Okoro Apologises To Nigerians For Home Eagles’ CHAN Final Defeat To Morocco

Okoro Apologises To Nigerians For Home Eagles’ CHAN Final Defeat To Morocco

By James Agberebi: Nigeria defender Osas Okoro has apologised to Nigerian fans following the home-based Super Eagles’ 4-0 thrashing at the hands hosts Morocco in the final of this year’s Africa Nations Championship (CHAN) in Casablanca on Sunday.
A 10-man Home Eagles team were thoroughly trounced by Morocco with goals coming from Zakaria Hadraf (brace) Walid El Karti and Ayoub El Kaabi.Peter Eneji was sent off for the Home Eagles in the 48th minute after receiving his second yellow card of of the final.

Reacting to the defeat, Okoro stated that they have taken positives from the tournament.

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He also expressed gratitude to Nigerians for their support for the team.

“We really wanted to win for every Nigerian out there but we are sorry about the end result. A lot to learn from this and we thank you for your endless support, ” Okoro wrote on his Twitter handle on Monday.

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    A fan of you.

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  • Steve 5 years ago

    Taken positive from where ?..you guys should be ashamed of yourself for being messed up like that , it shows that your old ages can’t keep you in the game .None of you is worth being in the main super Eagles .Your secondary school mistakes right from the start of the tournament is legendary, is only God that saw you guys to the finals,unfortunately you met a well grounded team !!…what a mess of the final !!

  • @Steve!!! Which one be your own sef!! You have been criticizing, criticizing and criticizing the boys and you have now graduated to abusing them. A mature mind cools down and reevaluate an annoying situation and try to see positive where there seems to be none. Now come along with me as we reason together. These boys went to Morocco to represent Nigeria and they fought to the finals. They wanted to win the trophy too. They met the host Morocco. Morocco had everything going for them and everything against us. They have the support of the home crowd. They have the support of CAF to win as host. They have the support of the weather. Freezing Cold. If they have CAF’s sympathy, the referee will do the bidding of his paymaster. That red card did the damage most. We will never know if the Eagles would have won or loss gallantly if that red card was not given and the battle was fought with 11-11 players. We will never know. But one thing we know is that we are happy when they win. We should also go down with them all the way when they lost. We should be commending their efforts and tell them we appreciate them. Tell them boys, we are one step better than the last CHAN result and next time, we will do better. If we castigate and criticize and abuse!! them, if it is you, @Steve, will you like to represent Nigeria again? So you didn’t see any positive? We have been expised another goalkeeper. The mood among football lovers is that Ezenwa has a capable assistant now. Are you not happy? Brazil lost 7 kondo to Germany. I didn’t read anywhere where Brazilians were abusing the players. They picked themselves up, made some adjustment, and today they are the favorite to win the Russia 2018 World Cup. The next CHAN trophy may be won by Nigeria but abusing the boys will not help matters. It is the height of immaturity to abuse another person. It is ungodly and Satanic. Relax and appreciate our representatives. We all go down together. So constructively criticize but STOP THE ABUSE on this column.

  • Bekee 5 years ago

    @djch, you are very much on point. It’s like @Steve is hot tempered. Take it easy bro. Dwell on the positives. We will pick up from there.

    • steve 5 years ago

      And you are cool tempered abi, but don’t know the difference between failure and success ?…can’t you face the facts that the boys messed us up, when you use failure as the ideal standard ,you will keep reaping failures .djsc is all out to launder this failure , keep it up but all in all the boys messed up ,with elementry mistakes that should’t be !!..

  • what needs to be said should be said the boys did well to reach d final but made a mess of their effort when it mattered most but the blame shouldn’t be on them alone I wonder why the coach didn’t invite other nigerian players in other african leagues since its allowed and surely there are other better players in our leagues than the ones paraded especially in the attack so d coaching crew has most of the blame.as for me only ezenwa and may be ajiboye manageable qualifies for d main team

  • Ifeanyi 5 years ago

    They own nobody apology. They did their best at least getting to the finals please we should encourage them.

  • How about the atrocious officiating? Should that referee be allowed near a football field again? Is Ahmad (CAF) transforming into a soccer chief who oversees ‘soccer victory by negotiation?’ How will African soccer develop then?

    These questions are whirling in my head, seeking for answers.