Okocha Blasts Eagles For Nations Cup Ousting

Okocha Blasts Eagles For Nations Cup Ousting

Jay-Jay Okocha says that questions will be asked about the passion of Nigeria’s players following their exit from the Africa Cup of Nations.

The reigning champions failed to qualify for the 2015 finals after drawing 2-2 with South Africa in Uyo on Wednesday, marking a second exit before the tournament proper in three editions.


And while Stephen Keshi’s future has already been called into question, Okocha believes the players have to take some of the responsibility too.

“I think, to be honest, we will always produce talented players. But perhaps the question is whether they have the same passion that they used to have.”


Okocha told Goal. “People are pressuring them about that, you know, because sometimes it seems as if they don’t really care much about the result.”

Wednesday’s result combined with Congo’s 1-0 win in Sudan to extinguish Nigeria’s final hopes, but the 41-year-old said they had made it very difficult for themselves earlier in the campaign.

“Of course it was down to our bad spot, even if we were still in with a chance,” he added. “I think sometimes players must have a wake-up call before they realise they are back in African football. They left themselves get into a difficult position.”

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  • Yes, they played like rudderless ship but who put the team together? who invited players with no passion for the game. of course the lazy and selfish coach whose interest is to make money out of the situation….. Did I say a coach? Gather and play coordinator. Game 147, Kola US(useless) abi I lie?

  • lucky Ukhun 7 years ago

    You are right

  • lucky Ukhun 7 years ago

    The truth is okocha and co including segun odegbami are not bold enough to criticize keshi.they know what he is doing wrong,but they all prefer to worship him while at the same time they grumble quietly inside of them. Only Garuba Lawal and Victor Ikpeba are bold enough to tell keshi off to his face

  • ijiesyoung 7 years ago

    Only Mikel played with zeal.Ambrose Efe,Ekwuekwe,Omeruo and Emenike were the greatest disappointment for Nigeria,and I think is time for Keshi to quit the post for a more capable hand.

  • omo9ja 7 years ago

    @Olu, may God bless you for me. You see, You make me reminds my lovely friend Kone on kickoff.com. Meanwhile, there’s no different between both of you because you always talk sense. I know this site can never be like kickoff but it’s my second home. Anyways, the damage has been done already but don’t be surprised guys if our leaders ask Keshi to stay. This is Nigeria, anything can happen. Therefore, I’m still expecting Oga Keshi to talk because I’m so surprise that I haven’t heard from him since Wednesday. Finger crossed. God bless Nigeria!

  • raymond ezeala 7 years ago

    Okocha and Odegbami is been too economical with the truth.They should be bold enough to tell Stephen Keshi that he is too sentimental with his team selections leading to overloading of the team with bellow average players.His business interest (Football Agent ) is seriously interfering with his duty as a National team coach. Keshi should go and face his business.

  • Did i hear someone blame Uncle sege and jay jay? Oh Lord where are we heading to? Keshi boasts before the last three games that qualify or no qualify him dey kampe. Look, Nigeria has become a country governed by farmers. Gaba lawal criticise Keshi as the team’s spokesman, immediately Keshi was reinstated he called for his removal,which was granted. The system is who know man and oga at the top.NFF is afraid of oga Jonathan– simple.

  • Marsh 7 years ago

    @olu, Keshi gathered and play with them and won AFCON and you drank your heard off at Mama Jumi’s beer parlour in Surulere last year, you called Keshi hero then? please bear your pain now, you will not win all the time.It’s over let someone else take over may Lawal or dreadlocks Ikpeba. Old man wey dey carry locks for hair mumu Nosa.

  • @ Marsh abeg soft pedal on Nosa, age has got nothing to do with dreadlock. That’s what he like, abi dreadlock say make person no talk him mind?

  • Toppal 7 years ago

    @Marsh reveal your true identity. We now who you are. You are not bold enough to use the name you used on KickOff but still come here to talk the same way. After all your curses and abuse against everybody that spoke against Keshi’s shaddy graddy ways of players selection, has he not rewarded you with the result of crookedness? He took a shattered team and left it more tattered and shambolic than how it was given to him. To you, is that progress?. You can talk of a fortuitous nations cup win and even claim that he is better than Westerhof but Westerhof left behind players that we used for another 6 years and the whole of Africa was afraid of Nigeria. What has Keshi left behind for Nigeria? A team made up of 90% Medicares and benchwarmers.
    You still dey here dey do open eye. Maybe you weren’t watching football when Ikpeba was nicknamed the Prince of Monaco. Abi na yam to name a Nigerian footballer the Prince of Monaco? If you don’t know the history of a player go and find out about it before making ill advised comments about them.

