PELE: I’d Rather Play For Arsenal Than Chelsea

PELE: I’d Rather Play For Arsenal Than Chelsea

Brazil football legend, Pele, has said that is wishes were horses, he would play for Arsenal rather than Chelsea.

According to the Daily Express,  the three- time FIFA World Cup winner made this known recently while on a visit to London.

"Arsenal is a good team to play for," Pele said.

"I like the teams that play open football. Today it is difficult to decide which teams play that way.

"Barcelona are the closest in style to Santos and are almost the same style as Brazil in 1970.

"Between Chelsea and Arsenal? I would play for Arsenal. Do you think I still have a chance?"

The former Santos star also went on to blast Diego Costa for his role in the sending off of Arsenal defender Gabriel Paulista.

"That is not a good message for children," Pele said of Costa's conduct.

"But I don't think he always used to play like that. Everybody is allowed to make one mistake, but it is not good for football and it is not good for him.

"He didn't get a red card, but he was charged. It was dirty. Unfortunately, so many things like this happen on the pitch and this is not good. That's clear. It is not good for football."


  • How did I miss Pele’s comment on Chelsea, Costa and influence of Costa’s ‘dirty’ behaviour on kids. So if a reputable football personality like Pele has condemned Costa’s action, we who has consistently condemned his on field action have been vindicated. Good is good and bad is bad. It is only those with godlike habits (we are created in the image of God) that can recognize good and bad for what it is. Not Mourinho.

  • Daniel Uhegwu 3 years ago

    Mourinho has a way of beating Wenger , no matter what. Each time that happens, he and his followers must give an alibi except once.