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Power Of The Right Half-Time Team Talk

Power Of The Right Half-Time Team Talk

One of my amazing football comeback moments still remain AcMilan versus Liverpool.
It was a UEFA champion’s league final some years ago, the game seemed done and dusted in the first half. AC- Milan football club was leading by three goals in the first half. As far as we the viewers were concerned, the game was done and dusted.

Whatever happened to Liverpool FC in the dressing room and the charisma of Captain steven Gerald till this day still brings back an adrenaline rush of amazing good memories. I still play with the pictures of Steven Gerald urging his teammates to keep pushing: like a lion roaring in the jungle- Liverpool FC roared and overturned a three nil deficit to beat the Italian giants in the second half of the game (at a time the Italians were famous for their classic “bus packing”).


It’s mid-year again and one time we all reflect on how far we have faired and where we all hope to have been with our yearlyProjections. No doubt, the score line might vary.

How do you see your cup? Half full, half empty?

I  belong to a school of thought  that believe it’s best to first do aself-analysis and give some credit where it is due.

So how has your first half faired? …..

Mega Millions Naija

I started doing my analysis 48 hrs ago with some friendsunconsciously. The result was that  they all brought out hidden truths which  hit home when I either dropped the call or whilelistening and I’m so grateful for the grey areas I possibly  took for granted I am thankful. After taking notes on next steps, I thought I should share some insight, Hope you find them useful.


You have to believe in yourself and leverage on your strengths not really because anyone cares about it but because you are a unique and fearless specie who is never put down by life’s road blocks. To make sure you don’t live in a disillusioned world, always validate your beliefs and share them with trusted minds who either understand life’s pattern clearly or who understands you. Be humble to learn from their corrections. Should you get scared on the pitch, don’t ever stop roaring. Your roar would always send signals you are confident & fearless.(believe me this works).

Like a friend of mine shared: Maybe the first part of the year might just be seeds we sowed into the soil. So be hopeful and have a bit of faith in yourself.

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