REVEALED: Keshi’s N1Billion Letter To NFF

REVEALED: Keshi’s N1Billion Letter To NFF

EXCLUSIVE: By Johnny Edward:

A bromide copy of the letter from former Super Eagles coach Stephen Keshi seeking redress from the Nigeria Football Federation has been exclusively obtained by

Keshi who was fired by the NFF under controversial circumstances on July 4 is demanding for a whopping N1 billion compensation from the NFF and a written apology circulated across the world as his representatives claim their client’s contract was wrongfully terminated on frivolous grounds and his hard-earned name soiled.

According to the documents obtained from the legal team of Keshi, time seems to be running out on the NFF who were given a maximum of 30 days to meet the demands stated in the letter to the football body.

“We demand the retraction of your (NFF) defamatory documents, a written apology to our client to be circulated internationally and the sum of N1,000,000,000.00 (One Billion Naira) only as damages for defamation,” the document obtained read in part.

“TAKE NOTICE that if you neglect, refuse and/or fail to heed these lawful demands within thirty (30) days of the receipt of this letter, we shall, without further notice to you commence action in an appropriate court to seek all lawful remedies that have accrued to our client as a result of your action.”

Already the lawyers from the NFF’s camp are talking tough even as they have boasted that they will floor the Big Boss in court if he indeed goes ahead with his threat.

In another vein, it has also been gathered that the National Sports Commission are making frantic efforts to see an out-of-court settlement for the two warring parties.



  • Good thing that CS has published the so call one b Naira letter and that moves are on to settle the matter out of court. The lawyers will not be happy for it will benefit them most, but that is the best thing the sport council is doing, Left for me and a majority of Nigerians it would be good to allow the case go on to teach NFF this simple hard truth that you do not treat anyone anyhow. Keshi has done much for Eagles. He was a captain of Eagles and an honored person of Nigerian government. NFF disrespected Keshi too much. Even if it is in his contract that he should not look for another job as long as he is an employee of them, that is not the way to treat him. Who in his right frame of mind will not look for another job when the bosses hate you and can frame you for any crime you did not commit? I have said it many times that unless Mr Chris Green and his vipers leave NFF, there will always be problems in the football house. Something similar to what is happening in FIFA should happen here too.

  • I know you are one of Keshi’s advocate and I don’t know where to start educating you from. You are either ignorant, naive or simply biased and from what you just posted above, you know nothing about the word INTEGRITY! if I may ask you:, why was Keshi holding onto the Eagles job as if his entire life depended on it? A wise mind once said ” There are 2 types of coaches: one that have been sacked and one that is about to be sacked”. For your information, Felipe Scolari left the Brazilian coaching job immediately he won the 2002 world cup in Korea- Japan and likewise did Frank Rijkaard when he led an upcoming Dutch side to second place in Euro 2000. Those are honourable men who left when the ovation was loudest but what did your client do? He hung up to power using political influence when even a toddler knew his time was up. Keshi was ( a businessman, I mean player seller) during his time as a player and he took that mentality into his coaching jobs wherever he went. Those analysis will be for another day, God willing.

  • Oga Africa 4 years ago

    Keshi advocate well done oo.. I don’t even know that your boss Keshi have a name to protect. Among the ex-internals, those who love Keshi adviced him to walk away, some critized him for over staying his welcome; while some were bold enough to tell him the bitter truth that he is not needed. No need to talk about the fans, cause most of them would have prefer the eagles to be without a coach than to have Keshi as the coach. Then came the NFF with a ‘day light trap’ called contract, an offer which Keshi himself called a ‘slave contract’ but he went on to sign it. So you see mr Keshi’s advocate, it was your boss that sold himself to slavery and he got a deserved reward. I expected his family to sue him for soiling the family’s name not the other way round.

  • Michael Omotor 4 years ago

    Was it true that keshi was trying hard to get ivory coast job while having an existing contract with nigeria super eagles? If it is, this is conflict of interest and you deserve to be with out a job. Do not intimidate nff with frivolous lawsuit.Do not play with fire.