  • Toppal 7 years ago

    @Marsh you said “you will not win all the time” Please tell us the number of matches Keshi has won 2014: Bosnia, Sudan, Congo, Even at the nations cup the match he won convincingly was against Mali. He struggled against the likes of Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, and Zambia.
    To tell you that the likes of Jordan, Sudan and Congo (in our backyard) defeated Nigeria will be to beg the question. So make you go relax.

  • Stanlinks 7 years ago

    Okocha is right for saying the players played lackadaisically. He is wrong for not being able to tell the truth about Keshi’s glaring deficiency. Kanu is also wrong as the ambassador of African football for not speaking out when he ought to. Henry Nwosu falls into this same category. First of all, Keshi has NO single personal connection with President Jonathan (na where him see am), he was just lucky that the president married a woman called PATIENCE FULLSTOP. And that attitude informed his decision that Keshi should continue. I thank those that saw this coming and had the boldness to say something about it. Those blind Keshi’s supporters still living in yesteryears’ glory all contributed to this mishap.

    Now what Okocha failed to point out is that Keshi has always encouraged them to play their game and not feel rushed no matter what. Guess what, their game is slow and sluggish and lacks persistent attack contrary to a side that yearns for victory. For example, a draw is ok by them, a 1 – 0 win is a big victory for them and a 2 – 0 win calls for one month celebration. Who ever said there is nothing to learn from watching the Nigerian under 17 world cup tapes? Win or lose, those players played to Keshi’s instructions. Keshi remember your words, “we attack together and defend together”, also you should win together and lose together. These are the fighters Keshi said he is picking. As a matter of fact, the home Eagles would have lost that friendly against Ghana in Uyo if Keshi had led them. KESHI, DO NOT BLAME ANY PLAYER YOU CHOOSE IN THE FIRST PLACE. All that love for my country story is truly love for his pocket. If you don’t pay him salary, he still makes money once he is in charge. Let him go and crawl on his knees begging Ghana and South Africa to coach them to failure.

  • I bet you,IF,IF & IF Keshi remains as eagles coach,I will term it a gross human injustice because SIA1 had only one drawn game in the qualifier in Abuja and he was sacked. Keshi lost two games, one at home and one away,he drawn two games,one at one and one away. This is not a good result,if he continues as eagles coach then we are not faithful to ourselves.

  • Marsh 7 years ago

    @Stanlinks, “As a matter of fact, the home Eagles would have lost that friendly against Ghana in Uyo if Keshi had led them” keep quiet! the same team was criticized by Nigeria for the 1-0 win against Ghana. Henry Nwosu and the rest criticized their play. You have no point, please read news.

  • Marsh 7 years ago

    @Toppal, so you knew Ikpeba only in Monaco? Just like your Siasia that you people called great player but could not have a regular first team shirt Nante of France, small boy Patrice Loko put him on bench for the rest of his career. We nick named him prince of Monaco and not the French so keep quiet. He went to Dortmund Germany after Monaco what happened between him and Mathias Sammer? Sammer told point blank that he’s not good.

  • omo9ja 7 years ago

    Campaign after election, the damage has been done already. I’ve been warning this man called Keshi, many people called me names, they named me the most story teller of our time. They even called me omo9ja aka the Internet coach. Hmm interesting. I will not mention names but they know themselves. However, Nigerians are d problem of themselves and nobody can solve the problem but ours. First, we hate to hear the truth and we will never learn from our mistakes. Therefore, what takes the NFF crews to fire Keshi since Wednesday? Just because Keshi have strong people behind him? Nobody above the laws but in Nigeria, all d Oga at d top are above the law. What a disgrace. Well, God never sleep. Have a great weekend guys. God bless Nigeria!

