NFF Threaten To Suspend, Demote Oliseh Over CHAN Utterances

NFF Threaten To Suspend, Demote Oliseh Over CHAN Utterances

By Richard Jideaka, Abuja:

Irked by the failure of the Super Eagles at the ongoing African Nations Championship, the Nigeria Football Federation may suspend or demote head coach Sunday Oliseh over utterances considered as an affront by his employers. gathered that officials of the federation are annoyed by Oliseh’s buck passing and comments after the Super Eagles crashed out of CHAN in Rwanda in the first round.

Oliseh blamed lack of motivation for Eagles’ early exit from CHAN claiming that he fed the team with his money to the tune of $4000 at their training camp in Pretoria, South Africa.

Fuming with rage, an executive committee member of the Nigeria Football Federation who requested anonymity revealed that the federation has been keeping records of Oliseh’s comments on radio and print media, and will act at the appropriate time.

“Oliseh should have taken responsibility for the Eagles crash and move on with preparations for the all-important AFCON qualifiers against Egypt, but he chose to make the NFF the scape goat with his comments that his players were not motivated,” the NFF official said.

“His behaviour after the exit of the Eagles from CHAN is an infringement on the code of conduct for national teams and he cannot claim ignorance of this because he was given a copy of the COC when took the job as head coach of the Super Eagles.

“We are waiting for his technical report and reply to the query before he faces the technical committee who will recommend what action to be taken against him.

“The truth be said, Oliseh has yet to show signs that he is capable of taking the Eagles to the expected heights. We might ask him to work under a technical adviser or resign if he cannot but we can’t risk leaving him to experiment with our dear Super Eagles.”


  • Okey Ikwuazom 3 years ago

    Worst NFF in history, you cannot pay your coaches and players cannot get their bonus and yet you don’t want them to talk. Nigeria will win the next world cup

  • bankole bandele olukayode 3 years ago

    I just want to know did oliseh, pay the said amount of four thousand dollar feeding the players during their training camp in south africa, if yes what was the federation doing before they left for their training camp, are they saying they don’t know the team will be needing money, were their allowances paid as ( when due? We Nigerias in position of authority, once someone expose our wrong we start looking for some stupid laws to nail the person, the same thing happened in my choir, I think the people in the federation, should first answer query , for not doing the right thing. I believe oliseh, knows what he was saying, if he does and understands it, I think he should be able to defend himself .

  • James Sani 3 years ago

    NFF.Good morning una just dey wake up?…………you just realised oliseh can not take eagles to the zenith……..why won't oliseh bulk pass when you ensure your hotel allowances and other estacodes are paid and you refuse to pay the players………….oliseh is not an aje pkako coach he is aje butter like the oyibos you employ to coach the eagles in the past…………….he is not siasia that will give his team $20 to get onlympic ticket for Nigeria…………….please NFF should wake up and stop disgracing Nigeria with their administrative inneptitude …………………NFF should first of all do what is right from thier end before blaming oliseh and using the COC to harrass him ….did NFF not include their responsibility in COC?.ABI NA MASTER SLAVE RELATIONSHIP…… can not beat a child and ask the child not to cry…………oliseh is only crying out so that you will not heap the blame on him only…………..i sincerely sympathise with oliseh because he does not have the experience for this level of football….especially in Nigeria……..were coaches pay players from their pocket to play for their country……….here the football administrators work against your progress just like they did to other coaches they dont like their face………………………watch out for part 2………….. we are watching…..