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Nigeria Vs DR Congo Friendly: Ebola Death Toll Rises In DRC

Nigeria Vs DR Congo Friendly: Ebola Death Toll Rises In DRC

Ahead of the Super Eagles of Nigeria’s international friendly against Democratic Republic of Congo on May 28, report has it that more people have died from the deadly Ebola virus that broke out in the central African country.

According to latest report by AFP news agency, the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that the new Ebola toll has risen to 45 cases with 14 confirmed and 25 dead.

DR Congo will be coming to Nigeria with 11 players from their local league named in their squad announced on Thursday.

The friendly is part of the Eagles’ preparations towards the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Nigeria Football Federation President Amaju Pinnick has assured that there is no cause for alarm and the friendly will go ahead despite concerns.
The dreaded Ebola virus spread to Nigeria from Liberia in 2014 through a visiting Liberian.
However, it was quickly contained before it did extensive damage.

Meanwhile, WHO is to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the risk of Ebola spreading from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

And according to BBC, a panel will decide on Friday whether to declare a “public health emergency of international concern” , which would trigger a larger response.

Cases emerged in a rural area with one now confirmed in the city of Mbandaka.

The city of about one million people is a transport hub on the River Congo, prompting fears that the virus could now spread further, threatening the capital Kinshasa and surrounding countries.

Commenting on the Ebola issue, WHO deputy director-general for emergency response Peter Salama told BBC the spread to Mbandaka meant there was the potential for an “explosive increase” in cases.

“This is a major development in the outbreak,” he told the BBC. “We have urban Ebola, which is a very different animal from rural Ebola. The potential for an explosive increase in cases is now there.”

Salama said Mbandaka’s location on the River Congo raised the prospect of Ebola spreading to Congo-Brazzaville and the Central African Republic, as well as downstream to Kinshasa, which has a population of 10 million.

“This puts a whole different lens on this outbreak and gives us increased urgency to move very quickly into Mbandaka to stop this new first sign of transmission,” he said.

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  • Go Eagles Go 3 years ago

    This Ebola thing is consuming us now? We should be reasonable here. That match should go ahead because I am sure all those players will be screened. You say 11 local players are coming. Those 11 local players do not have Ebola or they will not be coming as they will be too sick. When Nigeria had the Lassa fever disease, Nigerians were still doing things together. So this match should go ahead. My opinion will not count but that of Amaju Pinnick and his men matter. If they say let’s play, Eagles will play.

  • 9ja4Real 3 years ago

    Pinnick should cancel this match ASAP. Perception is very important. Our players are going out in the world and contact with Congo is not a good thing at this time. If England was coming to play a in Nigeria an an outbreak like this is reported in Sokoto (example), they will cancel the match. Period. Please Nigeria should use some sense. Tired out this inept government.

  • Would it be wise for the NFF to err on the side of caution and consider cancelling the proposed friendly match against Congo scheduled for 28 May 2018?

    Amaju Pinnick’s administrator has done well thus far and would like Nigerian fans at home to “feel” the Super Eagles before departing for the World Cup.

    That planned send-off is now in serious jeopardy.

    The NFF should handle this matter delicately and decisively.

    On one hand, there may be no need to cancel the friendly if the risk of Ebola infection to Nigerians is negligible; on the other hand, what is the point of taking any risk at all!

    If England perceives the slightest health scare from Nigeria’s friendly with Congo, I suspect they will waste no time cancelling their proposed friendly with the Super Eagles scheduled for the 2nd of June.

    Many of us dey look forward to d England friendly o.

    • Paschal 3 years ago

      Thank you for that piece my brother. I am worried about the DRC match baiscally because of the England match. I feel the English are presently watching us to see what we would do. If we play against Congo then we should jist forget England. They are not coming with players alone, there will be officials and supporters some of whom may even come by road via other African countries. How can you vouch for the screening of such fans? I think its just safest to cancel the match if the England friendly is important to us. These Europeans dont take us for anything it will cost them nothing to cancel our match with them. A word is enough for the wise.

