Nnamdi Moweta: Klitschko Vs Fury Is The Ugliest Fight Of The Year

Nnamdi Moweta: Klitschko Vs Fury Is The Ugliest  Fight Of The Year

Globally acclaimed boxing promoter and analyst – the reigning king of pugilistics, Nigeria's very own Nnamdi 'Hollywood' Moweta, speaks to Sports Planet's anchorman, Tunde Koiki on the recent Tyson Fury's World Heavyweight Boxing fight victory over Vladimir Klitschko, and all other fights in the offing. Excerpts…


SPORTS PLANET: Joining me now to review the fight  between Tyson Fury and  Vladimir Klitschko all the way from Hollywood, California, is the globally acclaimed boxing promoter and analyst, Nigeria’s very own Nnamdi “Hollywood” Moweta. Thank you for joining us, Nnamdi.

NNAMDI MOWETA: Babatunde, you know it’s always my pleasure to help you guys out.

SP: Nnamdi, before this fight, you and I spoke and you were rooting unequivocally for Tyson Fury, so this result didn’t come as a surprise to you, did it?

No, no. When I hear people say it’s a shocker, it’s a surprise and I look at them and laugh. If you remember my e-mail to you before the fight, I expected the gipsy king to knock him out but the fact is that the gipsy king had no power to knock him out and so, it became a very ugly fight. As a matter of fact, if we have a ranking for the ugliest fight of the year, this should be number one.

SP: Laughs! I totally agree but where did Klitschko get it wrong? Some are saying that he’s too old, others are saying that he couldn’t work out Fury’s unorthodox style. What do you think?

Babatunde, that’s all nonsense. This guy has been fighting in one gear for the past fifteen years, he’s held the title for more than a decade, he had nobody in the corner. In any good fight, in any fight, you must have somebody when you return to the corner before you go into the next battle to be able to tell you what you’ve been doing wrong, to be able to get you to adjust. There was no adjustment, he has been used to fighting the same style for a very long time and he has been getting away with it because all the guys he fought were smaller guys. Guys that he would tie up and lean on, that’s why we came up with that style, he had a style, jab and grab and clinch and lean on you. But for the first time, he had a big guy, ugly guy, wonky guy, lanky guy that exposed him Saturday night in front of all his fans.

SP: Well, Nnamdi, you’ve told me before that the heavyweight division of boxing has been utter rubbish for the past decade or so. So, what does this result do for world heavyweight boxing?

Babatunde, when the heavyweight champion of the world who is grand poobah of boxing steps into the ring on Saturday night and is fighting scared, that shows you that the division is in trouble. The heavyweight division, now, we have the champion but the champion is more fun to watch outside the ring than inside the ring. But remember, we have the American, Deontay Wilder who can have these two guy for breakfast, lunch and dinner together.

SP: You know that was actually my next question. The two biggest challenges in the division are America’s WBC Champion, Deontay Wilder and the British-Nigerian former Olympic gold medalist, Anthony Olufemi Joshua, which fight will we possibly see first?

Not now, because Wilder needs to fight Povetkin from Russia. A win over Povetkin by Wilder will put him in a position to really challenge Tyson but also, look at the opponents Wilder has been fighting, he has been fighting a whole bunch of bums and he has been knocking them out on national TV, so you can’t really rate where he is with all these easy knockouts. We just have to wait and see. Anthony Joshua, the Naija boy in the U.K, he has been feasting on dead bodies too, I mean look at his record, he fought a 45 year old American and had a win. Time will tell, don’t forget David Haye who amongst all these people but nobody is talking about him.

SP: David Haye is making a comeback after three years in January, 2016. Do you expect him to be a major challenger?


I think so, I mean the fight.  Fans don’t like him because of his braggadocio style, but among these so-called fight men or heavyweights you call them, I think David Haye would be the light in the tunnel. And I think after his first fight in the beginning of the year, then we can now gauge because Tyson Fury and Haye if you remember were supposed to fight one time and it was postponed but this may even be the biggest fight in the UK when David Haye takes on Tyson Fury.


SP: I’m sure the British will love that but is there going to be a rematch between Fury and Klitschko?


There’s a rematch clause, Babatunde. Before the fight, they made a deal where they had a rematch clause. Yes, there’s a rematch clause but don’t expect Tyson Fury to go to Germany again in front of some 15,000 Vladimir Klitschko fans. Expect the rematch to come to the UK where it would be a different fight but the question becomes: does Vladimir want to go the UK and get knocked out again because Tyson Fury has taken away his mojo? He’s no longer the big heavyweight that we used to know. Now, he is slow, he cannot pull the trigger, he doesn’t want to be hit, he has got his money, he should just retire and go away.


SP: I see. So, how much did both fighters make from this fight?


They did not break the bank because this fight was held in Europe and if American fans don’t like one as a champion, they don’t really care about it. Moreover, it was not a pay-per-view fight, they only relied on foreign rights and live gates. Vladimir may have gone away with ten million dollars while Fury would have walked away with maybe three or four million dollars with UK TV rights. It’s not like an eighty or one hundred million dollar pay-day, not at all. These guys are between five and fifteen million dollars richer.


SP: Finally, Nnamdi, people are already talking about a middleweight clash between Saul Canelo Alvarez and Gennady 'Triple G' Golovkin as the next super fight. Do you agree?


You guys make me laugh. I have been watching Triple G for a long time, he has been fighting a bunch of nobodies, go back and look at his pay-per-view numbers, I mean eyeballs when we say pay-per-view numbers. He only needs a hundred and fifty thousand people, go and look at the latest number from Saul Canelo and Miguel Coto, you know what the number is? From the beginning, it’s nine hundred thousand eyeballs, that’s pay-per-view. When we are talking about mega fights, we have to look at your numbers, that’s why Floyd Mayweather is way above all these people. When Mayweather fought Canelo, it was 2.1 billion pay-per-view buys. So, if Triple G and Canelo want to fight right now, Triple G won’t get much money. What needs to happen is for Triple G to keep fighting bums and Canelo to keep destroying fighters. Canelo is the big man in town right now, he has the big pool, he is from Mexico and they are the number one boxing fans, they will come out and support him. Expect that fight between Triple G and Canelo to happen may be the end of 2016 or year 2017 because nobody is breaking the door for the fight. Triple G is okay but he is not in that same league with Canelo when it comes to the draws and pay-per-view numbers. Don’t underrate Canelo, he is a great puncher, he is a good fighter and this is the new face of boxing.


SP: We’ve been speaking to Nigeria’s very own Nnamdi ‘Hollywood’ Moweta. Thank you for joining us.


Big ups to you, my man in Lagos and say hi to all the boxing fans for me.


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