Puma Produces Balotelli-Inspired Mohawk-Themed Boots

Puma Produces Balotelli-Inspired Mohawk-Themed Boots

You just can’t keep Super Mario out of the news at the minute, can you?
The Liverpool striker has Jose Enrique telling the media that the pair are being ‘frozen out’ by Brendan Rodgers, he’s been linked with every Italian club to ever kick a ball, he dons an outrageous earring in a Liverpool cameo and then he turns up Manchester City’s changing room?!

Phew, long breath.

Well anyway, in the latest typically Mario Balotelli thing to happen in the life of Mario Balotelli he’s gone and designed some football boots in collaboration with current sponsor Puma.

The Puma evoPOWER boots are only available in junior sizes, have Balotelli’s infamous slogan ‘why always me?’ on the side and something a little bit furry on the heel…
Culled from Metro.co.uk


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  • Supper Mario,u are my world best footballer. All the best of luck sir.