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Pinnick Vs Giwa: Dalung Hails Osinbajo’s Intervention, Insists on Supreme Court Judgement

Pinnick Vs Giwa: Dalung Hails Osinbajo’s Intervention, Insists on Supreme Court Judgement

Nigeria’s Minister For Sports, Solomon Dalung has applauded the timely intervention of the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo which saved Nigeria from being suspended by FIFA on Monday, reports Completesportsnigeria.com.

FIFA had threatened to suspend Nigeria from all her activities after the Amaju Pinnick-led executive board was prevented from carrying out its duties at the NFF, but waived the sanction after the vice -president in a letter to FIFA early on Monday, informed the world football governing body of their support to the Pinnick-led board.

The Minister believes that the NFF crisis which has a history dating back to almost 20 years since the removal of Mr Anthony Kojo Williams from office, cannot be resolved with short term measures, insisting that the matter has a subsisting judgement of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

“This crisis cannot be solved with a temporary measure or scratched on the surface. The intervention of the Vice President should not be viewed as different from an attempt to abate an escalating situation,” Dalung said in a media statement signed by his special adviser on media.

“As a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, who took oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I will prefer to stand with the Rule of Law instead of the opinion of men.

“I want to appeal to Nigerians to remain calm and give support to the NFF Elders Stakeholders Reconciliation Committee which is made up of reputable past presidents and General Secretaries of the NFF with vast knowledge, experience and competence to resolve this crisis once and for all.”

“We are a constitutional democracy and the doctrine of separation of powers is the foundation of democratic experience, therefore, the Rule of Law is the only mechanism that guarantees liberty and freedom of citizens.

“This administration was elected on the change mantra meaning that impunity has no accommodation anywhere, so Nigerians must learn to believe and practice the doctrine of the Rule of Law. I believe we shall overcome this if we remain within the confines and dictates of the laws of our country.

“As we celebrate Sallah, let’s remain law abiding citizens.”

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  • Law my foot,may thunder strike u idiot,infact may ur tung dissapear,shameless cow,u must be exposed ijn

  • Why is this guy still the sport minister? He hasn’t added any value to our sport since he took over. Why can’t he be removed?

  • Beejay 3 years ago

    Beret Mallam, one of the symbols of Buhari’s failings. It’s a shame we have allowed this rot labelled “Minister of Sports” to remain in office. Amaju, you have our trust and support.

  • Emma Daniel 3 years ago

    This is the problem with nepotism. The fact that Dalung and Giwa comes from the same State shouldn’t blind his sense of reasoning. A decision has been reached and FIFA has taken a decision not to ban Nigeria. Is there possible connivance between Dalung, Giwa and the Judge in Plateau State?

  • Dear Mr. Dalung… It pays to have some sense. Please stop constituting a nuisance to your constituency.

    Thank you.

  • Edoman of New Jersey, USA. 3 years ago

    This guy is crazy and out of his mind. When a Nation signed and affiliated with the FIFA, Those NATIONS have therefore forfeits their Constitutional rights in other to accommodate its Rules and obligations. National Courts or tribal sentiments have no place within those Rules and Obligations. Nations either abide by it or live. This guy says he swear to defend the law because he is lawyer, well, he should go to Court to defend his Client Giwa and not defending him in the Newspapers and as a Govt Minister. This Minister is so wounded and he ashamed to admit it. The best thing for this Minister to do is, resign and go home. He is a looser as well as Giwa whom he shamelessly and publicly supported at the expense of Nigeria football.

  • His statement is ful of ambiguity and lack clarity.
    He’s a disgrace to his ministry and incompetent, I also suspect nepotism in his obvious support for Giwa
    The surprise is why he hasn’t been sacked.
    He claims that he is a barrister and solicitor, yet he could not appreciate FiFas fundamental principle of not taken football matters to the local or national courts.
    What stopped him from encouraging the legislative arm in enacting a law that will remove football litigation from being pursued in our local courts, in so far as it is our intention to remain member of FIFA. They don’t beg any country from being a member of their association. The alternative legal redress of international court of arbitration has been pursued by his friend and failed.
    In addition, Giwa has been banned for 5 years by FIFA from pursuing football related activities, yet the dick head of a minister still talks of the supremacy of our national law, that FIFA are not willing to accept, given that they are a private international organisation with their own laws not ready to concede to the local laws of it’s member states, which admittedly will create chaos, given the different national interpretation that their statutes will subsequently be subjected to.
    I will encourage buhari government to ease him out of the ministry through a governmental reshuffle if the cabinet, if they lack the actual courage to fire him.

  • Oga Dalung, thanks for reminding us you’re a lawyer even though you’ve never come across as one even in the slightest bit. If you didn’t say it, I bet nobody will know. And even right now, nobody cares because you only stated it to try to convince us you’re right. But Oga, YOU’RE BOTH WRONG AND DUMB!

    If FIFA allows FA leadership in different countries to be determined by law cases and courts, don’t you think there would be pandemonium and cacophony in the system? If they allowed the precedence which you futilely tried to impose on them, don’t you think other countries will copy and follow suit?

    FIFA deals with NFF, not Nigeria (even though NFF presents teams from Nigeria). So don’t come and start trying to confuse and bamboozle people us with that roundabout talk of “sovereignty” and “rule of law.” That is double-speak.

