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Oliseh: Fortuna Sittard Turned My Players Against Me; Club Must Pay Me Off

Oliseh: Fortuna Sittard Turned My Players Against Me; Club Must Pay Me Off

By Johnny Edward: Former Super Eagles coach and captain, Sunday Oliseh, has claimed that Dutch second division club Fortuna Sittard made his players to sign documents against him before he was suspended by the club on Wednesday, Completesportsnigeria.com reports.

Oliseh was suspended ​by the club ​on Wednesday allegedly over a strained working relationship between him, staff and his players.

In a video interview with Fox Sports Nertherlands, which was monitored by Completesportsnigeria.com, Oliseh stated that one of his players walked up to him after a defeat to expose nefarious plans of the club.

“Four weeks ago when we lost a game in FC Dordrecht one of my players called me to say he had to tell me something, that the club had presented a document to him to sign against me and that he refused,” Oliseh told Fox Sports Nertherlands.

Zenith Ziva

“And I asked why, he replied ‘because they are building up a case against you, they are asking other players to sign’.

“That was our first loss in two months. So I asked myself why. Eventually it started affecting the team and this is normal because when several players are asked to sign a document against a coach the team will crack.

“Of course, we also did not play our part in those games which we lost.

“As at the moment it’s now a court case. We want our compensation. I have a contract with Fortuna Sittard till 2019 but they are asking me to leave without being compensated as if we are criminals. If you look at the good work we have done it’s so unfortunate.”

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  • You shut up too. Doesn’t he have the right to air his view? How can a team that has not lost in two months and has never lost 3 games in a row, completely loss track without reason.sometimes we should be positive and supportive of our own.he doesn’t deserve your insult.he deserves respect.#myopinion

  • This man is not always diplomatic when he speaks. You’re jeopardizing your coaching career. Anyway you can always resort to a coaching job in our NNL.

  • I have always known Oliseh as a no nonsense, staight forward principled man, he does not naturally shy away from fighting when the need arise, my only worry is inability to be tactful, this has led him on coalition course with power that be.Anybody dealing with him must be genuinely transparent cos this guy doesn’t take shit.

    • GOD bless you. And the world hates very transparent people. Diplomacy is not his thing and i quite agree,ot does hunt him sometimes if not all the time but we should always look at things holistically

      • Very true my brothers. I love this guy for his transparency. He wants the best and support what is good always. He believes in himself and always want good plan to achieve. Check the attitude of his critics, they engage in one crude way to success or another and are not truthful. Before you criticize someone, you have to judge from both side of the coin and criticize sensibly. I believe his failure in that club was planned. I suspected because he had a lot of enemies due to his no nonsense approach to success, they wanted him out. Oliseh, you are bold jo for your principle

    • thank you for your candid comment

  • Elegance 4 years ago

    i have followed him since he took up the job at sittard and has been doing excellently. I began wondering when the team lost first ever home and away games, even when other teams were playing friendlies during their break his team didn’t and i was wondering what could be wrong…. We’re Nigerians and we must learn to support our own, this guy is transparent, outspoken and he knows his job. The record he left at sittard speaks for him..

  • by their words we shall know them, i am one of those guys that always rejoys about success of fellow Nigerian whenever it occours irrespective of where the person hail from, however, we must call a spade by it name, this is Sunday Oliseh that everyone knows as hot temper person,he fought NFF and now is fighting fortuna sittard, why is it that is only Oliseh that is trasparent even among millions of people? as some people caim on this platform, He should just remember that good name is better than riches and stop portraying Africans as arrogant.

    • Because they Europeans or white to be precise and no one will plan against them. See, these people don’t like our success in their homeland. If you have lived among them before, You will understand better. I currently live with them. To correct you, he was not sacked by Nff, he resigned honourably to protect his dignity though it didn’t augur well to most Nigerian, he had his reasons. An hungry man would have stayed put on the super eagles job but he chose to walk away despite his huge salaries. He never fought with NFF to warrant sack. I envy this man for his principle and he believes in it. It may be his shortcomings but he stands by it.

      • You are giving this man confused messages. The hallmark of this insincerity is your admission, “I envy this man for his principles…It may be his shortcomings but he stands by it.” What principles? Narcissist principles? Principles of not being a team player? Principle of being totally devoid of empathy? Principle of viciously criticizing your colleague (Keshi) who is holding a job you envy, but when you were eventually given that job you flopped it and ran out the country?

        Talents, Oliseh has, but that’s not enough for someone to succeed. Talents must be blended with other ingredients to make a man. Would you be bold enough to say the truth about this man so he can change?