  • Washington 7 years ago

    Some Nigerians will never say the truth or ever be grateful. U people need to be grateful for Keshi selfless dedication to the Nation sport or football despite lack of Salary and Contract. He si the only one that can ever do it for Nigeria, Home based or Foreign Coach. If ur guys were working without regular salary payment, u will go on strike talk not of a coach without contract for over 5 months yet leading & coaching ur national football team. A coach at that level of office needed to be paid his salary regularly & handed a contract immediately if there was any respect & value for him. Keshi did a good job for Nigeria football. The person to blame for the Nigeria failure to qualify is the NFF & the reluctant & uncommited players. NFFff dont pay players Bonuses or Coaches salaries, not done in any other nation in the world. If it was a foreign coaches he has long dump Nigeria & back to his country. Nigerias has a good coach like Keshi but never value him. Those that are calling for his sack & a foreign coach will also come here in the nearest future to spit blame & call for sack. Very, very soon.
    NFF better put their house in order & help Niggeria football grows or face FIFA ban. Fifa 6th ban treat in 6 months before Caf starts to ban them; Too poor

  • Toppal 7 years ago

    @Marsh, I gave you the bait and you took it hook, line and sinker. You mentioned Ikpeba and I never spoke about Siasia. You see yourself, Keshi united bunch of medicares and crookedness supporters. At least someone like keshitillIdie could change his name and boldly tell everybody. But shame no gree you use your real user name that people now you with. If you know nothing about Siasia go and learn how he was chosen to play for flying eagles in the under 20 world cup in 1983. I won’t even talk about Siasia but focus on the Ikpeba you want to rubbish. Ikpeba has featured in the semi final of UEFA champions league, been named African footballer of the year and started playing for Nigeria right from Scotland 1989 as an under 17 player. Those are some just of his achievement. Now tell us about your sacred coach, keshi’s CV as a player in the 1980s and 1990s.

  • Toppal 7 years ago

    You keep talking about Siasia in Nantes. Why don’t you talk about his career as a player in Belgium before he went to France. Your Mathias Sammer is now the second Keshi, where is he now in Germany’s football. It is people like you who will see white and call it black. i think Keshi don win world cup and another nations cup now. Mr. Keshi is the greatest Nigerian coach.
    See your Keshi, after a shameful qualifiers display he still wan sidon gidigba as super eagles coach. Some people no dey shame shy at all.

  • okponku 7 years ago

    black man, black man ,black man!!!!!!!!!
    oga Keshi respect don dex empty for your pocket?
    abi shame no dey for your face?
    if na oyibo coach him for don resign immediately for the blow of the last whistle of that 2-2 draw.
    no be people leave that sit for uu Keshi?

  • Stanslinks 7 years ago

    I read the news of Henry Nwonsu’s criticism of the home Eagles. Is he the person you are calling “Nigeria”? Well, he is just a voice. Mind you, I was not applauding their play in my earlier comment, but was just pointng out what nightmare it would have been if Keshi had led the boys. Please read between one’s post, not just the letters.

    And why don’t you hire Keshi for peace to reign?

  • Marsh 7 years ago

    @Toppal, your prince of Monaco has no eu passport. Please stop that play. The same Ikpeba lost penalty against Cameroon in Afcon 2000 and nobody crucified him, we lost that match to Cameroon. He won African best because Okocha was played out of it because of NFA politics. Atlanta 96′ he was sub, so relax my brother. Nation cup, he played only one match he was a sub, he played only 5minutes in 94. Infact westernhof refused to select him, he preferred Amunike ahead of Ikpeba he became angry and left Tunisia. It was Keshi that kept him in that team but today he criticizes him for no reason, he has never suggested anything good to help the team but talk talk talk is what he does. Amunike from Zamalek Egypt, was better than your prince of Monaco. Ikpeba’s problems is that he talks too much, he has lound mouth and coaches don’t like him for that. It’s shame you don’t know that Keshi played in Uefa Cup final in 1990 with Anderletch, they lost to Sampdoria 2-0 scored by Gianluca Vialli that year. My brother keshi na defender wey dey score goals, i beg check your record. Keshi started overlapping as a defender in the Super eagles, whenever he moves forward Oliha sees him to drop the ball and he will score. Watch Senegal 92, Nigeria VS Zaire a well taken goal he scored against Zaire. He also played for Strasbourg in France where he was their Captain, in Anderletch Captained also, played for Molenbeek where he made Mike Emanalo to join him. Ikpeba did not play Nation cup until 2000 even that he was a sub like 94. Friday Ilahor, was Nigerian left winger from Algier 90 to Senegal 92. In Tunisia 94 Amunike, though Amunike only played in the final match but Westerhof was using a make shift to play the left wing whiles Ikpeba was on bench. Ikpeba no be player. He’s just a flash and he disappears on the field.

