Nigeria Draw Argentina, France, Mexico In Russia 2018 Mock Draw ‘Group Of Death’

Nigeria Draw Argentina, France, Mexico In Russia 2018 Mock Draw ‘Group Of Death’

Nigeria have been drawn in a ‘group of death’ for the Russia 2018 World Cup according to former England striker and draw host Gary Lineker, who revealed that Thursday’s practice run pitted the Super Eagles against Argentina, France and Mexico.

The Super Eagles qualified for next summer’s finals in Russia with a game to spare and undefeated in a group that had Algeria,Cameroun and Zambia, but are in pot four due to an unfavourable FIFA ranking as 32 teams wait to learn their fate in the draw on December 1.

Former Tottenham and Barcelona star Lineker, who won the Golden Boot at the 1986 World Cup where England were knocked out by Diego Maradona’s Argentina, will conduct the draw in Moscow with Russian sports journalist Maria Komandnaya and seven superstar ‘assistants including Maradona and Brazil’s Cafu.

Lineker revealed on Thursday that a dry run of the draw saw Gernot Rohr’s men drawn alongside Argentina for the fifth time in Nigeria’s six world cup appearances, France who knocked Nigeria out at the round of 16 three years ago in Brazil and Mexico who has never played against the Super Eagles at the World Cup.
Lineker also revealed that England have been drawn in Group B alongside Roberto Martinez’s high-flying Belgium (pot 1), Senegal (pot 3) and Japan (pot 4).

The 56-year-old wrote on Twitter: “Just had my first production and logistics meeting for next week’s @FIFAWorldCup draw. Had a quick run through (it’s complicated) and England ended up in Group B with Belgium, Senegal and Japan.”
While England managed to avoid any previous World Cup winners in the practice draw, Lineker also revealed that Mexico were pitted in a “group of death” against Argentina, France and Nigeria.

Lineker’s scenario for Nigeria is impossible though as both Argentina, who the Super Eagles defeated 4-2 in a recent friendly, and France are both in Pot 1 and two teams from the same pot cannot be drawn against each other.

The draw will take place on December 1 in the Russian capital of Moscow at the State Kremlin Palace.


  • Tottenham were drawn in a group of death that comprises of Dortmund & Madrid, but today they are topping the group, we can do it.

  • Thank God is mock draw

    • Williwonda 1 year ago

      Yes oo

    • Nomso Igwebuike 1 year ago

      Fake report or useless mock draw…France and Argentina are in same pot so they can never be drawn together.

  • Fifa ranking had been a scam they’ve been using against African countries especially Nigeria but we’re going to shock them in Russia


    • That is it my brother

    • Musquareni 1 year ago

      Not really, it’s the draw for October and we just played Argentina this November… Our win against Argentina will take effect in the next rankings that will be released in December.

      • Vallydate 1 year ago

        Our win against Argentina was in a friendly so it doesn’t count and we actually went down in the last draw cos we drew in our last competitive match with Algeria who are 26 places behind us so don’t expect any improvement in our position in the next rankings

  • Na hse una dey come be dat

  • Where will the Eagles go from here?

  • Nonsense Argentina and France will be seeded so can’t be in same group.

  • Make den give us any team den go chop am

    • bustabaf 1 year ago

      Yes o…..whoever dem give us, dem go hear am. The cup is ours!!!

    • Abur Bem 1 year ago

      NIGERIA WE Qualified even with Argentina,France, Germany, or Spain.

  • which one is group of #death meanwhile date for the draw is December 1st

  • Mtcheew i even taught germany or brazil.

    • Emmanuel Francis 1 year ago

      Football is a game of eleven, but your preparation and players will aways come forth after ninety mins or there about, and we have young and dynamic youthful prayers in the team, so cause to fear.

      • I dont like the statement group of death. This is repeatedly said each time we qualify for world cup. It is a bad statement.

  • Nothing to be worried about

  • France didn’t qualify oooo

  • i cant wait for nigeria to be in same group with india. the last they played i was told india trashed nigeria 99-1. i want a rematch this year or am i missing something?

    • Pedro 1 year ago

      No be lie…thatbmythical match never happened though. Lol

    • India is not a footballing nation.. They never won Nigeria, I was told they trashed England 50:0 d same year they trashed Nigeria but it’s just a fake news.

    • KANDY 1 year ago

      U were told
      Dats if the was any match like that

    • Jibslay 1 year ago

      Guy u funny ooo!!! U think that’s possible?

