Pinnick Vows To Punish NFF Official Responsible For Error Leading To Points Deduction

Pinnick Vows To Punish NFF Official Responsible For Error Leading To Points Deduction

By Johnny Edward:
Nigerian Football Federation President Amaju Pinnick has directed that an internal inquiry be instituted to investigate whose neglect of duty led to Nigeria being fined by world football governing body FIFA for fielding an ineligible player in the Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying match between Algeria and Nigeria on 10 November, 2017 reports.
Nigeria were fined 6,000 Swiss francs and had the point they got from the match deducted and three points and three goals awarded to Algeria because a suspended Shehu Abdullahi was fielded.
Thankfully, the Super Eagles had already garnered enough points to qualify for the Russia 2018 World Cup before the error.
Pinnick, according to the media statement released by the Communications department of Nigerian Football Federation, said the persons found culpable be dealt with.
“We accept the decision of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee to fine the NFF and award the match to Algeria,” Pinnick said in a media statement released by the Nigerian Football Federation’s media department on Tuesday.
“However, this is a grave error and somebody must be punished. We apologise to Nigerians for this and assure that this will not in any way derail or even distract us in our well-laid plan to ensure that the Super Eagles have a great outing in Russia.
“At the same time, I want to assure that persons responsible for this slip would not be given just a slap on the wrist. We are actually looking at a re-organization of the Technical Department. The Technical Committee will henceforth play serious superintending role on all details, no matter how minute, in technical matters.
“It is important that all committees and departments at the NFF should move at the same pace as the Executive Committee.” 


  • shut up Amaju…go prepare for WORLD CUP

    • For what,is it not his duty to investigate the matter and ensure that such mistake is avoided in future games,just imagine that we top the group with just two points,by now world cup would have been mere dream and person like u go first castigate him

    • No mind am, foolish emma

  • A pure act of negligence and incompetence

  • Ineptitude of the highest order. All of them, including Pinnick should be published.

  • Na good 4 dem cos dem no get sence…..the man just dey find excuse

  • This is a big time flop on NFF. Whosoever that is found wanting should be fired with immediate effect

  • The height of negligence!

  • Imagine our lack of leadership n governance still rears it ugly heads outside the shore of the country.
    You beginning to wonder why shehu was fielded, nepotism, godfatherism will point a likely answer. Recall Ugbade was dropped for Tijani Babangida bcoz someone was calling d shot out there, subsequently ruined an innocent n determined defender.
    Enough of this, Rohn should not compromised, those faceless rogue would cast slur to his hard earned reputation.

  • This pipo funny sha u can never clap for them till the end hmmmmm

  • Deduct whatever we are going to Russia

  • E no mean we still qualify for world cup abi..

  • NFF need to have someone that will take note of all this little little things that can cause bigger damage…..thank God say we don qualified bfor the algeria game if not,the hope of going to russia next year go don enter one chance.

  • Tales by moon light

  • Then hold the technical committee responsible. They scrutinize the list of players assembled by the coach,so why did they fail to screen out Shehu abdullahi since he is to missed the game against Algeria.

  • But let us learn from that and correct it from occurring and now focus more on the world cup preparations .

  • Tpompy 1 year ago

    Medicine after death. Abeg go sidon

  • Think the NFf should be blamed for not acting professionally they got carried away by the smooth run of the supereagles

  • vincent Onuigwe 1 year ago


  • Same old story Shameless people

  • ako amadi 1 year ago

    Even the NFF President should be aware of the referee’s report after every game the Super Eagles play. Moreover, Amaju Pinnick watched all these matches at the stadium. It’s no use telling us how culprits will be punished and heads will roll. All of them at the NFF, including the players are guilty. So please let’s hear less of this blame-game and buck-passing

  • Mike 1 year ago

    Can’t shehu abdulahi tell them that he was booked twice even if NFF forgot

  • Edoman 1 year ago

    Thank God no other National Team got 11 points, Nigeria would have been replaced immediately.

  • Sheddy omosor 1 year ago

    Amaju cannot do everything himself, that is why u have the technical department of the NNF to take note of issues like that.

  • The saving grace was that the match was a formality match.

  • Ensure u punish the offend

  • FAKOREDE MOSES 1 year ago


  • This is not good enough. The technical committee and the coaching crew should be held responsible. This is the height of embarrassment