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Paschal Urges NFF, Keshi To Emulate Bafana Bafana

Paschal Urges NFF, Keshi To Emulate Bafana Bafana

By James Agberebi:

Former Nigerian defender Patrick Paschal has advised the NFF and Super Eagles coach Stephen Keshi to emulate Bafana Bafana of South Africa and rebuild from the scratch for a stronger team, reports Completesportsnigeria.com.


According to sport24.co.za, Paschal stated that the team should be overhauled.

“We need new players in the Eagles and we must emulate South Africa, who decided to rebuild their team. The South African team had only three old players and they played us without respect.

“We should overhaul our team to inject young players with good attitude. We need players who are hungry for success.

“We need players who are ready to die on the field and not those who play as if they are doing the country a favour.”

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  • Shut up. You don’t get it.

  • Yes, we need to rebuild and we need to start from the scratch. But this time, we need to get the rebuilding process right. Keshi needs to go. He can not rebuild our team. Remember we rebuilt this team with Keshi and see what we are getting after 3 years of rebuilding.. Keshi is not the one to start the rebuilding process with. He has tried his best, He gave all he has and his best is not good enough. Now is the time to take the team to another level….

  • Paul Uzokwe 8 years ago

    The problem with the National team is not to sack Keshi.The problem is corruption in the entire country which has also affected the football game & other’s alike.People are of the opinion to sack but have we considered Keshi’s work atmosphere and the support given to him.Keshi was not paid his salary for months and the so called football organizers NFF put him in a hotel,how wise are they and which country did they learn that from.NFF does not have money to pay salary but they have money to pay for an expensive hotel on a daily basis.Are they not trying to cut corners in other to make money for themselves boiling to corruption.The solution to success in this game of football is (1)Corruption must stop in the entire country (2) No Quota system must be used,only the best must be played.(3)Good support and facilities must be put in place.(4) Nigerian Pfl MUST be improved & well officiated,teams only win their home games and try to draw away games.(5) Only the Best playing outside Nigeria must be played and must not be more than three or five players invited per game,and even at that they also have to fight or work hard for their place in the team.(6)Employing a foreign manager should be erased totally from the plan of NFF cos Keshi has proved that there are capable hands in the Country to do that.Evaluation in the past of foreign trainers both in Nigeria & other African countries does not work.Africa & Europe are two different continents & the culture & set up is totally different.European trainers soliciting for such are just exploiting an open avenue to continue their gold digging.The money the NFF will use to hire a foreign coach should be used to train indigenous coaches.If the NFF want a foreign coach, they should go for the Best ,not road side trainers like the road side mechanics.

  • okponku 8 years ago

    if i have my way the whole S E crew starting from the management to the least player who went to the last worldcup should be pulled out. think out the match against France these guys requested for the updating of their allowances before the match but what happened after. there were no fighting spirit in that match. i do agree that the calibre of guys in this present SE are not up to past SE quality . i meant where the players always fight never to lose while putting on SE jerseys.
    so overhauling is never a bad idea but inclusive the coaching crew /technical advisers

  • CHIFFO 8 years ago

    It is a shame that in 2014, Nigeria still rewards failure and celebrate mediocrity.
    Instead of president Goodluck who foisted Keshi on NFF to withdraw his support after Keshi failed, He promoted and rewarded him.

    The way to rebuild is to watch Siasia and Garba and see how well they perform with under 23/20, if they do well graduate the two witheir teams to SE and spice them up with some necessary experience. chikina