    • According to record, India last appear in a competitive match in 1934 Olympic nd was beating by France 1-2 in d final nd they failed to appear in d first Worldcup bcos they hav more believe in Olympic comp than d Worldcup…… Their people nd government prefer Cricket to Football backthen nd they hav never play against Nigeria.

    • Weed fall on u lol

    • who fabricated dos 99 – 1,,50 – 0 scorelines won by India sef?
      Nah so den tell me too since i dey small

    • If u remember “Thunder ⚡ balogun, remember your left leg

    • FIFA’s records actually show that India refused to participate in the World Cup qualifiers in d ’40s cos they insisted on playing without Boots. Check FIFA. Com/India.

    • Noting like that that ever happen , is just an imagination that was broadcast then and people believe it was real

  • Let dem come we no dey anybody na leg go play d ball no b mouth

  • Abeg, if na joke make una stop am o. I reject this! Lolz

  • This is just a mock world cup draw so it should be discarded, the real draw comes up on December 1st, then we will know what group we are. Pls read the article before commenting!

  • which one be mock draw again….na waec or jamb?

  • God forbid, I reject it

  • U can’t join Argentina and France in the same place , they are both seeded countries

  • All of them are bittable

  • FIFA ranking is not a transferable we know we are the best in Africa

  • Bring on any team,the Super Eagles are capable!

  • Is today 1st December 2017?

  • Mock or no mock, let NFF prepare our men very well, not bonus issue all the time, football is been played by eleven players in each side, no team will be twelve or more players, and most of these players are club mates, if they like, let them join our pot with Brazil, Germany and Spain, My point is clear NFF prepare our men physically, spiritually and mentally.

  • Danny nation 1 year ago

    Fake rumor nai una Sabi for dis country

  • The likely team to be grouped with A) Russia, Peru, Iran, Nigeria. This is the likely team we expect to meet. I love this group and it is not the Lineker rubbish who says he is an analyst and does not know that Argentina and France are 4th and 7th respectively on the October FIFA ranking and so are seeded. Nigeria can never be in a ghost group ie a non existing group. Maybe England can be in a ghost group and so will go home after the first round!!!!!!!!!!

  • But this is not December 1 why all the rumors and Fallacy

  • there’s no group of dead in football anymore, let see dortmund, real madrid and tottenham for UEFA champion’s league, who can knw that tottenham will top theirs table.

    • Barr Chisom Uzoetue 1 year ago

      Also Roma, Chelsea and Atletico Madrid my friend…Roma written off but now topping the group.

  • tunde 1 year ago

    All of them will cop am

  • Thompson Peter 1 year ago

    Nig vs Arg must be fixed, so expect it guys on 1st December. Fifa is afraid of some country so England’s draw will remain as you saw it now. France will not be in our group. Everything about December 1st has already being fixed. Cheers.

    Group stage
    Belgium 0-2 Nigeria
    Portugal 0-3 Nigeria
    Croatia 1-2 Nigeria
    Round of 16
    Nigeria 2-1 Germany
    Quater Final
    England 0-5 Nigeria
    Semi Final
    Spain 2-3 Nigeria
    Nigeria 2-1 Brazil
    Since i told my mom this,
    she has been dragging me from one
    hospital to

  • Their own don finish even 1point they will not get

  • zion 1 year ago

    The mighty will fall

  • Hehe.. They should stop this rough play o…

  • Divine 1 year ago

    All I know is, Nigeria is winning this world cup

  • FIFA should not play with me ooo b4 I provoke

  • imhogie 1 year ago

    Football is not a mathematics, we should ready for any country.

  • sanusi 1 year ago

    Let them give us any country to play with, all I know is that the God of soccer is on our side

  • Alexander 1 year ago

    No matter the group Nigeria is placed, Nigeria will win the World Cup… lobatan!!!

  • OLASODE RAFIU IDOWU 1 year ago

    Only God knows wot will happen in Russia 2018,let just cont. to pray for our super eagles.

  • Earpiece 1 year ago

    Fake news just to get readers! Really?
    This act will only diminish your credibility as a media organisation.

  • Them for put England for our group

  • Prince Charles Ogu 1 year ago

    Group of death? Who said so? They should bring on whoever on Dec 1st, it’s the empty that makes loudest noise

  • The Mock draw is even not done according to the seeding Pot.How can Two team from Pot1 (Argentina and France) draw each other. Well I see France in our Group sha.