  • Bomboy 3 years ago

    Why not arrange a friendly with another African country? It can be done despite the short notice. Like @ deo said, it may be better to err on the side of caution.

    • stanley 3 years ago

      Am so disappointed with many Nigerians view about cancellation. I don’t understand. 
      Please go on with your match. 

  • Kester 3 years ago

    The Match against Congo should be cancelled, Period! The risk involved in going ahead with the match is too high. NFF should consider any of the 4 other teams going to the world cup for the match. I am sure they will be glad to take it. As a last resort, CHAN Eagles will provide the needed opposition.

  • Go Eagles Go 3 years ago

    World Health Organization should be looking for some fanciful names to call all these fevers. People are more scared of the name Ebola than the manifestion of the disease. Lassa fever. People are not scared. Influenza fever. It kill 20 millions within a year but yet people are not scared. HIV!!!! People are not scared. It had killed up to 60millions so far. People are not scared. Malaria. Kill 5 million every year. People are not scared. Abortion. Millions die from it. Yet girls are not scared. Typhoid fever. Hypertension. Diabetes. Prostate cancer. Prostate enlargement. People are not scared with these fanciful names but just call Ebola people will start running even before you finish Calling it Ebo.. On 30 cases discovered but they have been quarantined. This match should go ahead.

  • This match should be cancelled, there is no point jeopardizing the health of not only the players but millions of Nigerians. Moreover we have 30 players in camp we can have team A vs team B with 4 subs each. I believe Nigerians would rather see this than us playing Congo as we will get a chance to see and assess the entire team. This would be a better and safer super eagles send off than playing Congo. Just my opinion

  • ayomobee 3 years ago

    If dat match goes on then believe me England will considere cancellation of our match with them

  • kunlebass 3 years ago

    I know that the NFF must have paid all bills for the friendly.It must canel the match and if it intends otherwise it should ensure that the Congolese players undergo proper screening before being allowed in

  • ako amadi 3 years ago

    It is better to cancel this “Ebola Game” now than at the last minute. The NFF is toying with human lives in the name of “Farewell Match” for the Super Eagles. Hopefully, the NFF remembers that EBOLA has no cure, and playing that game against the Congolese is high risk, and could cause a farewell from life for human beings

    • For God’s sake, the team playing against Congo is not d regular super eagles team. It is the team B, but l beg to disagree anyway. And even if there is a scare, it is unfounded. When ebola got to Nigeria the first time, there was no screening at the points of entry, but this time am sure the NFF will leave no stone unturned to screen all the players coming b4 entering the country. Moreover, Congo has not been declared a health emergency country, therefore she can still keep her boarders open to the outside world, which also means that right now ppl from the outside world are flying in and out of the country, hence no need for the uneccesssary apprehension.

  • ako amadi 3 years ago

    Many people do not know the health implications of Ebola. The WHO yesterday declared the Ebola incidence in the Congo as “high alert” Screening does not immediately determine who has the disease or not, but the potential of negative or positive diagnosis. It means that someone with Ebola from the Congo can pass it on to Nigerians and not be properly detected as a carrier by measuring body temperature at a screening point. The NFF Chairman Amaju Pinnick is neither a medical or health practitioner and cannot make decisions on what he is ignorant of. In the final analysis it is the Nigerian players who will decide whether they would like to risk possible infection and death or not. The players are not children, or boy scouts and will have the final say.

  • ako amadi 3 years ago

    In a time of health crisis regarding an epidemic disease, only the Nigerian Immigration and Ministry of Health have the responsibility to determine who comes into Nigeria, and not Amaju Pinnick and the NFF, or any football fans and functionaries. If the Congolese come and play here, and England and the Czechs cancel their friendlies with Nigeria, and maybe FIFA excludes Nigeria from the World Cup, the Immigration and Ministry of Health will be held to account.