for him and he has started leaving the book and face the real EPL business. Bora came to Nigeria practicing that and eagles were hammered 4-1 by Denmark and what happened? Bora ran away from there. Keshi has a coaching certificate and he has been attending programs on modern day tactics in America and UK, he’s bereft of ideas as people are insinuating. Why didn’t they ask Siasia to go for refresher course? Siasia has not coach any team for some time, Please ask yourself this question. Keshi, is not somebody that boast that is what people don’t know about him, he minds his business. Have you ever heard Keshi on air criticizing Siasia, Eguavon etc., when they were in charge of eagles? No! Keshi was in the US enjoying himself, he does not have time to bite you because he believes his time will come. Isn’t it clear that these guys does not like Keshi?

  • okponku 7 years ago

    Keshi was doing business with Super Eagles no doubt but there is no smoke without fire my lovely naija fans. whom which took firewoods from a bad forrest invited lizard as a visitor. when the NFF officials were playing dirty politics with the coach entitlements, what do u expect from him. put oulselves in Keshi shoe, working for more than 3months without salary haba man must survive. so we should lay every blame to the past NFF. notwithstanding KOK should respect himself and quit. checkout Coasta Rica coach whom performed well in the last world cup resigned talkless of a poor perfomance KOK
    However on my opinion only Enyema, Onazi and Soni Aluko should be retained others should desert super eagles or showed a way out

  • Marsh 7 years ago

    @okponku, Onazi in this qualifier was a disaster.

  • Toppal 7 years ago

    @Marsh don’t tell me that you are rating CHAN and an invitational tournament higher than nations cup qualifiers. If that is what you are doing, then, that will be the greatest joke of the year. Of what use is beating South Africa in CHAN (mind you he could not beat a team that played 10 men against him and did not even win the said tournament) or defeating them in an invitational tournament? This is the second time to that Keshi will be unable to fashion out a strategy to beat a team that played short one. This has happened here in Africa o what if it happens outside the shores of Africa, wouldn’t it be a greater shame?
    Based on Keshi’s recent performances do you honestly believe that he should be allowed to continue as the coach of the team?

  • Oluwadare Hassan 7 years ago

    Keshi should have saved us all these comments,jibes at each other and personal opinions. Yes,he won the Nations Cup and even if he had been lucky,tampering with that team started his downfall. The high and low of any team is the responsibility of the coach. Even if he still wanted to build a brand new team,using qualifiers as a platform to do such was wrong and costly. Hassan Shehata won three Nations cup while in charge of the Pharaohs. He was sacked for not qualifying the team afterwards. Keshi,be honorable and just walk away;to start afresh and regain your honor. NFF,be bold and courageous and stop being a wimp. Put your feet down and do the right thing. God bless Nigeria.

  • oluwatobi 7 years ago

    Oh guys just reading your comments and I will give it to you guys for been a tru fans of my dear super eagles but the super eagles is not a rehabilitation center where you workout your poor performers but rather a place where the best is used at every given time. In football you are as good as your last result that’s why real madrid sack their champions league coach because of his last performers, I think keshi have nothing to offer the eagles anymore and he should now be coaching in serberia where they don’t have high passion towards football like we do.