  • mike light 1 year ago

    naija all the way jor…

  • Don’t worry…. we are up to d task… 😉

  • Peter 1 year ago


  • Warioh 1 year ago

    Nigeria Super Eagle’s will make it from any group to the next stage. Since is ninety minutes game. Watch out

  • ogovian 1 year ago

    Make We no panic, dey r only consolaing dia selves… 9ja is d Champion.. Is high time dey no dat…. Bcos To win is not only meant for the Whites….. Na two heads dey get????…

  • Interesting test draw! Let’s see how it goes on DEC 1

  • Collins 1 year ago

    This is how they fix the draws abi,?, practice draw indeed

  • FRANKOSKI 1 year ago


  • Iliyasu Umaru 1 year ago

    well, we are ready to face any country at the world cup, we trust and believe our players and the coach. so no shaking.

  • I for fear o because after beaten Argentina in our friendly match maradona go angry saying if possible they should have a rematch to see whether if we are really strong enough to beat them.

  • Prince Freeborn 1 year ago

    We are not afraid of anybody okay, we are who we are, and we are victorious all the way.

  • Adebisi Bolanle 1 year ago

    We are going to surprise them

  • tayor 1 year ago

    Useless Lineker that is the reason why your English team have been under performing..

  • Thank God that it’s only mock draft

  • ehn but in d real draw it won’t be possible kos France nd Argentina are both in pot1

  • Abah Christopher ikemefuna 1 year ago

    Nigeria would qualify from any group given to them,trust me and I would be in d super eagles to make it difficult for other teams

  • Biyi Ade 1 year ago

    That’s how this European and American news men will be confusing people up and down with their articles, can u just imagine that I almost had an heart attack but thank God I patiently read through…I love my country.

  • I want Nigeria to be drawn against Brazil, France, and Germany. We’ll prevail and wen we do, we den meet Agentina nd Mexico in de round of 16, we’ll prevail, who’s there again? let’s wait 4 FIFA nd their Wayo dis time.

  • Even if we are in that group no shaking we are well able to do it again

  • Nigeria are out of the Group before de day

  • Dimah Daniel 1 year ago

    Impossible draw!
    Why should Nigeria draw Argentina for five consecutive time in six appearences in the world cup? No, no, no!! Bring on another nation. FIFA must be fair to African nations!!!

  • Hajiwese 1 year ago

    Nigeria na team will no dey fear anybody, dammt

  • KingFavour 1 year ago

    Why using the word Group of Death must you use wicked and evil word to wish Nigeria…. Why not use words like group of success or group of life. Nigeria will be build by Nigerian. So wis the Super Eagle a winning outcome. What you said is what you get. Let talk them up to win the World Cup.

  • Elijah 1 year ago

    Lol… At least its just a Mock Draw.. Let’s chill till Dec 1st.. But which ever country we get paired with… ##9ja4Life

  • I thought Argentina and France are in the same pot. How come they are drawn against each other. Whatever be the case, bring them on. We fear no for.

  • Na lie jooooooooooooooooooo

  • click 1 year ago

    We are stronger than dem all, weather pot 1 or whatever, we are surely stronger, just watch and see, up up up Nigeria.

  • Mo gbe jux bcos Nigeria beat Argentina 4 2 u na gve dem dis deadly group

  • Well qualify

  • Nigeria fear no team any team that comes our way we gonna thrash them…. Being Brazil or Germany they will collect. ….. Brazil have Neymar
    Naija have Moses
    Germany have Ozil
    Naija have Iwobi. ..
    So we fear not comes Russia 2018 world cup…..

  • It would’ve been a great opportunity.

  • jonathan 1 year ago

    We are ready for any team.

  • Argentina and France cannot be in the same group because they are both in pot A

  • I pray is not so ooh!

  • The next time Nigeria will beat Brazil they will drop ten places in FIFA ranking. Fifa should continue.

    • Bro do you even know the criteria use in FIFA draw, the last FIFA draw was that the 3 game Nigeria play before the draw Nigeria play draw with Cameroon likewise Algeria and the one we defeat Argentina was not recognize by FIFA bcoz we substitute 7 players in a game. So o it was not use for the rank. I believe you can get y we rank so Low now.

    • Bro do you even know the criteria use in FIFA rank, the last FIFA rank was that the 3 game Nigeria play before the rank, Nigeria play draw with Cameroon likewise Algeria and the one we defeat Argentina was not recognize by FIFA bcoz we substitute 7 players in a game. So o it was not use for the rank. I believe you can get y we rank so Low now.