    All these people that read law in university but never practiced for one day, once they are faced with hard facts, they start reminding you they are barristers. Oga, you read law doesn’t mean you know the law. Where did you practice? How many people have you defended? How many cases have you won? Osibajo has not only defended and won landmark cases, he’s a SAN and he reversed your useless game plan to install Giwa. Do you know the law more than him?

    Stop appealing to Nigerians “to remain calm” and support your kangaroo, puppet “Elders” committee that you have already instructed to support Giwa. Nigerians don’t like you. They don’t want to “remain calm;” what they want is for you “to get out” of that office and resign permanently or be sacked!

  • Darly 3 years ago

    “This administration was elected on the change mantra meaning that impunity has no accommodation anywhere, so Nigerians must learn to believe and practice the doctrine of the Rule of Law. I believe we shall overcome this if we remain within the confines and dictates of the laws of our country.

    Mr Dalung, or what you call yourself…if what you said above is anything to go by, that is, if selfishness is not embedded in that statement…, you would have advised your president to release Dasuki and Elzazarky since several courts of competent jurisdiction have ordered for their release on bail.

    The government you serve feeds fat on impunity and flagrant disobedience of court orders. It is a government that selects and obeys any court order that favours them, and calls trash those that don’t pander to their whims.

    Please do not lecture us on rule of law and impunity, we understand it very well. As a lawyer, take your advise to Baba…he needs you.

    For NFF tussle, you have lost and soon you will realise that your reign as a sport minister was a waste. Please give us some slack.

  • Shege luzzy 3 years ago

    Solo,solo,solo.How many times did I call you? These are mere semantics and you don’t even strike me as a good lawyer.your back up case is so elementary even to the layman .

    You have had enough disgrace maybe complete humiliation will tumble you beret.And that i foresee. Olodo

  • Adeyemi 3 years ago

    My question to to this minister of sports is that is it today that or is it because of Amaju that FIFA enact government interference in sports? This Act has been in existence from the beginning of FIFA and local or federal court is GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE IN SPORTS. If Nigeria government is not careful this man will get Nigeria football suspended and it will give Buhari and Osinbajo bad name Thankyou.

  • Chairmanfemi 3 years ago

    God bless VP Osinbajo for the steps he has taken so far. I will still urge the Vice President to do one more thing and that is to Sack the DALUNG! SACK DALUNG! so he can become Giwa’s lawyer….End of Discussion

  • Obidee 3 years ago

    Pls where is this man from if I may ask…and does he seek for advice in his position at all..this man has subjected himself to Olodo and now mumu..

  • Please who is this one? How did he even get there? Gosh! This dude annoys me. Just imagine….

  • Okoko 3 years ago

    Few weeks ago someone called nija a failed state but I countered him today he has been vindicated,imagine d ministers that took pmb 6solid months to appoint,nija can only get worse if something drastic is not done asap,I guess solo de reason from anus

  • Chairmanfemi 3 years ago

    VP Osinbajo should please SACK DALUNG! So as to put an end to this GIWA’s lawyer noise.

  • matsho 3 years ago

    Don’t mind Solo,he wants to ensure that there are two parallel boards in Football just as it is now in Basketball Federation under his tenure as Sport Minister.Thank God that FIFA is not like FIBA.Shameless boyscout.

  • Samson 3 years ago

    Here he come again! Architect of evil and sentiments. I wonder where you studied your law that makes you call yourself a lawyer. In fact your certificate needs scrutiny. And l wonder how much you pay to get this post or could you be the chief-tug of APC during elections. Millions of dollars or dirty and dangerous activities during elections could be the reason why you are not sacked by now despite the embarrassments and shame you have brought to this great country. I have never seen a shameless, sentimental and senseless individual let alone a govt representative. You talk about the rule of law whereas you are trying to execute your ulterior motive of making your friend Chris Giwa,the president of NFF. SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR FRIEND GIWA. THE TWO ENEMIES THAT ARE TRYING TO DESTROY FOOTBALL. IT SHALL NOT BE WELL WITH THE WICKED, so says the bible.

  • Eric Ibekwe 3 years ago

    The Sports Minister Solomon Dalung has been the one instigating crises in Nigeria Football. He should not use his closeness to Giwa to truncate the smooth running of our football under the Leadership of Amaju Pinnick. I am yet to see any contribution of Dalung to sports since he was appointed sports Minister 3 years ago other than supporting Giwa to continue to cause crises in Nigerian Football. I therefore call on President Buhari to relief Solomon Dalung.

  • Presh 3 years ago

    We will petition for your sack idiot. Watch out.

  • Bomboy 3 years ago

    I hate this man Dalung. I am sorry if that sounds harsh and uncultured, but I can’t deny it anymore. I hate him.

  • Prince 3 years ago

    What I don’t get is why the press still listen and published his utterances, is this not the same person that was trying to defend the fact that he left the Olympic football team in their training camp,and even went on to say that he didn’t know there was one, he leaves in his own world, paranoid and egocentric, it seems he strive on public critism and hatred, as stupid as he his he thinks he’s doing the right thing

  • Victor 3 years ago

    This shows how unserious this government is. On one hand they stand with Pinnick on the other hand they are still fighting him in court. That is #Change by the way

  • Edoman of New Jersey, USA 3 years ago


  • 9ja4real 3 years ago

    Get you PVC, vote out this cattle herders and solomon dalung will be gone. Very simple! But get it?????

  • d truth 3 years ago

    solo may d God of heaven forgive in Jesus name……….bcos i still dont know wat u ar doing in that office…..