        • Achi, don’t forget he is in charge as the Manager and he suppose to act as one by taken the decisions. He played professional football for more than 15 years and he has all it takes to handle any team. If he does not take his decisions, why is he a coach. I agree, he is suppose to play along regarding advises from colleagues but at the end, he still has the final say in order not to act like a dummy with this people. Can they do that to Guardiola? No, because he is European. He is also a tough coach.

          He criticized Keshi that does not want to leave when everyone was fed up of him. Remember, he resigned honourably on the same Job Keshi had.

          • Tols, it is agreed that successful heads of organizations take tough decisions, but these decisions should be taken with empathy, patience and fair dealing. You are giving much emphasis on color. Oliseh’s travails with his employers go beyond his color. I don’t claim to know the inside story, but judging by his antics and ingrained modus operandi, a lot can be attributed to his hostile personality. Is it just now that his employers have realized that he is a black man? There is an element of racism all over the world, but bye and large the white man does not care about the color of your skin so long as you can get the job done. I live with them here too. Our neurosurgeons cut open and fix their brains, bones and transplant their failing heart; our engineers design systems to decongest road traffic; our nurses care for their ailing children; our teachers even teach their children their own language – English. What are we not doing here?

            We want Oliseh to heal. Let him begin to examine his life.

          • I believe they don’t have choice in all the field examples you gave because they can’t stress themselves to go through the rigorous medical study. The field they have number choices, most of them are not happy to have you there. That is just the fact. Racism is everywhere but it is more there. They still come to Africa and always want to be superior. One thing is to be hot tempered and fight for what is right and another thing is to be hot-tempered and fight wrongly. I believe Oliseh is doing the former and always want the best, it is why I will support him. No one likes to be cheated, its just the way we react, he choses not to keep silent whenever he feels he is wrong. To conclude, no one is created perfectly, we are all human.

  • Amaechi Ajah 4 years ago

    After he left d eagles job i said i wil neva comment about him now again d same scenario is playing again once again i’l just ‘waka pass’.

  • Why are other transparent coaches in all the leagues across the globe not suffering same fate? he had similar issues with the NFF.
    Oliseh should genuinely work on himself.
    He’s too temperamental and not diplomatic in addressing critical issues.

    • Why do i need diplomacy when everything is black and white, Oliseh does not believe in diplomacy. He is a straight forward guy.

      He fights for what is right and wants the best. The reason Nigeria has not grown today is because of diplomacy. You asked why are other coaches are not facing the same thing, i disagree with you. Tell me one African/Nigerian coach who manages a top flight football club in Europe or the world generally.

      Don’t let us judge someone because he is sometimes on the front pages of the newspapers and at loggerheads with his employers. We need to look at the matter and judge critically rather than condemn people because of familiarity.

      Okay, let the club tell us why they sacked him.


  • Lapo and Babangida you people are just envy of that young man but God will judge,where is Paul Ince today?a black man,my brother they hate us mostly when we succeding,go and win world cup as an African,they will tell how long you have come,thisame Oliseh a teammate called a monkey in training he beat up the guy because he believe we are equal,if it were you,you will swallow it because you want to make money,every body cannot be you,mark it aftet this he take up another coaching job because the world saw the good work he did in sittard thanks.

  • lambert 4 years ago

    Transparent in a game that is dirty? you guys dont know what football is all about.How all of a sudden he became transparent after becoming famous and rich? Go back to to his days unknown in Belguim and Italy why was he not transparent? You can`t expect a prostitute to be a virgin that is the hard truth.He is on his own.

    • How do you know he was not transparent in Italy or Belgium when he was playing? Don’t say things you don’t know. You guys are the ones spoiling Nigeria. He was too good on the field not to be transparent. His skills spoke for him. That was why he was wanted everywhere in Europe. If someone choses or repented not to remain dirty, it is his choice because he knows he can perform without being dirty.

      Also, I like that comment above, he beat up a guy that called him a monkey at Borusia Dortmond. He is a no nonsense guy and that should not be anybody’s problem if what is fighting for is right

  • Where chidera 4 years ago

    Oliseh should go back to the classroom of Life, as a player, he scartterd the most United Super Eagles squad with mafiarism, he returned as a coach and messed up the team especially the goalkeeping position which we have not found a replacement for…ok, all these happened because he claimed he was correcting the errors of NFF, now, the oyibo club has also turned his players against him…

  • Emmanuel Esin 4 years ago

    1 Time
    Chelsea 1 – 2 Barcelona
    Emmanuel Charles Esin
    [email protected]

  • don’t blame oliseh, pple are just not born d same. Oliseh fancy success than relationship and mou is no different. Accept pple for who they are for u av ur own weakness bt nobody can ever tell u dt fighting for wat u think is right is a bad attitude. Remember this world is a battlefield, my take

  • Leopard cannot change its skin. Stubbornness and inability to manage success are always the problems of sunny.