  • Stanslinks 7 years ago

    @Game147, with all your quick google analysis you conveniently failed to mention Ikpeba’s Atlanta ’96 wonder goal that became our equalizing goal against Brasil in the semi final of that Olympic.

  • Marsh 7 years ago

    @ Stanslinks, read my post and you will see what i meant on Ikpeba. Ikpeba has never been in regular in eagles shirt, in Atlanta 96, he was also a sub under Bonfere Jo. Who told you Ikpeba scored the equalizer? Kanu did and not Nosa. It was 3-1 against Nigeria, it was Tijani that level the score 1-1 in the first half and Brasil went ahead to score two more. Ikpeba only scored the second goal and Kanu scored the equalizer and scored the winning goal, check your record. Whatever i say here can be verified with former players so please don’t say what you don’t know, i don’t do google analysis. I am not Game147, this is the same name i used in kickoffnigeria, ask people like denonso, Munachiso Iwunze etc, they are familiar with my name so stop that nonsense, you better start making sense when you comment and don’t look for any opportunity to criticize Keshi. The only person i respect here is SoccerinNigeria, because he’s objective in his analysis though sometimes we disagree and also agree too. You don’t know the politics in Nigerian football and the backbiting that’s why you talk like this. Keshi was a able to fight them, if had qualified won’t they go for a foreign coach? There is reason for everything. This is the same coach who was still in the last Afcon in South Africa, the match against Ivory Coast, NFF was supposed to motivate the team but what happened? they came with sack letter to fire Keshi because they never believe he could win against Ivory Coast, all these were the handiwork of former players, Oliseh was on supersports talking nonsense, he never sees anything good in Keshi but what happened at the end he won the cup. Keshi has no support from former players, only Jay and Kanu that visits his team to talk to them but others are just sitting on supersports platform to mislead people about Keshi, pathetic! It’s over now, let the foreign coach come and build the team. Clueless people that has no developmental program for eagles. When they hire a coach the only target is qualify Nigeria to Afcon and get to quarter final stage at the world cup. This is the target they set, clueless. They should asked South Africa what they did to get it right this time. When the generation of Mark Fish, Khumalo, Mkalele, John Shoe Moshoe, Lucas Radebe, Masinger, Eric Tinkler, Neil Tovey etc., phased out S/A thought they could build a team so fast to maintain the trend, it was difficult they lost that quality in the team but they said to themselves we don’t want no more result we want to develop talents and let them stay together for number of years and the result is coming now. Senegal did the same years ago and Cameroon also. If you like bring Mourinho to Nigeria he will fail under this condition.

  • okeke Anthony 7 years ago

    Fellow Nigerians , let’s appreciate the man with a lion heart . The fact remains that Kechi is a rare gem . Having won the Afcon as a captain cum player and as a coach , he keeps working even when he is out of contract , absorbing the maladministrative mess of NFF , and still hanging on despite the salary issues unsolved . In my opinion , the Super Eagles is the most sensitive of our national teams given that they comprise of mature and already motivated men at their club -who in their own mentality (quite unfortunately ) think they know enough and therefore over react at the slightest provocation . Given the administrative situation as at when they played Congo 1-3 ,we should actually look beyound Keshi and NFF blame NFF for not affording that enabling atmosphere . If I may , who in the past and present can hang on like Kesh under these circumstance ? I respect that man “Keshi” for doing what most of us cannot do , that is what we call “Patriotism”. Haba , how can we crucify a man who has achieved for us ,what other Nigerian coaches is yet to achieve with the Super Eagles if not for sentiment !

  • Elisha Ette 7 years ago

    Our leaders should pls allow nff to do thier work. Keshi should stop all the campaign. He should respect himself and resign. Winning 2013 AFCON which keshi could not qualify his team to defend in 2015 does not mean keshi is the best coach in this country. We hav better coaches. Pls for the interest of nigerians nff should try and replace keshi.

  • Keshi is not only to be blame what about NFF that has two chariman during the qulifications their is problem in the house let’s put our house in order so we can think straight