  • Olaoluwa 1 year ago

    Lolz let wait and see

  • World cup is coming to Africa! # super Eagles.

  • God will punish fifa for where they kept Nigeria.our Smooth qualifications to Russia 2018 isnt enough to bring us from 50-20.for long what have senegal contributed that Made them come to 20 suprisingly? Should we lift a trophy b4 we come down to a better ranking.infact they should Rank us to 120 we Value Not the shit anymore!

  • esther 1 year ago

    hmm just. happi it was a test draw

  • I dont want to know either argentina or France nor portuga, let Nff pay the players coaches every bonuses and the the coach should select the right hand and prepare the players down to face any team confidently and conquer them, Nigerians fear no foes, and their is no group of death for Nigerian but group of progress, success and life come 2018 wcup, lets see how it will go on December 1, i know that Fifa hate Nigeria very well, but God love my darling nation Nigeria.

  • Super eagles all the way you beat Argentina before you can do it France and Mexico are just names


  • Any group Nigeria fall to we are ready to face any country .We have to prepare

  • Maybe another write off after success in qualifiers. The stone the builder refused can come back and be the cornerstone

  • Bring them on. No shaking. Nigeria always do well in the group of death. Check usa 94, france 98 groups and the recent world cup qualifier for russia 2018.

  • U can’t have 2 teams from 1 pot. So try to get ur assumption or permutation right b4 sending it to d public…

  • Radio without battrey

  • Must we draw with Argentina in every worldcup?

  • Lies two American can not be draw together, Argentina and Mexico

    • That’s not true……. They are not from d same qualifying continent. …..Argentina is south America, Mexico is North America. …… check past world cups…..

  • This time we will prove to them that Nigeria is a footballing nation also

  • I like it sha, if dis is true..
    It will give us d opportunity to eliminate dem for group stage…..

  • Na facebook news you wan hear? @Ufomba no mind them o World Cup draw is 1st December 2017.

  • Is it not dsame group of death dat we pass through into d world cup

  • Nigeria wit rumours na wa oooo wait nd c Dec 1 is d drw

  • Ayodele 1 year ago

    Nigeria is one so no matter wot we are going 2 it

  • Welcome back home in advance

  • Eagles has no fear, they are ready for any team. Nigeria go for gold.


  • Na small challenge!!!!

  • Vitalis 1 year ago

    Fake news! Argentina and France are in the same pot1,so they can not be drawn in the same group meanwhile the date for the draw is first December 2017

  • Two will go out so no wahala

  • Whats the meaning of this?

  • Nigeria and Argentina were also drawn in a group of death involving Manchester city and Barcelona…..since we can’t tell the difference between fake and original anymore

  • Draw is on December 1st I don’t know the one u are talking about

  • Agentina down bring on Mexico

  • If u know who b FIFA,make una go tell hem to stop all dis catastrophy, because I d ves

  • The world cup is supposed to be for the best team in the world.So l don’t care in which group we fall,we should resolve to do our best and hope for the best.

  • I will want super eagles to be drawn in the same group with Germany, Brazil and Argentina if Possible… hence one thing is for sure… we shall suck them all, and however, we got hope to win the cup!

  • Big lie ,France and Argentina are in pot 1,both cannot be in same group ,i don’t know where that one is coming from.

  • An Africa sayings goes does &by FIFA rating “He dt’s down need no fall bt fear BT he dt’s up need no fear BT fall””correct me if am wrong?

  • Abur Bem 1 year ago

    Final draw is 1st of December nobody should deceive us . I am sorry for any country (team)that we com against the young super Eagles. Argentina friendly is a good example. carry go and carry come. Good luck super Eagles no sharking.

  • Forget the Names , let talk about the team with highest point after the group stage, matches. Come on Eagles

  • Sorry, fake news. There’s no draw before the draw. There’s no lottery draw before the lottery draw.

  • Don’t even expect Argentina an France in our group bcos were ar not in the same pot

  • Bring dem on we fear no team,up Nigeria

  • Our real position is 12th in the world, based on my personal appraisal… If we are lucky with the draws, we can make semifinals.. But if we are unlucky, we may not make the second round.. It is important that the two best teams don’t get to share our initial group

  • Fear not,for we shall beat them all.

  • O Boy!!!! @ least na star match…

  • We even want that England self,yeye monkey them

  • Dats lie… Two South America